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League of Legends Build Guide Author RishC

Nocturne: The True Nightmare

RishC Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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I have recently picked up Nocturne in the store and I was so excited to try him. I have used this build and dominated many games successfully.
This build may not be as strong as early game. But once you get your ((Zeal)), you can act much more offensive. Until then, you should quietly farm, or even backdoor if possible but if you see an opportunity to kill, do so. As an assassin, your job is to hang around the back of your team and whenever someone from the opposite team has a bad positioning, you strike at them with whatever you got. Skill Sequence can be found in another chapter.

This is my first build so go easy on me :D

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Pros / Cons

- High damage output
- Good CC (Fear)
- Amazing ultimate (Can break other team's positioning)
- Great ganker provided with ultimate and fear
- Can jungle too but this build is for laning. If your team has no jungler, then you can
- Can block high damage ultimates Absolute Zero Requiem

- Squishy
- Auto dead when Hard CC'd (Stun, Fear, Snare) (Unless the other team has no teamwork)
- Slight mana issues but can be fixed by picking up the blue buff if needed

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Hover over icon for more information.

This passive is incredible in so many ways. It allows Nocturne to be a jungler as well as a faster lane farmer. Go in the middle of minions and you get a nice amount of health back as well as bonus damage on them.
This also has an effect on champions too. You can use this for harrassment as well along with Duskbringer

Hover over icon for more information.

This ability lets you run away or catch up to enemies very easily. It effects everyone hit by this so even if they're camping behind minions, you can use this to get to them easily. Think of this like another ghost but on a much shorter cooldown. This also compliments well with your Unspeakable Horror but we'll get to that later.

Requiem gg'd. Absolute Zero gg'd. Stun gg'd. Think of this as another Banshee's Veil but gives you bonus attack speed if you successfully block a spell. This can turn around a losing teamfight. More attack speed = more damage output to put out there.

I've had soooo much fun with this ability. Sooo much fun. If you get that short timer off, this will fear your target while you are free to attack him. This is so fun to use against Tryndamere when he activates his ultimate. Just putting that out there ;P. Anyways: some tips to get this fear off. Use Duskbringer on them and then use this. It will have a higher success rate unless they flash over the wall or something.

Here we are: Nocturne's ultimate. This is useful for getting into people's faces, last hitting running away champions, dashing to enemy's squishy, running away and many other uses. What this does is, it limits the enemy's vision to a few meters around him. You can rape the enemy's squishy without them even knowing. It also has a nice amount of time of limiting the vision: 4 seconds. But you gotta get the timing right because most people try to go into a bush or towards their turret so you can't dash to them. It's quite scary too :D

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How to use your skills

It's pretty simple:

R > E > Q > Auto Attack > W (for CC coming at you)

If you have no ultimate or are pretty close to the fight:

Q > E > Auto Attack > W (for CC coming at you)

You're priority are low hitpoints and armour targets. These are mostly the other team's squishies such as Support or Carries. Two examples are Ashe and Janna.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation Obvious. You're attack damaged based. Breaking through armour = higher damage.
To fix those slight mana issues.
To 'spam' your abilities more often.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Obvious again.

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Must have items:
Mercury's Treads Infinity Edge Zeal Vampiric Scepter
Those are your core items and those are what I get in every game without fail. You should be aiming for that too.

What I get most of the time (full build)
Doran's Blade
Great item to start with. Makes you less squishy for the starting. Has a nice damage and lifesteal bonus too. I had more succcess than starting with this than any other item. I always sell this for my last item obviously.

Mercury's Treads
I usually buy this item, even if the other team has no CC. It has a nice magic resist and an exceptional passive. Plus I don't really feel the need for the attack speed bonus on Berserker Greaves

Berserker's Greaves
If the other team has more than 3 CC, get Mercury's Treads. If they don't then it may be beneficial to get this instead.

B. F. Sword
The earlier you get it, the earlier you can start harassing with your Duskbringer

I find Nocturne a slow champion with this and the Phantom Dancer. You gotta keep up with your enemies and also run away from them. That's why I chose this item so early, too.

Vampiric Scepter
Lifesteal. Nuff said.

Infinity Edge
Has a nice attack damage bonus and also a critical strike bonus. Your crits do 250% damage now! You'll be lifestealing a lot as well as doing tons of damage. You can be really aggressive now against the other team's squishies.

Phantom Dancer
More movement speed and critical strike bonus. Works well with your Duskbringer and Inifity edge. People will also find it hard to run away from your Unspeakable Horror too.

The Black Cleaver
Works well against armour stacking tanks. It also as an attack speed and attack damage bonus which buffs up your total damage output.

Zeke's Harbinger
It has as an aura effect which makes the ganking much more easier. It also has attack speed which is what you need at this point of the game.

Banshee's Veil
This is so you don't get focused easily because remember: you're squishy. If people see you come in for a kill, they may focus all their CC on you making you useless but this item may save you due to the passive and magic resist. It also has a small hp and mana increase too which is quite nice.

Situational items
Madred's Bloodrazor
If the enemy tank is stacking hitpoints more than armour, then I may get this item instead of The Black Cleaver.

The Bloodthirster
If I feel that I don't need the attack speed from Stark's Fervor, then I may get this to be more dominant.

What I feel about tank items:
As you're an assassin, you should be behind your tanks to let them initiate then jump in on anyone who's being focused to do as much damage as possible. You shouldn't be infront of your team because you are very squishy. Your only role is to jump in and auto-attack them dead AFTER your tank has gone in. Which means that there is no real need for tank items. But, if your tank is doing a bad job at tanking, then you may feel the need to get a beefier item than Banshee's Veil at the end.

Guardian Angel
Great against balanced teams and also makes the enemy team to focus you last unless you're really out of position. Maybe this can take place of Banshee's Veil if you find yourself dying too much.

Works really well against a Master Yi and Tryndamere. They'll be killing themselves.

Sunfire Cape
Great against physical attack champions.

Warmog's Armor
Allows you to tank the turret if your tank is down and you just got an ace. Don't tank a full hp turret, though.

Randuin's Omen
If the opponents are getting away too much with low hp.

Again: I do not recommend being tanky. Damage is your first priority.

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Summoner Spells

This makes your fear to have more success rate which makes the target pretty much useless with exhaust + fear.

Useful to chase down people or run away from ganks. Do NOT use this to get to team fights faster or getting out of base quicker. Use you're Duskbringer or Paranoia for that.

This is quite useful early game for first blood but doesn't shine late game. If you want first blood, I would rather use exhaust for it.

If you don't prefer exhaust, then flash is another great spell to chase or to get away.

Let's see someone CC you now. This works very well if there are a lot of CC on the other team and your Shroud of Darkness and Banshee's Veil is just not enough.

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Future Updates

I have just made this build and this champion just came out. I will be discovering new items and adding new sections to this guide to make it easier to read. I will update with images and everything soon.

Future updates to look forward to:
Jungling build
New layout for text
More images
More description