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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Galamoth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Galamoth

Numero uno guide to bot lane Mordekaiser

Galamoth Last updated on September 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Mordekaiser guide. With the 5.16 patch, Riot decided to send Mordekaiser bottom lane. Altough it sounded a bit silly at the beginning, Mordekaiser is the GOD of bottom lane. He has insane damage, insane tankiness and is always ahead of his opponents. However, I've seen that not many people know how to build him, or which spells to max first. Worry not! Ive been trying several builds and this is the one that I find works best.

**Note: Sorry for the bad formatting, I will be making this guide prettier later**

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Pros / Cons


+Amazing base damages.
+Great in duo lanes.
+Extremely tanky due to his shield.
+Insane sustain for both him and his support.
+Can turret dive easily.
+Can turn a 5v5 into a 6v4.
+Es numero uno.

-Very slow.
-Movespeed buff is very situational.
-No CC.
-Opponents can escape easily.
-Can't use W if alone.
-Easily kited.

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I like to go with 2 AP quints and 9 AP glyphs to increase his damage. Also 1 Armor quint and full armor seals since you will be fighting a marksman. 9 Hybrid or Magic pen marks since morde's base damages are amazing.

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I like to go 21/9/0 focusing on magic damage. 9 points in defense to get less damage from poke.

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Why not Gunblade?

Gunblade might sound like a good item on Mordekaiser at first glance, it gives both AP and AD, sustain and a slow. First, let me tell you why it's not worth it. The AP and AD are nice, I'll give you that, but you don't need neither the lifesteal or the spellvamp. Morde has enough sustain via his W and his ultimate, and his HP costs aren't that much of a problem since you should be maxing E last anyways. The passive works for chasing, but that isn't necessary either since its on a long cooldown and you have enough chase with your triforce and Rylai's. If you like it, go ahead and build it, but know that there are waaay better options.

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I like to start with either doran's shield or relic shield. Doran's shield helps you survive poke and gives you nice regen. Relic shield is also a good start since it gives you sustain and gives gold to your support. What to start depends on your personal preference, relic if you want your support to get some extra gold, doran if you care more about early stats. If you start relic shield, don't upgrade it, just sell it later. You can also start boots, longsword or amplifying tome to get your core earlier. This will make hitting those q's a lot easier and is a core on mordekaiser since he really needs the movespeed. Also it gives hp and ad, both of which are great on mordekaiser. Which boots you get depends on the matchup: swiftness if you are being kited, mercs if they have lots of cc, tabi against autoattackers and sorcerer's if you just want more damage. I highly recommend either mercs or swiftness since cc and kiting counters mordekaiser really hard. This item is godly on mordekaiser, it gives movespeed to catch your foes easier, phage's passive, attack speed to hit your 3 q's easier, crit chance, ap, ad, health, crit chance and sheen's passive, which will make your first q hit harder. The only stat that is wasted is the mana. This item is great and synergizes so well with trinity force. It gives you a nice amount of HP and 25% increased base damage. Mordekaiser currently has one of the highest lvl 1 base damages and the highest at level 18, so with this and triforce your first q will be dealing a lot of damage. It also gives you a very good shield that will save your life more than once and helps you survive burst if you are low on hp and your E is on CD. Mordekaiser has no CC, but this item solves it. Your E will apply the full slow and your pets will be slowing on AA too. The HP and AP are great on mordekaiser also. It is time for an armor item now, and this are the best options. You can pick whichever you want, it depends on what you like the most. Randuin is a great anti ADC item and gives you an AoE slow, while dead man's plate is better for chasing and gives you movespeed. You can pick this item earlier if you want, depending on the matchup. This item gives you a nice ammount of HP and magic resistance along with cooldown reduction and life regen. But it is the passive what makes this item so good on Mordekaiser, it makes your W and your ultimate heal for more, making you even harder to take down.

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This is what makes Mordekaiser numero uno, always kills, never dies. It gives you a shield everytime you damage an enemy with one of your spells. The shield is really good and can make you win trades that any other champ normally wouldn't, however if you are stunned you won't be able attack the enemy, which means you can be easily bursted (that's why we build sterak's gage so don't worry.
This skill deals an insane amount of damage, but can be hard to hit since you have to hit three autos to make it work. This is your main damage source so make sure you hit all three q's. It also works as an auto attack reset. A small tip is to use the first two hits on a minion, then flash and hit the third q on the enemy champion. Always use this when trading. At max level, this skills deals 260+390% AD+260% AP, that is a lot of damage, you will be attacking for over 1k after a few items.
This skill is your bread and butter. I cannot stress how great this skill is, so let me just tell you what it does: it makes you and an ally champion or pet deal magic damage per second in a small area around you, and the damage from both AoE's stacks. It also steals HP from enemies around you at the end of the ability or when reactivating it. If hit for the full duration and by both champions this spell deals... 600 BASE damage. Holy f***! That without counting the 0.6 AP ratio and the heal at the end. It also gives you a movespeed boost when walking towards your ally. The downside? You can't use this if you are alone. So never fight alone unless you are sure you can win or you have a pet with you.
The damage on this skill is pitiful, however this skill gives you a huge ammount of shield when hitting enemy champions, so be sure to spam it on cooldown when fighting. It also works as an AoE slow once you get your Rylai.
This is your ultimate. It has many uses and I will tell you how to make the most of this ability. During a teamfight, you should always use this on the AD carry, if you manage to get its ghost you have won the fight. You can also use it on the enemy tank if you are low on hp and want to heal. Also, if you hit the dragon and it dies while marked you will get its ghost, the dragon ghost is cool and deals a nice ammount of damage in AoE but it makes you unable to use your ultimate while it is alive. Something interesting about the dragon is that unlike the ghosts you can move it anywhere you want and it wont come back to you. So you could go to base and have the dragon help push, or you could also push two lanes at the same time.

Now here is a list of some special ghosts:
Vayne: This is my favorite ghost since it deals true damage on its third hit.
Ashe: Has permaslow.
Braum: Gives you a stun.
Garen: Percent max health true damage against the "villain".
Vi: Breaks armor on third hit
Teemo: Can stealth for a free ward
Fizz: DoT
Rengar: Can jump from bushes
Nautilus: Snare
Udyr: Stun if you catch him on bear stance.
Gnar: Transforms into mega gnar (not very useful but fun to see)

*Please tell me if im missing anyone*

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Skill Sequence

You want to max W first since you are in a duo lane and its damage and heal are too good to pass. Then you max q for its insane burst, and E at last since it scales really bad with levels. Of course, put points into ultimate when possible.
If you are in a lane with a ranged support (which you shouldn't since melee supports are too good for morde) you might consider maxing q first, since you won't be next to your support most of the time.

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Thanks a lot for reading my guide! Please leave feedback and feel free to ask me any questions.