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Nocturne Build Guide by Illbean

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Illbean

Nocturne - Died In a Dream

Illbean Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hi everyone!!!

Here I will show you the way i play with Nocturne, the non-jungling way.
As I have said in my previus guide (with Kennen) don't rate this one down if you don know how to play League of Legends good. I have played multiple games, I lost track at 15-17 times. So i know this build works perfectly.

(since I'm not lv 30 on my Eu acc i have to go this build, I'll add a jungle sequence when i actually got the runes and masteries for it.)

CDR = Cooldown reduction
AS = Attack speed
MS = Move Speed
AD = Attack Damage
MR = Mana Regen
FB = First Blood
OFC = of course
CC = Crowd Control
ASAP= As soon as possible

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Pros / Cons


-He can (in 3v3 with Crest of Flowing Water) reach up to atleast 600 MS with some MS spells.
-Easy early game, thx to AoE dmg -> heal.
-Still new, so many players don't know how to counter him.
-Got a great harras.
-Easy to lasthit minions with through the whole game.
-If you play right you often get the FB.
-Looks extreemly cool!
-May freak people out with Paranoia


-Worthless against the wrong people.
-Wont get OP unless fed.
-Very fragile against nukes.
-Needs the team to actually score some kills.
-If you play wrong you often become the FB.

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AS carry

I choose to go 21 / 0 / 9 cuz i feel it is the best for a physical dps. All the dmg and AS i gain from that tree is to great to throw away, as for the Utility, I need the improved Ghost. Since i put in tat one, why not go the whole way and also gain 1 extra gold for each 10sec?

Maby if you wan't to go somewhat tankier, you could swap all of the offense to defense, I don know how that works out, I havn't tried it yet and i won't. It's up to you to decide if my guide is good enough for you :P

DPS assist

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AS carry

Greater Seal of Vitality Greater Glyph of Replenishment Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Theese are the runes I prefer to use, i havn't reached lv 30 yet but theese are the ones I will be using.

So i go with AS Marks so that I can easily gain atleast 1.000 AS, that means with my Duskbringer and maby my teammate I will get the firstblood rather fast. Since Nocturne is like a melee Twisted Fate the best build is to stack up alot of AS, the rest will come by itself.

Greater Seal of Vitality
Nocturne doesn't really need all that HP in the start, he starts off with 525 HP, thats rather strong to me, that means he got rather high survivability, comibined with Duskbringer, Unspeakable Horror and Ghost making an escape is rather easy. It's alot better to aim for the late game.

Greater Glyph of Replenishment
Something that is really nice with Nocturne is that he got this very great harrass. It's the Duskbringer that allows you to deal some great portion of damage to your enemies easily and safely. But you will loose you mana on the way, thats why I go with flat MR glyphs.

DPS assist

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Summoner Spells

So far I havn't been lucky playing with a Twisted Fate so thats one of the reasons I use Clairvoyance, but even if i had him on the team, I think I would still use it.

I mean... it's so great for map control, it got 55sec cd, and you can place it where ever you would like to! It deals the most damage to your oppenets when someone tries to escape from you. They wanna juke you around, hide in the fog, and so on. Thats when you trow Clairvoyance, then you got vision and the possibility to NEVER FAIL with your Paranoia.

I go for Ghost because of the lack of escape possibilities, Ghost will make your life so much better, and if you have it up you can towerdive with your Paranoia.
They wont be able to catch you when you run at the speed of lightning, in a shroud of darkness.

Honorable mentions:

- This is a great spell, especially when casing someone down. I would be very happy to put it in here, but i don feel like its the best spell since they removed the blind and replaced it with a dmg reduction. But if you prefer using Exhaust there is nothing stopping you!

- I could also reccomend this spell, imagine... Having the power to go beyond the walls and further! Best escaping tool in the game, but it got rather high cooldown and the distance you can travel with it ain't that far really. But it can surely work on Nocturne aswell.

- This is one of my favorite spells, its like a garantueed kill. It's perfect vs healers like Soraka, Dr.Moundo, Sona and so on... But if you replace any of your spells with Ignite, the possibility of dying has become rizen by a great amount.

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Items 1 - AS carry

I really love building AS for this char. It makes everyones life miserable. It is actually the best way for you to kill someone with a character that needs to hit someone ALL THE TIME!

The Zeke's Harbinger is great for the rest of the team, and you ofc. All of the stats is great for Nocturne. And since he needs his team to be there for him, this is the boost for them by having Noc near them.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is one of Noc's main items, the ability to chase down opponents beyond their limits is the greatest treasure for all assassins. If you go 3v3 with Noc, you can solo the dragon with Beeserker's Greaves, Youmuu's Ghostblade and only Vampiric Scepter. I find that rather amazing, I usually get all of those around 8-10. So it's 290gold for team, +25 extra for you, and the nice dmg bonus.

The Frozen Mallet is my next item of choice. You really need to slow your opponents down, so why not WITH EVERY SINGLE HIT YOU MAKE!? And I don't even need to mention the HP bonus, you all know thats one of the things that make it so great and suitable for Noc.

Here i go Either The Black Cleaver or Phantom Dancer it all depends on how the game works. Do they all get armor? then its cleaving time, if not lets dance until their ***** burns.

Honorable Mentions:

The Bloodthirster - is very great for high dmg output, but now you loose alot of AS, and you don't wanna do that on a pure AS char.

Infinity Edge - Read what i said above.

Sword of the Divine - This is one of the greatest AS items in the game, so, why don I use it? I would love to use it in my build, but since i rarly meet Jax while playing with Noc, i don feel like getting it infront of my other items. But it really pwns, i really recommend you getting it.

Quicksilver Sash - If you face someone with a CC, and you really hate that CC, I strongly recommend to get thi item ASAP. It might just sae your life sometimes, or help you score some kills.

Hextech Gunblade -

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Ok now to the summary.

Try to stick to the guide i give you, but play with the itemsets you play the best with.

Use alot of offense in your gamplay.

Try to harras and score alot of minonkills in the beginning to make yourslef strong and your foes weak.

If you are having a hard time lanig, allways call for a gank, its never wrong to score kills
for the team.

Don rate this guide down plz :D


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updates from 1.0 to 1.1:

I have added a sec way to play as Noctunre this is the dps assist way.
I changed the items and some other sections in the description.
I have added a teamwork section.

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Incoming features

Creeping / Jungling


Ranked Play

How to scout

Controlling you enemies