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Nidalee Build Guide by LeeNidaHD

Assassin Nidalee Jungle, the death from a far

Assassin Nidalee Jungle, the death from a far

Updated on November 24, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeNidaHD Build Guide By LeeNidaHD 36,756 Views 0 Comments
36,756 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeNidaHD Nidalee Build Guide By LeeNidaHD Updated on November 24, 2016
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My name is LeeNidaHD and im a platinum nidalee one trick.
I've been maining nidalee since before her rework and must say i just never grow tired of her, there are so many small tricks you can do and she really is one of the strongest junglers if played right.

This is my first guide ever, so sorry for the little details and poor quality, if you have any input on things i should add please let me know
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Pros / Cons

Has huge map pressure
Great mobility
Can burst out priority targets
Long range
Low cooldown poke
One shot potential
Objective controle
If you get a lead you can duel anyone

Squishy until you get tanky items
Skillshot reliant
Can be difficult to clear jungle efficiently
It hurts you hard if you get behind
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Nidalee's passive, Prown, applies a mark on her enemies whenever she hits a spear or they step on a trap. this passive enhances her jump range to the double and halves the cooldown.
It also gives her bonus movement speed in brushes, allowing for some great escapes and chases.

Nidalee's spear is one of the strongest single target spells in the game and to make it even better, its up every 6 seconds. Landing one on a squishy target feels so satisfying, even if you hit a tank it deals a great chunk of damage.

Nidalee's traps are great for giving vision or zoning out and enemy carry from that spot, if they stay you have a free mark and can jump in their face and kill them. It can also be used to spot intruders in your jungle by placing them at the entrances.

Nidalee has a lovely heal, it heals more on target with low HP and gives an attack speed bonus, great for saving your carry AND increase their damage output.

Nidalee's ultimate is aspect of the cougar, you have it from level one and it changes her abilities to "Takedown" "Pounce" and "Swipe"

Takedown enhances her next auto attack dealing massive damage, it's damage is increased by 40% if the enemy is marked by Prowl. It's also an auto attack reset.

Pounce is a great mobility tool, allowing you to outrun most enemies and its range is double and CD halved if you jump to an enemy marked with Prowl.

Swipe is great for clearing waves, camps and giving that extra damage on enemies.
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Creeping / Jungling

When jungle i usually take this route:
Blue buff
Red buff
Scuttle crab

However this route is very hard if you dont know how to efficiently use her spells, also raptors does way more damage than you'd think, but it gives you a huge amount of gold for your first back and you still are able to gank afterwards if done succesfully.

The easiest route would be
Blue buff
Red buff

While jungling its VERY important to keep your map awareness, if theres a low health target nearby or you have a positility to get an objective then rush to get it, example could be that your bot lane gets a double and you see the enemy jungler at top, then rotate to the drake, but make sure your team is up for it.

When clearing the camps, upon running against them try to land a spear on the big on, then throw a trap in front of it and jump on it, the trap will activate and you can jump again, then go to human and throw a spear at it and go to cougar and jump once again, at that time your takedown will be up again and that mostly does it for camps early game
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Team Work

Nidalee is NOT a teamfighter.
Tho, before the fight begins she can bring them low enough to either back off or if the fight begins its a certain win.
You'd want to stay in the back line healing priority targets, poking and trying to land a spear on one of their carries and then jump in and finish the job.
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Unique Skills

Nidalee can force enemies back from a long range and pick of targets while still staying safe in the back line, this makes her super strong.
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Nidalee is such a strong champion, she can be played in all matchup's however it very difficult if you get behind.

If you are bad at landing skill shots then dont worry too much, it has a 6 seconds cooldown so with a few games on her you quickly master skillshots.

If you play her well and strive to finish the games early, you will quickly see yourself fly through the ladder.

She is difficult to play though so try her out in some normal games before bringing her to ranked.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeNidaHD
LeeNidaHD Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee Jungle, the death from a far

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