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Malphite Build Guide by VaasMontenegro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VaasMontenegro

Nothing can hold me BACK !!!

VaasMontenegro Last updated on January 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About me

Malphite is my main champion in Ranked QueQue. I love to play him because he is very fun to play, you can build tank and still do nice damage. Malphite can turn game in your team's favor, as you will be frontline with your tankiness.

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About Runes

Malphite gain a lot of bonus from his armor, so it's good to have as many as possible. CD runes help him with his ult CD and other abilites until you get Frozen Heart.

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About Malphite

Malphite is probably strongest tank in League of Legends, he will die a lot harder than every other tank in a game. He has one of the best initiations in game with his ultimate ( Unstoppable Force) and can lockdown carries easily. He has great sustain but is mana hungry early game. You can deal with anyone in lane if play carefully. If they dive you under the turret 2v1, it will be big mistake for them if you play correctly. He is Anti-AD champion, and counter every Auto-Attack based champion like ( Fiora,Jax and every ADC)

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He synergy very well with champions who need your initiate to land their abilities without being disabled ( knockup,silence,stun..) Great for Yasuo's Last Breath , Katarina's Death Lotus, Ziggs's Mega Inferno Bomb

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- Very tanky
- One of the best farming champion once he get Sunfire Cape and maximized Ground Slam (E)
- Great AOE damage
- His ultimate can't be disabled ( Stun,Immobilize,Knockup,Silence,Fear,Blind,Root,Taunt )
- Can't be bursted down if build tanky
- MS steroid with and MS steal from enemy with Q
- Scales well with armor
- Doesnt' fall off late game
- Great escape with Unstoppable Force ( 2,5 times longer range than Flash)
- Can be build as AP Offtank for more damage
- One of the few champions that can go in every lane


- Mana hungry
- Struggles in lane against AP champions ( Teemo,Rumble,Cho'Gath)
- Your team can suffer if you don't land your ulti well
- Lacks CC until 6

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Team fights

Team fights are fairly simple as Malphite. When the enemy overextends or groups up, initiate with Unstoppable Force, catching as many targets as possible and making sure you hit at least one priority target, hopefully the most dangerous carry. Activate Brutal Strikes and use Ground Slam (use Randuin's Omen after this if you have it). Target your team's desired target to focus, often the enemy marksman, and use Seismic Shard to slow them. By this point, the enemy team will have taken a fair amount of damage from your burst and will have hopefully blown a few important spells on you. While you're tanking their initial focus and dealing an annoying amount of damage, your team can follow up and do their stuff. In a long team fight, try to protect your carries by blocking CC and skillshots, while debuffing the enemies with your abilities and items. Make sure you're autoattacking since it actually contributes a lot of damage. You'll have to make judgment calls whether to chase after enemy carries to zone them or return to your backline to debuff the enemy melee champions. Generally you can support your marksman if he's stronger or dive the enemy backline if their marksman is stronger.

If your team is victorious, use Seismic Shard to slow down any fleeing champions for your team to finish off. Flash in for a last hit if appropriate. Your team can then choose to push, dragon, baron, take buffs, or recall to base and shop. Team fights near the enemy tower usually call for a push, while a victory in the jungle may leave dragon or baron unguarded. Keep an eye on the enemy death timers when deciding which objective to pursue, since they increase throughout the game. If it's still relatively early in the game, the enemy team can be back to fight you again in as little as 30 seconds. Try to find advantages and objectives to take after successful team fights and don't just recall or farm every time.

In the event your team is losing the fight, ping the retreat and slow down dangerous champions with Seismic Shard. You can use Flash to escape if necessary, but make sure you don't leave behind your carries if you can still help them. If you haven't used your ultimate, USE IT if it will help your carries escape, even if it means dashing back into the fray. The death of a tank is worth the survival of a carry, just make sure you don't suicide if you don't need to.