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Nidalee Build Guide by yomattmatt

Nidalee-- The amazing hybrid

Nidalee-- The amazing hybrid

Updated on January 6, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author yomattmatt Build Guide By yomattmatt 1,366 Views 0 Comments
1,366 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author yomattmatt Nidalee Build Guide By yomattmatt Updated on January 6, 2013
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Why these items?

Now I know a lot of you will take one look at this build and immediately diseregard it, but please here me out. Nidalee is mainly considered an ap champion, as her main abilities deal magic damage and can be augumented a ton if you build ap. However, her cougar form benefits hugely from a reasonable ad, as its abilities deal physical damage. Most of the games I have played with this build have resulted in huge damage, usually around 400 ad (Manuames bonus) and around 400 ap aswell. This puts my q (spear) at over 700 damage from a reasonable distance, and my q in cougar form(boosted attack) giving me and extra 500 damage for one strike. This combo lets me shred adcs and tanks alike, and while nidalee is squishy in this build, she gets armor hanging steady in the 200s, which blocks 60-80% of damage. Her heal is totally op with this build, and can change the tide of battle in seconds. One time a friend and I killed baron, him being consistently kept alive by my heal. Also, the trap is not to be underestimated. By late game most summoners will not care about them, and find themselves with 1/3 less health just by running by one. Also, this build will make your stats look incredibly scary-- possibly promting an enemy team to surrender.
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Now, to get this build complete by the end of the game, you really need to farm. Get all the creeps you can get, and while the enemy is distracted, poke them with your q. Once you get the tear, switch to cougar form and spam the hell out of the minions, as you keep your progress getting bonus mana when you get archaegels. Trust me! You need to get those items transformed, their evolved forms get extreme bonuses that may be nerfed in the future. Take advangtage of it!
League of Legends Build Guide Author yomattmatt
yomattmatt Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee-- The amazing hybrid

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