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Braum General Guide by Dingye888

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dingye888

New Season : 6.10 Suport mains, Single-Handed carri

Dingye888 Last updated on July 25, 2017
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Threats to Braum with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank he pulls you w away , or just land passiv and go in
Soraka squishy focus her ,
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Braum op

Braum is a good champion, and its suited in any situation. cc,peel,chase,disengage,tank,buff damage debuff also has a e like yasuo's windwall. Braum is a good pick, not much counters him, his counters are not common. "who plays bard 24-7" Braum is not only good for your adc. but your team as a whole. With his passiv, your team can kill focused target quicker. stunned target absorbs extra damage. with his w that lets him jump to a friendly unit makes his playstyle very reactivly. eather to engage or disengage. unlike leona , bliz or naut. most of thier ablity is only for engages and if things goes wrong, they are the ones end up caught.
braum is especially good at team fights , the burst prof tank. unlick alister he blocks Huge damage, but cant block targeted spells, like viger ult , anni q, brand ult.

most tank champ just stand in front and peel its just cc, while braum has the ability to absorb damage and cancel projectiles that could turn the game around. e.g like Graves ult &q
velcoz q w e , draven ult, e, ezz ult q w e, ahri, q w e r, vigers ult q and manny more.
all those ulti can do major damage, if you peel those off, then its a huge advantage for your team.

The fact how braum can give percentage mr and armour to his teamate based on his own, can soak up alot of damage, depending on the enemy damage type, and giving that risistance to your adc or fighters, can make survive seconds longer which can change the game. "zz portal op" the more hp braum build , the more damage his q will deal and gives more sheld to his "face of mountain target"

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Combos: Braum and twitch

Braum is a champion that needs to stay with people. His Damage by far, out of all the supports is the worst so dont expect support braum to finish people off. Some good combos ive done is the braum twitch combo, braum kogmor, braum ezz, . In this new season ; twitch is not bad.
I use the Braum and twitch combo, my friend plays twitch and i go braum. Twitch have poison and can activate stacks to do high damage. braums passive stuns people after 4 attacks, so while hitting them 4 times it stuns and activate e after the stun to deal major amount of damage early. while level 3 or more, it gets even better. Twitch have no escapes, but he have invis, most suport with twitch is , when twitch invis in thier suport stand beside them. This normaly just scar the enemy away. But braum he can w from a didstance and can stand infront on an adcs face with a 0 range q slow and 1 or 2 autos from adc. = a pretty quick stun.thier adc and would have to flash. Because braums e absorbs almost half the damage it also stops skill shots, graves q & ulti and ezz’s q ,e ulti. and etc. while twitch revels it self in meele range. Braum jumps to face and land passiv, his w also gives ap & ad resist. Activate e and peel. some times twitch dont even need to go close because of his ulti is so far away. Braum can jump to a minon that is closer to enemy. if his q lands then a ulti, and twitch follow up ulti & e after max stack. this combo is not only good in lain. Braum have nice peels and escapes him self he can always counter gank buy ultiing after people just about to back off and twitch with his far range ulti burst e damage, might just kill some 1. normaly my adc twitch have ignite. this makes early level first blood eazy. over time burn, over time posion, burst e damage, and stuns that cause them o take more ap damage every hit. Even if they flash and heal the ignite will cancel most of the heal and they might not even flash out of twitches auto range.

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Combos: Braum and Kogmor

Braum and kogmor is realy good, but the down side is kogmor has no escapes. inorder to do a good combo , you have to land a good q , kogmore have very fast attack speed and can stun people very fast and puts the addon ap damage into good use. its like the same with twitch but he stuns faster and dps alot more. But kogmor is extraemly squishy, he dose have far range , but compair with twitches ult that goes though them and can activate e , make him a good cleaner. kogmor is more of a dps and gets people low fast.

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Something to keep in mind while playing braum suport. Braum has a weak sustain. Low life regen. and his q wasts alot of mana. dont use your q to poke them low if they have people that can heal quick. You will be ommed b4 level 4. Use your e wisely. your q is 50 mana and your e is only 30. but the downside of your e is a long cd. also dont use your e too early. your e is like yasuo wind wall, the time is not that long. When you jump in and you want to e after thier stunned, they cant attack you if thier stuned so whats the point of E ing while theyve stunned.

In teamfights your team wants you to engage fist. But doing this is not a good idear. Your ulti dose have far range . but the travel time is slow. most people can just walk sideways and eazly dodge it. dont use it to start a fight if you cant confirm to get 3 or more. A good way to do so is wait until your minon reaches meele range with them. and you w to the minon try to walk to the center of thier team and then ult. Because your ulti also goes off a bit around you. the closer the enemy is the fater they will get knocked up. that way. they wont have much time to juke it.

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Pros / Cons


What I said b4 .


- Bad sustain
- AA dose like 0 damage
- Bad with team that dose not use AA much.
- Bad at setting up team-fights.


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