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League of Legends Build Guide Author killsmack

Nocturne belongs in the jungle

killsmack Last updated on March 18, 2011
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A bit on my guide.

My first guide, so please deal with that fact. btw if you didn't notice, this is for the JUNGLE. <3
note* Nocturne is crazy fun, and until people learn to play against him, a little overwhelming for your opponents.
note* Why should i jungle? Because the jungle has shadows! And Nocturne is gank-tastic! They wonder where you are all the time, and you rule the gank. So he is an obvious fit.

I'm not a fantastic player, yet I took to Nocturne right away. He is the the kind of "Legend" I look for. Now, reading the "I'm not a fantastic player" will probably turn you off, and the fact that the item guide is fairly generic. If you keep reading though, props and thank you.
Constructive comments are helpful :D. Trolls are ugly and live under bridges, and if you have an internet connection under the bridge, I suppose you are a worthy troll.
Sooooo... do keep reading and help me (my guide) help you (the one who just wants an idea how to play this toon you probably haven't yet)

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In the jungle, armor is, well. Vantastic.
AS is nice with your passive in early jungle. And late game. And it doesn't hurt mid game.
Greater Mark of Desolation Armor Pen on a DPS?? Yea, you saw that coming.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation x1.
Choose your poison for the Quints. the bit of AS is nice for early life-steal in jungle. The armor pen is obviously, for more damage.

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If you new to the Jungle you can use this build.
I'm not going to get into why you should use any which mastery beyond..
Merely because Nocturne is a ridiculous ganker. You shouldn't spend all your time harvesting wolves, but helping your team lane by ganking, because someone had to 1v2 for your selfish **.... umm.. next point.

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For this, typical Jungle
Cloth Armor size 20
Health Potion size 20 x5!

First recall - after blue golem
Long Sword size 20

Second recall
Madred's Razor size 20

I'm usually around lvl 4 at this point. Find someone around 1/3 health. Gank.
I've been getting around 2 kills on the first gank run. If you should go back to jungle, or more ganks. Experience will tell you. Or your team will ask. But for the love of god, get a quick gank in.

Not boots yet?? Well my experience has shown me that between and
giving you some anti-ability and some speed..

now, boots really come down to how you play.
Obviously CC and MR
Cuz you gank. And and you saw him across the map. Yay!
I feel like your laughing already. But seriously, DPS, AS? makes sense. But "between and
giving you some anti-ability and some speed.."
BOOTS come down to how you play, and your enemy. overstated but important fact most guides say :D

If the item has a grab it when you can..

Finish your and

Around the time finishing the last two items, your jungle ganking will slow down and the laning phase died. (taking your something around 6-7 kills) Items from here on you'll need to decide for your own style, offense or defense. FYI I go str8 up offense.

About this point the game is done, winning or losing.. Here is a few items to ponder over.
BTW after you get your 6th, sell your when you can afford your final choice.

The life steal is nice. But the AD is Good.
They have armor? Now you don't care!
I like adding AD better (abilities yay!), but movement never hurts.
Cuz you like your team! Well at least the DPS

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Skill Sequence

when you get you should have/be close to Madred's Razor size 20.
And should be ganking.
Obviously Ultimate when you can.
From 7 on I choose it based on how the game plays. is my first choice.
Based on the % There isn't much motivation to go beyond 1 point until you have no choice.

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Creeping / Jungling

note* reason I don't start at Blue golem. If they try early gank you there, well your not. you also don't need a teammates help, leaving them to their own devices.

I start at the 2 Golem camp.
Smite first golem. Auto attack. Pop potion.

For potions just pay attention to your health. 200 health per pot. when you've lost 200 health, or when you start combat pop one.

Wraiths --> Wolves -->Blue golem (last hit with smite)-->(Recall if needed)

Yes I recalled!
2 golem camp --> Red buff
note* When you can afford, back, buy Madred's Razor

No, I won't recall!
Enemy teams 2 golem camp --> Enemy teams Red buff,
note* When you can afford, back, buy Madred's Razor

After this point there really isn't much reason to keep a static jungle pattern.
when you Madred's Razor you should throw down a couple ganks. (if they have to much health, drop them a bit)

Very important to keep blue buffs all you can. This build obviously has no mana support. Blue allows you to stay out and spam your abilities. Red buffs are just a bonus.

note* Like I said, He's a great ganker, so gank. a lot. Don't be one of those jungle'aholics that don't play with the team.

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Thanks for reading this far. It's late, sorry early(am). I'm tired, sorry gonna go play more. I'll be playing over the next couple weeks and slowly changing this up! Drop your advice, sing me a song, whatever you feel. Comment or not.

Hoped this generic guide helped you realize there is a reason for this build. And may your experience teach you Nocturne belongs in the jungle.