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Nilah Build Guide by Kronaa

ADC Nilah Stuff Yea Uh Huh FR

ADC Nilah Stuff Yea Uh Huh FR

Updated on August 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kronaa Build Guide By Kronaa 5,297 Views 0 Comments
5,297 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kronaa Nilah Build Guide By Kronaa Updated on August 4, 2022
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Runes: Go To Runes

1 2 3 4 5
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
General spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Nilah Stuff Yea Uh Huh FR

By Kronaa
Should you play Nilah?
Short answer is no. The champion requires a lot to work, and she can jsut fall flat with a lead sometimes. Riot has designed her to be stuck in the bot lane and stuck with needing crit for her R to function, so there isn't a lot of fun bs you can do with her, which does take some fun out of the champ in general, as her build paths lack creativity. However, she is super fun to play as long as you aren't being turbo bullied. That is another thing, she is very susceptable to being bullied out of lane. I am getting off track here, but essentially what I am trying to say, if you want to pick up a new adc with a modern playstyle, just play Zeri. Also, years down the line I hope she becomes a new Ryze where she is literally unplayable and I can whine and complain about how bad my champion is and how no one plays her, therefore please stray away from Nilah so my dream can come true.
I couldn't stop you from choosing the champ in ranked. What do you do now?

But for real, you will need to pick her with an enchanter support or at the very least, an ap poke mage with a lot of range. They need to be able to keep the enemy laners from harassing you as you try to CS as well as set up something for you to capitalize on. You should not be picking Nilah when your solo laners are both melee as well, you will ruin your seige power, as you will all have no range to attack teh turret or harrass the defenders. You can also look to pick this champ when your team has a lot of built in healing in their kits, as in teamfights, you will benefit from all of it, even if it is a small bit.
Laning Phase
A typical Nilah laning phase consists of rushing level 2, as you will hit it one minion faster than your enemy laners. Here you can look for an all in, best case scenario is obviously the 2-0 double kill to Nilah, but it is important to know your limits, as you lack some early damage. It is common for the enemy to bring exhaust into you, even doubling up on it ometimes, and in these lanes, in your level two al in, you're fishing for that cooldown. As soon as you are exhausted, it is fine to back off, and join back in if your support is capable of extending that fight without losing their lives.

After a successful level 2, you can play more aggressive after your first base, let's say you can rush full berserker's, you will be able to constantly e in and e out for some quick harrass. But do be careful, as your E has an absurdly long recharge time. Be sure to ping your support when you see an angle they could set up, making sure that you can secure a larger lead in the laning phase.

For early buys, I have found most success with rushing boots, then a vamp sceptre. Noonquiver is also a decent early spike, however the little sustain that the lifesteal will offer may come in handy more.

You're most likely going to be sitting near your tower for the majority of the laning phase, as you are melee, and you will not have much agency to push out the wave even if you do have pretty good waveclear. But this is actually a really good place for Nilah to play, because if you have the freeze going, you can wait for your jungler to come, and it should just be free reign on the enemy bot lane, as you are very good at running people down long lanes.

In the down time between waves coming in, look for some jungle camps to take to get you ahead just a bit more. Obviously, invading the enemy jungler is the most ideal because you are RNG'ing your jungler afk'ing over some krugs you took while he was pathing top. You don't even have to go for camps if you feel you may take too long, you can jsut opt for some deep vision to help you know when you are going to need to keep both E's at disposal in case you feel like you lose the three v three or simply need to back off.

Post 6 you can look for all ins every moment your R is up, as it comes with some supprising damage, and pulls them back into you, and is almost always good for a summ or two or three or maybe even four. You are very strong in the two v two as you provide healing to your support as well through your R, and if they have healing or shielding in their kit, you give them a little extra of that as well (I'm pretty sure, idk I don't read).

Try to rotate for each drake your jungler wants to contest, even ping them to make sure they are still awake on their computer if they are not paying attention to drakes. The thing is that if you RNG ocean soul, the game is practically won because your passive will literally proc every time ocean soul does, so you are constantly pumping out extra healing. To be frank, every soul is relaly good on Nilah, so you relaly wnat to do your best to get these. Even if you have the freeze, your push power is really good, plus you can just get ganked and force their bot to take a base instead of helping with drake. Do be careful for the fated bot lane fiesta, you will not win it.
Mid Game
Nilah shines in the mid game as she approaches two-three items, regardless of build. Push to make plays around the map, as your R is going to keep your teammates alive, and is an easy engage tool. Now, of course this doesn't mean run it down 1v5 and spam FF once you die and type that it's your team's fault for not following you. What this means is that you have to encourage your team to take fights, like maybe gaslight them by E'ing in and slapping someone around for a couple seconds because mayeb then they will follow, and if you don't like your team then you just E out and watch them die then you emote as they mia ping you.

In teamfights, it's easiest to look for the adc and support, but you are fine fighting the frontline as well if you already have your whole team casting couching the adc in the back.

Also, your tower damage is really insane with Q.
Late Game
Nilah is a pretty good scaler, so you should be fine at full build just cracking the whip around. Just play it out as usual, you should'nt have too much to worry about as long as you build a survivability item last. (GA, DDance, even BT).
Star Guardian or Base?
Base skin is a lot better in my humble opinion, Star guardian is okay, just not as good as all the other Star Guardian releases, the chromas are also not too good. Base has the better whip noise, too.
Are you even a credible source?
I am gold peak and am turbo garbage but I was top 50 Nilah NA at one point :p
Are you sure Nilah can't go to another role?
I mean, you can try, you still get extra XP, it just feels better when you can blame someone else for your faults.
Triforce Nilah?
Missing out on early crit, I wouldn't do it
Nilah Jungle?
You play too much
Why did you start playing Nilah?
I thought she was turbo broken so I first timed her in ranked got piss stomped and then deticated my life to not getting piss stomped on her.
Nilah is definitley broken!! You are just copium1!!!!!
Probably just support gap or you're hardstuck
So you can E the raptor over the wall right? It just won't dash. It just slaps the water around and you stay there. Maybe will be pathced? Who knows.
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