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Nunu Build Guide by EpicDan01

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicDan01

Nunu Reforged Patch 7.22 - Drake Devourer

EpicDan01 Last updated on November 10, 2017
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Patch 7.22 brings the huge Runes Reforged update, and unfortunately for Nunu, there is not a keystone that really fits him properly. However, due to Press The Attack in the Precision path being very strong, protecting your ADC is still a priority when playing Nunu, and as such my take on Nunu's runes help to achieve this.

I would say that the most important rune for Nunu is Font of Life, which acts as a replacement for Stoneborn Pact. This means that you need to take the Resolve Tree in either primary or secondary. I prefer to take it as a primary as it allows me to build into Domination, which gives us more vision to track the enemy jungler and some active item CDR for our supportive items.

I decided to take Guardian as the keystone as it allows Nunu to protect his carry; it scales off of bonus health as well, which Nunu can naturally stack. Guardian can be procced by Blood Boil onto your to activate it remotely without needing to hug them. During early 2v2 top/jungle fights it can really help to turn things around and win the fight. Iron Skin helps to minimise damage taken in the early jungle clear, and Overgrowth helps to stack health into the late game.


Another possible path is to build Inspiration as a primary with Unsealed Spellbook, which allows you to have Smite on a lower cooldown, and possibly change it later. However, changing Smite is not ideal since Nunu's main strength is his ability to nuke an epic monster. With proper pathing you can time when your Smite is available to either counter jungle or do Drake. You also have to miss out either Tough Skin or Overgrowth by taking Resolve as secondary. If you want movement speed, you can build into Sorcery as a secondary and take Celerity, but it is quite a weak keystone as the stats it gives you are minimal.

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Early Game

Early in the game, you want to be able to quickly clear your jungle to apply pressure on the map either through ganking or counter-jungling. Start at your bottom-side buff and request a leash from your allies to speed up your clear even further.

Tip: Use Consume only after taking two attacks from the buff. This allows you to use the heal effect and provide you more health for your clear. Make your the laners who are leashing you are not tanking the buff, as this will weaken their own lane.

After your first buff, you can either look to steal the enemy jungler's buff or continue farming. For example, if you are clearing Blue buff first and the enemy jungler is Evelynn, you can steal her Red buff as she would likely be starting blue side. Always ping that you are heading into the enemy jungle so your laners are aware and can help you if you get caught by an enemy.

Tip: Spam Blood Boil as you walk around your jungle for high movement speed. As it lasts for 12 seconds, and the initial cooldown is 15 seconds, you will have the buffs active almost permanently.

Try to avoid using Ice Blast on monsters unless you have blue buff, as it's low cooldown and high mana cost can force you to go OoM early, which prevents you from further clearing.
If your lanes are pushed in, look to gank for them. Top Lane is easiest to gank as you can Ice Blast the single target and Blood Boil your laner. Do not force a gank though, as Nunu has low damage without Absolute Zero and can struggle securing a kill quickly.

You should ALWAYS look for an early Drake kill; you can solo it with three levels in Consume. Be wary of their bot lane or jungler approaching you. Place a ward behind the Drake pit if you are Purple Team, or in the narrow gap to their blue buff if you are Blue Team. Save your Smite until the end so you can nuke the Drake in case of a potential steal. You can do roughly 1200 true damage with a Consume + Smite; this means you should secure the Drake every time.

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Mid Game

As laning starts to finish and grouping occurs, you have more opportunities for your ultimate Absolute Zero. Try to bait out CC before using it, and almost every type of Crowd Control in the game will cancel it, reducing the crucial movement slow and damage. Your ultimate will almost always force a Flash. Keep your slow zone for as long as possible - you are a supportive jungler, not an offensive one. Allow your allies to get kills if possible.

Try to steal jungle camps whenever possible, especially Raptors as they are very quick to kill with the buffed Enchantment: Cinderhulk damage. Look for their buffs as well. Deprive the enemy jungler of as much experience and gold as possible to limit their influence on the map.

Look to take Rift Herald as well as the second Drake. As your ganking potential is limited, you should strive to secure EVERY epic monster for your team. If you have recently killed their top laner/jungler, ask your top laner to help you kill the Rift Herald. Give the buff to them, as it will help them more. If they want summon the Rift Herald immediately, help them by using Blood Boil on them and siege the turrets.

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Late Game

By this point you will be incredibly tanky. Look for Baron whenever possible. In teamfights, always Blood Boil your ADC / other auto-attack-based champions. Use Absolute Zero around choke points if possible to limit their escapes and force Flash. Absorb as much damage as possible (including CC, as you will have more opportunities to cast your ultimate without it being cancelled).

Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption are great to provide your teammates with heals and shields ( Locket of the Iron Solari now scales with bonus health, enhancing it's shield due to Nunu's high bonus health). You can also purchase Knight's Vow to defend your carry even further. You are very offensively limited besides your ultimate. Always look to Ice Blast their carry and focus them to remove them from the fight early and reduce their attack speed and therefore damage output.

Try to get towers and inhibitors; your Blood Boil can buff you allies and let you take these objectives a lot quicker. Always look to pressure lanes by building along with super minions. This gives you more opportunities to take Baron as the enemies will be constantly forced to split and clear waves.

Tip: Build minion waves by taking out 2-3 caster minions and let your wave push. Return to the large wave you have built up when it approaches a turret, so you can quickly take it and pressure the opponents.

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Good ADC synergy:
Vayne, Ashe, Kog'Maw, Lucian, Twitch, Caitlyn
These ADC's rely on auto-attacking to deal most of their damage, so Nunu can greatly increase their potential through Blood Boil's attack speed and Font of Life's healing. The movement speed of Blood Boil helps their positioning to dodge skillshots and chase enemies. These ADC's will typically deal the most damage on your team, and as such need protecting.

Bad ADC synergy:
Jhin, Miss Fortune, Ezreal
These ADC's rely on abilities to deal most of their damage, and typically do not auto-attack a lot. This means that Blood Boil will not be very beneficial to them, and they will not receive much healing from Font of Life.