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Nunu Build Guide by XF Tazan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XF Tazan

Nunu - New Jungle Master

XF Tazan Last updated on August 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Wellcome to my secound build here on Mobafire. This time I made an Nunu-Offtank-Jungle guide.
Nunu was a great jungler anyway but the last buffs on him made him very usefull as a great "jungle support".
His spells are very great for doing a fast and easy jungle.

At least i tried a lot of builds on him but i think this one is one of the best you can get for him. Many summoners try to jungle him with an ap-jungle build, but i dont think it is very usefull. Throwing Iceballs on the enemy isn´t the only way for Nunu to deal damage.

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Pros / Cons


- Fast & Easy Jungle
- Consume is very great spell to jungle
- Dont need much Health Potion
- Fast Ganks
- Blood Boil can be used also on Teammates
- Nice slow
- Good CC
- Nice mobility


- Needs a damage dealer in lane to gank more effective
- Isnt that tanky as other junglers
- Absolute Zero gets often blocked
- Needs secound Blue Buff

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Defence 21
Summoner´s Resolve Resistance Hardiness Tought Skin Durability Vigor Indomitable Veterans Scars Bladed Armor Juggernaut

Utillity 9

Summoner´s Insight Good Hands Swiftness Scout Runic Affinity

This 0 21 9 Build is very usefull in jungling, hunting and geting a good map overview.
I use the 21 defence masteries to stay a long time in jungle and gank with much health and a good speed. Also its a good possibility to start with boots and loosing that much health on buffs or golems. Also the defence masteries gives a nice boost in life / armor / and magicresist at early game.

The 9 Points on Utillity are also very important. Nunu´s Absolute Zero is in a good combination with flash in teamfights so i use the cooldown Summoners Insight gives.
Swiftness is also very great in jungle. It gives you a good movementspeed to escape or catch an enemy champ.
Runic Affinity gives you a longer blue you really need in early jungle. The cooldown on blue is important to use more spells and jungle faster.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed gives you some bonus attackspeed in early game.
They are great for jungle and gives you a better feeling in jungle.
I also thought about Greater Mark of Strenght but i think they are unessesary here without any Offense Masteries.
Greater Mark of Desolation could also be very nice. But i think nunu isnt the damage dealer anyway so I better use Marks that are great for jungle.

For Seals i use Greater Seal of Armor. In my Opinion the only Seals in Jungle. Armor is too important for jungle to leave them away.

As Glyphs i use as usall Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. They are also one of the most important Jungle Runes. Also i didn´t find any Glyphs better then them.

For Quints i use the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. They are really good for Nunu here.
After i bought the two gold items , i useally start counter jungle and warding important bushes or buffs. A Oracle´s Elexir is here very important. The bonus speed gives you a great Mobility to do that.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is a all-round Spell and in my opinion the most used and important Spell in Summoners Rift. It can be used for escaping, ganking, combo´s and chaseing.
On Nunu it can be a good combo with Absolute Zero. Flash and Ult can used as like Galio does. In teamfights it is a very surprising combo for the enemy team.
Alos flash is nice to get in quick range of spells. Use flash on bot to jump between the enemy carry and your carry. Slow the enemy with Ice Blast and buffing your Carry with Blood Boil. With Janna or Zilean Support this could be very strong!


Smite is anyway the spell for jungleing and is really hard to replace. In my opinion smite is so important that every Jungler has to have it as Summoner Spell.
Also Smite is good for counter Jungleing ir stealing Buffs / Drage. You could say you dont need it because of your Consume but i think Smite is much better. It has a nice range and deals a lot of damage.
So Smite is very important on that build. It makes Counter jungleing more easy. And can make the enemy Jungler very angry.


Exhaust isnt that important on this Nunu build. You have so much slows on in Nunu´s spells like Ice Blast or Absolute Zero so I think Flash is the better opinion.
But! If there is no Exhaused in team you better have to take it. Exhaust is really good anyway for your team. So always tell your Support to take Exhaust.


So Ignite is really no opinion for your Jungle. I never use it for Jungle because there will always be a Ignite in your team. I often played in Teams with 2 Ignite [Mid / Top] so there is no need for a 3th one.

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Items / Jungle

As usual i start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.
I start at Wulfs at 1:40 and finish them fast by using Cunsume. The trick is to use Consume as last hit on the big one to get most of the life you lost back.
Next up is blue at 1:55. With a great pull and some hits you can use Consume and Smite and get the blue in less then 5 secounds.
Now go the the Waiths and Red buff. Now your smite will be back again and you do the Golems.
At this piont you should use the first Health Potion. Now get back to Waiths and you should reached Level 4.

Now its is time for the first gank. Watchout for the most pushed lane. Pushed lanes are very easy to gank at early game and Mid and Top should be unwareded at this time.
In my opinion a Top gank is good with Nunu. Most of the Top champs are Offtanks or Tanks with a slow and good basic damage. My Favorite here is Yorik.
With his Gulls he has a great damage and is good pusher. Also Renekton is well here. His stun and his Damage is also good for a effective gank.
In Mid there aren´t much Champs that works with Nunu´s slows and Buffs.
Cassiopeia will be very usefull here. With your slows its more easier for her to do her poison and her Twin Fang. Mordekaiser could be also pretty nice. As he gives you his
Creeping Death you do nice damage on the enemy Ap Carry.

Now its time for the most important thing in this guide. A good map overview is very important in winning a game. You as jungler will play a big role in this. After you bought
your Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold start buying Sight Ward and Oracle's Elixir. You start to ward Buffs and important bushes to get a better map overview and to see the enemy earlier. So you can react better if you see that the enemy team is goning for Blue Buff or Dragon. Also you can clean up wards of the enemy. If you steal him the sight you can gank more effective or counter jungle much better.

Next up you buy Phage. This extra slow is very effective on bot lane. With exhaused and a support like Janna / Zilean or Lulu you can hunt the enemy carry very good.

Now we go for Trinity Force. Most of you will ask why i built that. So in my opinion the Tri-force is a very good item here. It gives you some extra damage on spells, more movespeed, Health and Damage. Its an great all-round item and works really great on Nunu.

Now its time to get more usefull in Teamfights. So Randuin's Omen and Shurelya's Reverie gives your team nice Buffs in Defence and Chasing down fleeing enemy´s.

As late game Items you have too choose whats needed. We have build much health, so a Force of Nature will give you a lot of Magic resist and bonus speed. Also Banshee's Veil could be very good. At last item you could go for Sunfire Cape or Guardian Angel.

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All in all the last Buffs on Nunu made him a great fast Jungler. The main part here is the good map overview. It´s so important but many players forgot that. To often they only use their gold for Items the Team dont needs. Also your Team will be happy you start to ward the map and your enemy gets sick seeing you destroy their wards.

I hope you like this guide on Nunu. Tell me in the comments how it worked for you. Will you use this build now in jungle? Tell me your experience with it.

Seeya in the Jungle ;)

XF Tazan