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Nocturne Build Guide by Iconic x Keelo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iconic x Keelo

Nocturne - From the Darkness

Iconic x Keelo Last updated on September 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my nocturne jungle build. Nocturne is a really fast jungler and has the best ganks in the game. The way i build nocturne is after getting my basic junling items i buy warmongs for a large amount of health. Then build more damage making this a dps soak like build. I will be elaborating on why i pick some of the items that i do in the rest of this guide.

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Nocturne is a mix between auto-attacker and spell caster. Relying of course on auto-attacks more for damage his spells do provide good machanics on assisting him land those attacks.


- This is your main spell to jungle and to chase champions with. It does a decent amount of damage scaling with AD which is great. If hit on an enemy it provides a trail to the hit enemy wherever they go, also giving you a significant speed boost and attack damage while nocturne is on the trail.

Shroud of Darkness

- This spell provides you passively with attack speed and when activated provides you with a spell sheild that negates one spell. If a spell is blocked doubles the attack speed passive bonus. This spell is essential to ganking as it will block stuns, snares and even ultimates. You will look extremely pro for using it to block ulimates such as brands, warwick, or morgana's snare.

Unspeakable Horror

- Provides a DOT to the enemy used on and after a short period, fears the enemy if the teather is not broken at any time. Necessary spell to gank with as it will lock your opponets down.


- Nocturne's ulimate. Upon activation it hinder's your opponents vision making them unable to see allies, towers, and their own buildings vision. This will really confuse the enemy as you move in with its second effect. While his ulimate is active Nocturne can activate his ulimate again to fly to an enemy in range doing damage as he arrives. The range on this spell increases with each level making you able gank from extremely far away.

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Jungling & Ganking

Spell Combos

Nocturne is a pretty solid jungler. He starts of slow but then as the game progresses his jungle is extremely fast. I open up withthenon a bigger jungle creep like the blue wraith, small golem, blue golem, red lizzard, or big wolf. With the creep being feared it allows you to get a few hits on them without taking as many hits yourself.

Jungle Route

My jungle route is layout like this--
Wolves > Wraiths > Small Golems > Blue Pill(Cloth Armor) > Blue Golem > Wolves > Wraiths > Small Golem > Blue Pill(Longsword) > Red Lizzard

As you finish off wolves you should move to wraiths and use smite to take out the large wraith and finishing of the small ones with Q and auto-attacks after that move onto small golems and use Q to initiate and auto-attacks mixing in Q for damage. After returning to base and purchasing Cloth Armor go straight to blue. Open with Q and focus Blue golem after that continue with the jungle route and by the time you finish off the wraiths for the second time you should be level 4 and have. From this point you can either continue with the jungle route or if it is possable attempt to gank a lane.


To gank with nocturne is pretty simple if you have your ultimate. The skill sequence looks like this--
> > >
Opening with your ult to quicky get to a champion then using E on the gank victim and then Q on them to allow you to chase them as your E fears them. If you are expecting them to use some type of spell on you to stun, snare, etc. then you use W to cancel it and double your attack speed. If done correctly it is almost a garenteed gank. Just try to avoid enemy towers untill you can getWarmong's Armor. Once you get this item it is even easier to gank, as you can take tower and champion hits a lot more. Just remeber that you are still not invincable and should not tower dive constanly as you will most likely just end up dead. Warmong's is just to increase survivability not make you unkillable in a fight.

If you wish to gank at a lower level or when your ulimate is on CD this is your alternative skill sequence--
> >

This is what you will use for a low level gank or if your ulimate is on cd. Mostlikily though your enemy will not be dumb enough for you just to walk up and use your E on them. So this means either a to close some distance then E or use Q from the brush and walking on it to get to the ememy quicker. Getting a kill without using your ult also feels really good knowing you can use it to gank a different enemy shortly after.

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Pros / Cons

- Fast jungler
- High damage and attack speed
- Easy to gank with

- Squishy without items
- Mana dependent throught the entire game(must blue pill alot)

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Basic Play

The way i like to play Nocturne is to get a lot of health early game with after getting . With all the health from warmong's it makes you extremely hard to kill. You might ask why not get more damage early game then get defensive items? Well that is because Nocturne is extremely squishy. Somtimes referred to as a glass cannon; because he does a lot of damage but when focused... goes down quick. So with warmong's i try to fix this problem.

Now you may ask well you have all that health but no damage... good luck getting kills noob. Well this is not true. Combined with Nocturne's passiveand attack speed with's passive he actually does great damage without any early game damaging items.

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Runes & Masteries

The runes and masteries are pretty self-explanatory. With the armor pen runes and flat armor runes it makes jungle easy. Then getting magic resist per level glyph's to help against peskie mages.

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Typical Item Build

This is your typical item build with a mix of high damage and survivability with a few resistances with GA

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Other Items to consider

Great armor and 30% physical damage return is great for auto attacking champions like master yi or tryndamere.

High damage, attack speed, and reduces armor of enemy champion. Really good if your enemies are getting a lot of armor.

Good armor, crit chance, and physical damage based on health. Great in combination with warmong's.

Magic resist, more health, more mana, and negation of a single spell every few minutes. Good item against a heavy spell caster team but, not normally needed otherwize because of W.

And of course other items that are situational based on champions you are playing against that i do not wish to cover.