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Nidalee Build Guide by Cookiez123

Nidalee-This cat is on drugs

Nidalee-This cat is on drugs

Updated on July 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookiez123 Build Guide By Cookiez123 1,852 Views 1 Comments
1,852 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookiez123 Nidalee Build Guide By Cookiez123 Updated on July 21, 2011
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This build focuses on an ap nidalee that can harass as well as keep your self or laning partner from dying, and can take good control of the lane early game. Late game this cat can spear about 900-1050 and can heal for about 900. DONT THINK That she cant do well in team fights beacuse she often does well in them, u run around tossing spears and traps, then healing anybody who needs it. Then turn to cougar and rape.:D This is my first build, and Please try this out as it always worked with me. And remember to Vote. :DD
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Early game

Make sure to prioritize last hits, as well as harrasing enemies. If your health is low heal then harass again. MAke sure if there is a jungler always buy wards to help you get away from ganks. Set up Bushwaks as well, to help keep map control.
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Nidalee is a great pusher, and her Primal Surge is a great way to destroy towers. She can split push as well as backdoor, and easily win a tower or two, then dodge away when the enemies are MIA By her passive and Ghost. But make sure to backdoor only when u see their whole team in your map. Take the tower most farthest where the team fight is. If the team fight is in top, go destroy bot. If in mid, take either one.
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Skill leveling

I prefer trapping before a heal because it allows u to check bushes as they come in first. Then heal at level 2 allows u to autoattack a few times then heal urself from the damage u have taken. DONT Use spear as much early then late game. only use it if it will certainly land u a kill early. Bushwack isnt as useful late game, so I let it go until then.
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Summoner Spells

I believe Flash is one of the best skills for all champions to use, as it allows a quick escape, even going over walls when u need it too.

is also a very good spell as it allows you to chase down other champions and escape. Ghost along with Prowl is a pretty good way to chase enemies AND run away.

This is actaully pretty good, it allows first blood often, and can slow enemies for a kill alot. I use it sometimes, and if you dont like Flash or Ghost feel free to switch it out and try it.

For me this is mainly used to finish of low healthed champions. It has gave me first blood most of the times i use this spell.

This is a okay spell for nidalee, as she is a great pusher and this comes in handy when she needs to go back then continue. You can also use it early game to set up early traps for first blood.


Clairvoyance Leave this to someone else in your team.

Clarity You will run out of mana early game to healing, but this is just a waste of a spell late game.

Cleanse No.

Fortify Leave it to someone else.

Heal YOU HAVE your own heal to use.

Rally Nope. Dont need.

Revive You shouldnt need to use this.

Smite Why would u use this? except for jungling. or a baron steal :DD But no.
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Doran's Ring is a good way to start off. 100 health is good because nidalee is alittle squishy, plus a little ap, and some mana regen are all fine for her.

Next we build a Sheen for some mana and its passive works well. This eventually builds to a lich bane at the end. For the boots, We already covered magic pen from runes, and I believe merc treads has saved my life many times. Guinsoo's Rageblade is an obvious item for nidalee. And then Rabadon's Deathcap is also great just for the ap, even though the base got nerfed.

Farm FARM You must farm and get last hits. If a low life minion is away from you, feel free to go and last hit it then heal. Gold And items are important to this champion.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookiez123
Cookiez123 Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee-This cat is on drugs

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