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Nidalee Build Guide by Wantox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wantox

Nidalee - The supporting Serial killer

Wantox Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Nidalee - The healer


Nidalee - The DPS-healer

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is another build / guide im making, which I make just for fun.
As usual, my guide is based on experience and succes with the champion.

I will show you how to play Nidalee in two different ways, pure Support and a Support with a little bit more power behind the claws.
Yes, the support build can be used for dps, and the dps-build can be used for healing.
But if you are mainly a healer in your team, and not a dps, you should go for the support heal, more CDR, mana reg and early game ap.

Edits: Added a line about sheen, also edited the dps-build a little.

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Pros / Cons

Great healer.
Can deal high damage and heal.
Good at staying on lane thanks to her heal.

Can be squishy.
The Q is hard to hit with if you have smart enemies.
Easy to run out of mana without much mana regen.

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Summoner spells

For the healer I use Flash and Clarity.
is used mostly to escape, and also to get closer to the person you need to heal.

is use for emergencies, for example when your teammate is dying and you are out of mana.

As a damager I would like to use Exhaust and Ignite.
To hunt enemies, to get away and to reduce armor/Magic resistance.
Adds nice dps or can finish someone of before he goes tower hugging, a very useful spell.

If you don't like these spells, what do you do?

If you think that you don't need Clarity, Teleport is a great choice since you can get to allies and heal them before they die. It can also help you to defend or take down a turret.
If you don't need Flash, I'd recommend Teleport if you don't already have it, if you do have it, get Ghost, Clairvoyance or Exhaust.

You can change the Exhaust for Flash or Ghost but I wouldn't recommend it.
If you don't like the Ignite, you can get Cleanse, Teleport or Ghost.

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I use the same runes for both builds, because Nidalee has AP on both the attack spells and the heal spell.

Mark: I use 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to get some more damage on the spear, which is important in early game to pick up kills on enemies who's running away / tower-hugging with low hp.

Seal: The seals I use is 9x Greater Seal of Resiliance, this is to get a lot better survivability in early game, and will let you focus the healing on your lane-mate.

Glyph: The glyphs I use is 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power, which is good in early game.

Quintessence: Here I use flat AP Quintessences, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, which together with the Glyphs gives 24 AP at level 1.

The reason why I don't use AP/level is because you will need higher AP at level 1-3, and with ap/level you will need to level very much before you earn on it, counted on how much AP you got per level.

As I said, flat AP runes with the setup I have gives 24 AP.

AP per level with Flat runes:
Level 1: 24
Level 2: 12
Level 3: 8
Level 4: 6
Level 5: 5 (Almost)
Level 6: 4
Level 7: 3,4
Level 8: 3
Level 9: 2.6666 (2,7 rounded) (This is where the AP/Level becomes better)

AP earned with AP/Level runes:
Glyphs: 0,17*9 = 1,53/level.
Quintessence: 0,43*3 = 1,29/level.

Total :1,29+1,53 = 2,82 AP/level.

In case you didn't understand the other explanasion, this one shows you How much ap you get from AP/level runes.

Level 1: 2,82
Level 2: 6,64
Level 3: 8,46
Level 4: 11,28
Level 5: 14,1
Level 6: 16,92
Level 7: 19,74
Level 8: 22,56
Level 9: 25,38

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The masteries are 9-0-21, but with one little difference.
The Support will give mana to nearby allies with full effect from the clarity, and the damager's exhaust lowers the target's armor and magic resistance by 10.

Not much more I have to say I guess, but utility-masteries are good for Nidalee.

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This is Nidalee's passive skill, allows her to run faster while running in brushes, and also 2 seconds after she has been there.

This spell deals huge damage in both human and cougar-form.
Since the Javelin deals higher damage the further away your enemies are, try to use it at long range on every use.
To boost up this spell while you are in cougar form the Lich Bane is great.

Not too useful, it can be used as an emergency ward, but not more than that, it has pretty low damage.
But when you are in cougar form, this spell can make you jump, almost fly.
It can be used to jump up to / down from some places instead of going around.
It also deals damage do the targets you jump over.

This spell heals with spell ammount + 125% of your ap (insane).
When you are a cougar this spell dels huge AoE damage around you.

This will increase your movement speed and allow you to use a different spell setup.
Really good if you play as damager or want to chase someone or run away.

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Let's start off with the healer's items.
When healing as Nidalee you will need mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.
For the survivability, ability power and mana reg I start off with Doran's Ring.

