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Vayne Build Guide by TeeTohr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TeeTohr

Not so Useless Vayne Guide + matchups + funny things

TeeTohr Last updated on June 24, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal Probably the easiest match up with vayne if you know how to stand behind your creeps, 1v1 him everytime you can using your tumble only to dodge his spells, be careful : your E doesn't stop his ultimate.
Tahm Kench You lucky bastard, you just have to dodge his Q and condemn him if he comes melee and you're free to do whatever you want.
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First of all, this is my own guide which is made from MY opinion, yours can be different but it isn't a reason to downvote it, it is only a reason to come to discuss about it.

A detailled section for matchups is available, so ask for the match up you want to see and i will add it.

Hello guys, this is my first guide on mobafire so it will probably be a useless guide about my main champion vayne. I am actually Platinum I and i play since the season 2, I also watch a lot of pro LoL content so you can trust my ability to provide you the tools to win your games :) And just before beginning, i'm sorry to be so bad in english (i'm French .. sigh) so if i wrote something you can't understand please tell me in the comment section so i can improve my english and make this useless **** become more useless.
Good reading no easter egg here

Big news guys

I can finally tell you this !
I got my new pc sometimes ago and i can know stream !
So i started to stream and upload highlights and stuff on youtube, be sure to come see me at least once, i try to stream in both englich AND french so if you have any question and you are not french i won't be a problem for me to answer you in englich at any time. I try to make my stream educationnal especially when i'm alone. Please subscribe, like, follow and share to help me. As i say it is a pleasure for me to stream and you support is a reward for me !

Twitch :
Facebook :
Youtube :


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Pros / Cons

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Here we go Season 6 masteries !

In season i didnt thought it was interesting to explain my masteries choice since masteries were often the same for everyone. But now it is different and i'll explain you my choice.

Here we go step by step :

Ferocity Tree

Fury , well between attack speed and ability damage, of course you take the easter egg !

Feast, As a trade of you taking more damage but doing more would be really dangerous early on as you need to farm a lot in early game, i would recommand you to take feast to have a better sustain and so a more confortable lane.

Vampirism , It's kinda the same reason here, it gives you a way easier lane, it is more gold valuable. It's just better.

Bounty Hunter or Oppressor , If you are with a support with longtime cc (not like blitzcrank for example) and you know that you are going to go aggressive early on, you should take this but if you have an easy lane without that kind of support go for Bounty Hunter as it is more valuable after 3 kills on different ennemy.

Battering Blows , HAHAHAHA OHOHOHOH oops missclick. Why would you take magic pen ? Really ? Ap Vayne ?

Fervor of Battle , add some damage with every auto attack (think about armor guys it will be less). As vayne build a lot of attack speed, you will reach the max stacks in a really short time (and now the condemn can help also) so it is really good. I don't really like Warlord's Bloodlust but it is more of a personnal choice i believe, it can be good i think, but it really lower your damage output, so the "assassin" vayne is really weak if you take this one.

Cunning Tree

Even more damage oO !

Savagery, Really good to last hit and if you are doing krugs/gromp, the movement speed outside combat given by Wanderer is quite useless on a adc tho.

Secret Stash , because who hates cookie ? Well, it is so OP early on !!! Using 2 cookies in a fight give 40 instant health compared to those red potions. Really useful to survive your lane.

Merciless , Damage or mana ? Well....

Dangerous Game , ok guys, you can argue on this one, between a potential 3 golds every 5 seconds and 5% of missing health and mana on a kill. The gold you earn is kinda low and you won't attack them every 5 seconds guys (and it's not worth to miss a creep for this) so you should really take this one, it will save you more often than you think.

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Skill Sequence

Final Hour is of course maxed first for the cooldown and the bonus damage.
Tumble is maxed second (or first if you don't count with final hour) to add more outplay potential and give more ability to dodge skillshots and re-position.
Silver bolts is maxed third (or second if you don't count final hour) to be able to shut down tanks and will be maxed at the time you'll have a decent amount of attack speed. With the meta shifting around tanks, it can be a good idea to max it first if your team is willing to take early fights.
Condemn is maxed last because compared to the other spells, maxing it won't really help you for obvious reasons i think.

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Put your cursor on a spell icon to show the description of it
Additionnal tip for one spell is in Advanced combo section

Night hunter

    It's very good to chase people with that 30 movement speed buff, don't forget that your ult triple it (to 90 movement speed).
    Can show you if an ennemy is in front of you (even in a bush)
    High range put your cursor in game on it to show the range

Tumble :
    The ultimade skill to outplay, re-position, improve your DPS and makes you look useless
    You can use it for many things so you should put your priority, will you use it to dodge a skill-shot, to reset the AA delay, or to chase only ? Choose wisely :)
    Relatively short cooldown once maxed so use it a lot to be more effectiv

Silver bolts :
    Your big source of damage AGAINST TANKS, don't over estimate it but don't under estimate too!
    It's not because you have silver bolts that you shouldn't build a Last Whisper if the ennemy team have a lot of armor built
    Against Carry which are good in extended trades you should just proc it one time (3 AA or 2 AA + your condemn)

Condemn :
    Are you a good vayne or a bad vayne, we'll see with this skill
    Goods condemn interrupt channels very fast, cancel dashs and/or always hit a wall
    Bads condemn save ennemy, make your ally miss their spell
    One first tip, coordinate with your support to not stack cc but to chain them

Final hour :
    TO NOT FORGET : Also triple your passive movement speed
    Very good to outplay with your tumble
    After a tumble you are stealth for like a quarter second more so you can travel more distance while stealthed
    Give a great amount of bonus AD so use it any time you know you will go for the kill

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My thoughts on smite vayne with guinsoo and the attack speed jungle item. Well, let's just see if it stays longer than one update before thinking of it.

Some context is needed here even more for the one who already knew my guide. I changed the way to do this part because of the season 6 change on items and because now, the items are well balanced. Before i was presenting a "core" build and told you to choose between some situationnal items, but now, i'll try to teach you how to make your build adaptable to the ennemy team. Now i'll describe each item one by one and then teach you how to make your choice between those items.

Items description


Well obviously, the doran's blade is here for the starter items but not alone ! It's a really good item with nice stats for early game and it will be your default choice : you take doran's blade until you have a good reason not to !

And here is the good reason to not take doran's blade ! Vayne is a late game monster, that means that an extra 450 gold is really good for her right ?
But it makes you really weak in lane compared to someone with a doran's blade so be careful with taking it.

Attack Speed

Once again here is the default choice for an attack speed item. It is really good when you duel people a lot because of the damage reduction of it. I also appreciate it for the movement speed bonus which is really useful to dodge skillshots and stuff.

The statikk is a really good item when you are behind because it gives you and INSANE wave clear ! Thanks to the bonus damage to minions and the ability to crit, usually you one shot the mage minions with a crit on the melee minion, it allows you to kill them BEFORE they get the tower. Also it is a good AoE damage in team fight for the same reason.

A really underrated item, 35% bonus range ! This allows you to hit first versus a lot of champions and this little extra range can be really usefull to stay safe in a teamfight trust me ! Even tho it is really situationnal and if you don't know precisely why you should pick it then you shouldn't pick it.

Well, I don't know what to say but I think, I truly that this one is viable. But only if you teamfight A LOT. But well even with that it makes vayne realler weaker in a duel, which isn't really good depending of how the game goes.


Your main damage item, obviously for the crit chance, the high AD and bonus crit damage, usually you take it when you don't have to pick a deffensiv items.
(Don't forget that the "which item do I choose" part is under the items descriptions)

A really good item, the bonus AD is huge as the lifesteal is, a little shield is always appreciated even more versus poke team (combined versus the life steal). Really good against poke or high burst then nothing because you can lifesteal this initial burst.

I love this one even tho I can't pick it that often. Why ? (because I can)... Because it is really well versus squishy guys, because the flat penetration is really usefull against low armor ennemy ! It's also good because no armor means short fight so the active will be more usefull in short fights, usually you take it versus a squishy team : kill fast or die !

Well, do they have armor ? Yes ? So take it !
Lord Dominik's Regards is the upgrade you will choose in most of the cases, but you will need to take it asap when the ennemy have a lot of hp (3500+).
Mortal Reminder is the one you will take against high sustained team (soraka, mundo, trundle, volibear...), but be careful, maybe it does reduces mundo's healing but you will miss the bonus damage on ennemy with high HP given the the Lord Dominik's Regards so you usually take if no one of your team can apply this debuff (with a morello for example).

This one is really strange tho, it's kinda "survive the burst then lifesteal it". It has high damage but the passive which turns every ad damage into health for you is really useless for vayne... Usually you don't take it, but well i like the name so i talked a bit about it.

This one became a really good one compared to this one in season 5, really nice AD amount, life steal, QSS active and a little extra speed. Obviously, take it when the ennemy has a lot of cc. Little tip : You can use QSS + Flash to make yourself "free" from a knock up like Malph's R.

I love this one because it is really good on vayne when you get the as and lifesteal buff ! Really good against ap burst because it makes you survive it and then the bonus as and life steal makes you sustain it !

I'm not sure if it is a good idea to bring this one here.. The shield can be useful to stop initiating spells (ashe's arrow annie's tibbers or thresh's grab...) but it doesn't give you any offensiv stats. It is still really good if you're getting caught quite often by those kind of spells.

When you don't know what to build as a deffensiv item, buy this one, the shield will proc on any type of damage and it has a good value, it will also give you a really nice amount of hp and a bit of AD.

If nothing else works.. then bring this one ! It's a free second life. It has both armor and magic resist so it is good vs comps with mixed damage.

Guidelines / Context

I'll try to make it as simple as possible !
I'll give you 3 main things you need to think about in order to itemise well.
They are sorted by difficulty so if you think you don't do the first one well, then don't try to go to the second one.

Determine your needs

Here is the basic thing, everyone can do that ! If you have troubles try to plan it BEFORE the game (while it's loading), do they have cc ? do they have ad damage or ap damage ? A lot of armor ?
Press tab when you're going back (be careful to not get cancelled or killed while you back tho) and look at their stuff AND at their kills/farm, even if they have 4 ad, if the only ennemy fed is the leblanc and she's the one to kill you every fight you should get a item to survive her : maw ? banshee ? Up to you, if you need more ad or more defense or if the banshee shield will help you defend yourself against hard engage.

Do it preventively

Why ? Because i can ! Because building armor pen when they have armor is cool, but having armor pen the moment they get the armor is better ! This example will make it simple : having a banshee against lb is cool, but having it before she kills you 5 times is better !
Press tab and look at the tier 1 item they buy, cloth armor ? Surely they're going to build an armor item ! Leblanc is 3/0, you should get a bit of magic resist before she come get you.

Back when you can buy what you need

This one is more about backing when needed, if you back with 1250 gold wanting a QSS you'll find yourself waiting 20 seconds in spawn, and who knows what can happen, instead take 10 secs to grab that krugs !

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Laning phase and basics combo

Laning phase basics

Here we go, Vayne is a late game champion, a hyper carry but she still does have an OK laning phase. I'll not talk about match ups here, if you need some tips for a match up just go under the masteries tree and search for my not so useless tips.

The goal of the laning phase for a vayne isn't to win her lane because it is harder for a vayne to win a lane that it can be for a lucian for example, so in order to win your game, you have to not lose your lane, and by not losing i mean :
    Not getting behind in farm (if you have trouble with farming practice in custom games)
    Not getting behind in experience (Do not back before pushing the wave if you can and manage to not get zoned)
    Not letting your tower getting free hits (if your tower is down, the ennemy will roam and you will have a harder mid game)

If you manage to not get behind before you have your Blade of the Ruined King and your Berserker's Greaves you will be able to 1v1 (not 1v2) the ennemy adc (in 90% of your games), so that leads us to the...

Basics combo

Those combos are designed to make you win your trades :

AA > Q > E

Combo 1

This is probably the most used one, really good to deals good damage while staying safe, you can tumble in various direction so it allows you to dodge a skillshot and knock back your opponent. It proc one true damage of Silver Bolts and you're pretty safe after it because of the gap you created with your Condemn.

AA > E > Q

Combo 2

Very good if your Condemn will hit a wall because it allows you to deal the same damage than Combo 1 (without the additionnal damages the ennemy takes for hitting the wall) but in a shorter time, but be careful because you must tumble towards your ennemy to do it so you will be vulnerable if you fail your tumble or if someone else is with your ennemy.

AA > get back > AA > Q

Combo 3

If you manage to get a free AA on the ennemy try to chain it (before attacking an other unit) with another AA > Q or a Q > E to do nice damage, but being safe is your priority.

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Short summary about the Ad Carry role

And you stay in the middle ok ?

A dead adc will not deal damage > your team lose the team fight

An alive adc which never attack > your team lose the team fight

Here are for you some not so useless tips :

Kiting is important, attack and create a gap between you and your opponent.
Stay behind your front line PLEASE.
Before a fight think about who is your main threat and do what you need to do.
Give me 10 $.

The best adcs are the one who will be able to land the maximum of auto attacks to the highest priority target while staying alive.

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Advanced Combo

Do not read this if you have trouble with the basics one

Well, there is only one combo i will teach you here :

The condemn flash, The Condemn Flash, The Condemn and then you Flash.

This allows you to condemn an ennemy in the direction you want (you change the direction with your flash) in a really short time and it also gives you a useless gosu look alike style.

To do it :
Press E and then spam your flash key until you flashed and with experience you will be able to spam it less and less until you'll have to press it once.

You can train this in custom game, pick the mastery which give summoner spells cooldown reduction and ionians boots.
First just do the combo while preparing your fingers and yourself.
Then try to do the same with less preparation.
Then do it while farming.
The best way to trade can be vs a friend who plays jax against you. Jusy both stick the wall with a gap of his Q range bewteen you. He will Q you, and you'll have to EF him into the wall BEFORE his Q land !

Guide Top

Not so useless end

Thank you guys for reading my guide, I'm sorry to be that bad in english and i'll really appreciate if you can leave a comment to me about the guide or to correct one of my sentence :)

Good luck and remember that having fun is more important than a victory.

Can you find the 4 easter eggs ? And the fifth one added for the season 6 update ?