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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Janna Build Guide by DemaciaOP

ADC gold

Not So Harmless Breeze: An On-Hit Janna Guide

By DemaciaOP | Updated on February 20, 2018
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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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About This Guide

Hello! I am DemaciaOP, and am a Diamond support main with a passion for playing Janna. As such, I have begun taking her into other roles and exploring some underutilized aspects of her kit. This guide is designed with having a duo support that provides massive speed boosts, such as Zilean, Nunu & Willump or Lulu. The goal is to win and maximize Tailwind to snowball the game. While I can't in good conscious recommend this in ranked, the build is a blast to play.

This guide is a WIP, and I am still figuring out the best options for the adaptive damage swapping.
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Pros / Cons

Maximize Tailwind
650 MS
Strong Peel
Tilt the Enemy
Insane Snowball
130+ Passive Damage

Dependent on Support Duo
Poor Wave Clear
Takes Towers Slowly
Awkward Auto Animations (Apparently Riot didn't think Janna would get 2.0+ AS)
Gets Outscaled by Crit
Adaptive Damage Wants to Go AP
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Why You Want A ZILEAN

Zilean is not the best support in a vacuum, but one key ability makes him the perfect partner for Janna. Time Warp grants a staggering 99% MS, which makes her Tailwind insane. He can also help manage the wave at early levels, as getting pushed under tower is a concern. Additionally, Time in a Bottle Allows you to hit critical levels to maximize your passive damage. Overall, this leads to a safe lane with a decent amount of kill pressure through your CC chain.
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Tailwind is the main reason for the build. At levels 1/7/13 your basic attacks deal 15/25/35% of your bonus MS as bonus magic damage. We go on-hit to maximize this, as well as have a support with massive speed boosts. This can easily break 100 damage while under the effects of a Time Warp

Howling Gale is a one point wonder. It is great for setting up kills, as well as self peeling. The changes at the end of last season made it much easier to hit. Landing a Q with a Zilean should set up a Time Bomb kill.

Zephyr is the other reason for the build. The damage scales with Tailwind, and it provides a sizable 10% passive MS at max rank as well as allowing you to move through units. The bonuses are removed when the ability is on cooldown. Be aware that using it will lower your passive damage, but it is usually worth it, as the slow is powerful. This becomes less of an issue later in the game when movement speed soft caps become a factor.

Eye of the Storm provides a shield, as well as attack speed to the recipient while it is intact. The cooldown is hefty at rank one, as Riot wanted to transition Janna away from being a shield bot in lane. The shield strength won't be insane without much AP, but it provides some safety, utility, and damage.

Monsoon suffers the most with this build. As a marksman, you typically can't afford to channel the duration in fights, and the lack of AP and heal/shield power makes the healing pitiful. Use it to sustain up or as a peeling tool with the knockback.
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Fleet Footwork is the best keystone on Janna, as it provides sustain and additional MS. The sustain is key, since a Zilean provides none.
Triumph is just generally good. Again, no sustain from the support gives this a leg up over Overheal
Legend: Alacrity gives you some needed Attack Speed. Take Legend: Bloodline if you need the sustain.
Coup de Grace is just generally strong. Take Cut Down if appropriate.
You are going Fast. Celerity is the perfect rune to take. You can get over 30 AD late game.
This gives some scaling late game. Waterwalking fits the theme, but is just worse. Our intent isn't to troll.

With a support such as Nunu & Willump, going Press the Attack and Overheal would be viable.

Approach Velocity and Magical Footwear are good, but it is not worth giving up Celerity.
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Managing Adaptive Runes

Unfortunately for AD builds, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End count as magic items for the purpose of calculating adaptive damage for Gathering Storm and Celerity. This can lead to some awkward swapping of stats, and having items give us less than optimal AP. Janna normally is an AP champion, so any ties give AP. I am working on a solution for this, but keeping a Doran's Blade, and grabbing a Long Sword before [Runaan's Hurricane]] should keep it managed.
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Rageblade is your bread and butter item, as it doubles your passive, as well as grants AP for ability scaling. Rush this every game.
Runaan's is integral for waveclear. Before this you will need your Zilean to help you manage wave effectively. Also, the MS is important.
Wit's End does everything you want from an item, and is a good buy over Runaan's Hurricane if you are ahead.
BORK is unique as the active steals flat MS, which aids your multipliers.It also helps you sustain and get through tanks.
IE is a solid choice, but your lack of AD items do make it worse. This puts you to 50% crit with Runaan's Hurricane, and helps utilize your AD from runes.
Scimitar is a good item if you need the active. We are already getting MR of Wit's End, and we would rather get Blade of the Ruined King for sustain.
Frozen Mallet is a good defensive buy that has the upside of making it completely impossible to escape you. It also allows for some cheeky plays while ahead, and is just a good general defensive item. Obviously, don't take Cut Down if you think you might need this.

Maw is viable if they are full AP, and you need more MR than [Wit's End]. The hybrid sustain off lifeline is nice, but I wouldn't look to get this item.
The Last Whisper line is not too effective on Janna, as she does primarily magic damage. I would only go this if I need to shred tanks and already have a Blade of the Ruined King.
If your team is stacking armor, and you have other AD damage dealers who didn't buy this, Black Cleaver is an option. The armor shred isn't too relevant to you, but the statline is very good. The Phage passive is also useful, and this can be an alternative to Frozen Mallet if desired.

You have to be careful buying this item, as Adaptive damage on Janna leans towards AP. Wit's End is your magic pen. This plus Wit's End, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Guardian Angel, and Berserker's Greaves will flip your runes AP.
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Early laning consists of poking down the enemy botlane with Zephyr, and looking to land hard CC with the support. Picking up kills are a surefire way to tilt the enemy botlane, but farming is more important. Have your support help you manage the wave to avoid getting it shoved under tower. Look to trade when Eye Of The Storm is up, and chain CC. Janna plays like an ADC, but with extra utility.
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Required Listening

Due to the absurd amount of MS you will attain, this is required listening.
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While this isn't a build to try out in ranked, it can be a lot of fun with friends. Also, 700 MS.

I will try to make a more serious guide soon, as Janna continues to be well positioned in the meta. Also, I hope to add an AP build section with Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane soon.

Thanks for reading.

League of Legends Build Guide Author DemaciaOP
DemaciaOP Janna Guide
Not So Harmless Breeze: An On-Hit Janna Guide

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