After this I get the Ionan boots of Lucidity, because of the CDR that we need if we want to heal as much as possible, but if you don't like them you can go for Boots of Swiftness, which will help you to run faster to the target and run safer in battles.

As soon as you can, get Fiendish Codex and build it into Morello's Evil Tome.
This item gives you everything you need, cooldown reduction, ability power and mana regeneration, this is an amazing stay-on-lane item, almost as good as the blue buff.

Now you want the Rabadon's Deathcap to deal nice damage and heal a huge ammount of health.

Now for the survivability get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, this will also make make your enemies slowed by your spells, pretty useful together with the Q at long range when you are chased.

Almost done, now you may need some more survivability, go for the Abyssal Mask if the enemy team has srong magic damage, otherwise go for Zhonya's Hourglass.
In case you die too much, and the enemy team is strong on both kinds of damage, get both of these items and skip the Lich Bane.

If the enemies aren't very strong, or if they never focus on you, get a Lich Bane and you can deal some great damage too, and this will also make you deal a few high-damage hits on turrets.

Now you want to know how to get some nice damage huh?
Let's go.

Start with Doran's Ring as you do with the support, for the same reasons, mana regen, ap and survivability.

Your next item will be Sorcerer's Shoes, of course to deal even more damage.

After this, you may want to get the Sheen, but that's up to you.

Now you will get the Guinsoo's Rageblade to deal good magic and physical damage.
And right after you will need a Hextech Gunblade, for several reasons, Lifesteal, spell wamp, great attack damage and ability power boosts and the active overpowered skill it brings.

Now get the Rylai's Crystal Scepter to deal more damage, survive longer and to slow enemies. This item is great for any kind of Nidalee build based on AP.

To get this huge ammount of ap, get Rabadon's Deathcap to show your enemies who the boss is.
But wait, something is missing, the Lich Bane, a nightmare for the enemies, your AP together with the Lich bane and your decent ammount of ad will make you a true beast.

Situational items:
I've already suggested some for the support Nidalee, which is and .

These items are good for both builds, depending on the enemy-team's strongest side.
There aren't many other items that I would recommend, but if you don't like get .
This will give you some cooldown reduction as well as some ap and mana regeneration.

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Playing as Nidalee

Early game:
At start, grab a Doran's Ring.
Then go to a lane together with a lane-mate.
I recommend you to lane with the weakest duo-laner in your team, 'cause he may need the healing.
Try to save mana, but still heal your lane-mate and throw a spear sometimes when the enemis are staying back, to get them out of experience-gain range.

Keep doing like this, for a couple of minutes, but don't forget to last hit minions a lot.
When you have enough for your boots, (1050 or 1100) go home and get them.
Then rush back to you lane and keep doing the same thing untill you can buy your next item,
Guinsoo's Rageblade for damagers, and Morello's Evil Tome for supporters.

Mid game:
By now you will have decent AP and nice mana regen, you may have to gank mid if your mid hero isn't doing well or something else like that.
Anyway, people will beging leaving their lanes.
This is where you, as a support should be ready to heal your team at any time, or as a damager, show up and kill the enemies, just always be ready to help your team.
You also have to be aware of enemies who leaves their lane, not everyone says "miss" or "ss".

Exept for beeing aware of what can happen, you need to earn gold and exp, so keep last hitting, maybe pick up a kill or two, it depends on what your lane-duo can do.
As a support you will need the Rabadon's Deathcap before the late-game begins, to be able to heal enough.
As a damage, you will need your Hextech Gunblade very soon too.

You should maybe ward dragon and gank-positions too, since you are the support.

Late game:
This is where the action begins for real.
You should have about 4 items to be able to help your team enough.

You will need to put wards at Baron and ganking-positions now, and next to the dragon.
This will make your team to be able to gank the gankers or prepare themselfes for battle, or maybe run away.

In teamfights you should be either the one to stay behind and heal and throw a couple of spears, or the one to get in cougar form and wait for the tank to engage the enemies, and then just strike them down.

Exept for teamfights you will need to help your team with pushing lanes a lot and maybe kill the Baron.
Your role in turret-takedowns should either be healing the tank (if you push without minions) or just damaging as much as you can.

Whatever you do, be aware of what your team is doing, 'cause you are the one who keeps them alive if you are healer, and make a big part of the damage if you are damager.

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That's all for now

I hope that this guide helped you to become a better Nidalee-player and to see what's important when playing as Nidalee.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask.