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Fiora Build Guide by RoastKilla778

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoastKilla778

Offtank Jungle Fiora - Master of DBZ Combos

RoastKilla778 Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So to start off, people might be thinking, "What? No Infinity's Edge? No Phantom Dancer? Noob QQ Gtfo l2p."

Now before you go cry in the comments about where the hell the Infinity's Edge is, I'll tell you one thing: This is an On-Hit Offtank Fiora build. I've tried both builds out, and I find this to be the better one. With this build, you won't be squishy, and you'll have the ability to start team fights with your ultimate while the other team is wondering, "Where the hell do I right click to target this damn Fiora?"

The main reason I really like this build is because of some simple factors which shall be explained in the Pros/Cons.

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Pros / Cons


Amazing DPS
Great Chasing Ability
The power to decimate any team composition no matter what kind of situation that you're in. (I was in a losing game, and I've scored a penta with Fiora. That says something xD)
Great Chasing Ability
Great Chasing Ability
Emo hair style for *****ific parties
Great Chasing Ability
Passive can get you out of pinches in certain scenarios.


SQUISHY AS F*CK (Which shall be taken care of with items)
Extremely susceptible to CC
No escaping tools. (E.g. once you get low, you're dead.)
"What the hell is a cooldown?"

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Explaining the runes, I picked Greater Mark of Attack Speed for the pure fact that I want to build for the best possible late game for Fiora, rather than early game. Since I already know that my Late game is going to be based off of how much auto attacking I can get off in one burst, I take this runes. Now even if it's not late game, these should still be of great help and use to you during any phase of the game.

Now if you think that you don't really need that much extra attack speed, feel free to get Greater Mark of Desolations instead. These work as well since you'll be dealing close to true damage to jungle minions, as well as your ult (since it deals physical damage) being able to pierce through a little bit of that armor that your opponent's will undoubtedly start to pick up when they notice how hard you can faceroll their team.

Greater Seal of Armor for the fact that Fiora starts out with a puny amount of armor. This will help with her squishiness, as well as being able to take buff monsters at a much high HP level. Also keep in mind that this is an Off tank Fiora build. Not a squishy as f*ck glass cannon paper weight Fiora build. If you want a Glass Cannon build, gtfo and look for another guide.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist These are for those early-mid game fights with their, say, out of hand akali/LB. Matched up with your Mercury's Treads, as well as your Wit's End you should be able to intelligently handle any out of hand/snowballed champion that comes into your team looking for a kill.

Greater Quintessence of Health because, well, you wan't to be an offtank.

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Really, as long as you get that 10% armor penetration, I couldn't care less about your mastery page. Feel free to pick whatever mastery page works for you, I just like this once since it gets me a lot of damage output during any stage of the game, as well as some armor and health.

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Skill Choice

Okay, time for the important part.

IMO, one of the most useless passives in the whole damn game. That, or I just don't really notice it being of much use. Nevertheless, taking advantage of her passive in early game phase is amazing. as long as you're auto attacking, you're going to be healing for an extra 1-3 HP per second. Which might not seem like a lot, but by the time you should be done with your route, it would be around 4-6 minutes in game, which means 2-4 minutes of that constant HP regen (since it really shouldn't take that long to travel from camp to camp with that nice 325 base movement speed) Doing the math, that's a whole lot of extra HP that you just earned for just auto attacking something.

This shall be your main chasing tool. Since your Burst of Speed's speed buff won't work unless you use Lunge or an auto attack, this is an amazing tool to utilize. If you have red buff/frozen mallet, no one will be able to do anything but right click and hope that some kind of miracle happens and that you get away. Since you can cast Lunge again a second time with no mana cost just makes it even better. Kinda reminds me of Rumble's harpoon, don't it?
Anyways, making correct use of this skill will determine the good Fiora players, from the Great Fiora players.

Your Extra AD, as well as a little melee block/thornmail thing. Blocks an auto attack like Pantheon's passive, and returns a little bit of that damage back to the sender. Pretty cool, huh? The downside about this skill is that it can also reflect minion attacks. So really, get it for the extra AD, not the shield xD (But that doesn't mean the shield is useless. Trust me, it's saved my butt countless times against fed AD sions and such.)

Burst of Speed
Hohoho. Time to talk about your ultimate bread and butter skill. 120% attack speed boost, as well as 15% movement speed boost is sure to make your enemy team dread any kind of team fight that they have with you. Paired with your Bloodrazor and your Wit's end, right click to win is what I always say. And don't forget about that amazing cool down it has. That's right: NOTHING. As long as you can get a kill or an assist, Burst of Speed will be ready by the time that you're going to need it again. Remember kids: It's always fun to activate Burst of Speed right before you kill someone. And then kill someone again. And then kill someone again. And then kill someone again. And then *boom* you just scored your team a penta kill, purely because your E has no bloody cooldown. The possibilities and uses of this skill are endless. Chasing down a champion, 1v1 fight, team fight, getting that penta kill, anything you want, (except escaping a fight lmao) will work.
The only reason that you can't really use this to escape a team fight is because of the three second window that this buff has, and the fact that Riot was smart and decided to give you the buff only AFTER you auto attacked or lunged towards something.

Blade Waltz
With this choice build, your ultimate will hit the other team so hard, and for so much damage. Wit's end and a Bloodrazor with your right clicking is enough to faceroll, but now add an ultimate that does around 600-800 damage, as well as hitting you multiple times, as well as being able to have on-hit effects. Exactly. Damage output > Roof.

This skill is also what earns you your Penta kills. If you purely use this skill on their squishies, they will already be down by approximately a quarter of their life already, depending on how many times they got hit by your DBZ ult.

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Summoner Spells



Really, by this point in your League career, you should be able to recognize why these summoner spells are good choices, and why the other ones aren't. However, if you're some kind of Surge+Heal bait god, then I salute you, and feel free to take those summoner spells. But if you're not, then please try to avoid them and get these skills instead

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And now, your item explanation

Starting off with a Vampiric Scepter is a good choice, for the nice fact that with your W's extra AD, and your E's extra attack speed, you get the most bang for your buck with this item, as well as not wasting any extra gold you have on HP potions. However, if you don't have the recommended runes/masteries/or you're just purely scared for going Vampiric Scepter jungle, then feel free to get a cloth armor and 5 hp potions. They're still good starting items too.

Finishing your jungle and ganking a few times, you should now have enough money for either your Madred's Razor or you've ganked so much that you can already afford your Wriggle's Lantern anything from that point on that works for you should still be okay. Once you get your Wriggle's Lantern (Btw, Touhou Ftw), get your Mercury's Treads. The reasoning behind these boots is that any stun/silence/slow/disable will ruin any good Fiora's day. So the tenacity should be able to take care of that, as well as some much needed extra magic resist.

Wit's End is next for your build, since you want extra damage in your auto attack and ult, plus a little more magic resist. Now unless you're planning on going full out tank (which is going to be pretty weird considering that Fiora really has no options to be considered a viable tank), try to focus on damage a little bit more by now.

Madred's Bloodrazor takes care of your little AD problem that you might be having, as well as a little bit of everything else for your needs. An amazing 4% HP shred passive, attack speed, armor, and your much needed extra AD, this is your bomb in a package. Up next, is your Frozen Mallet. The reasoning behind this is that people are going to be trying to run away from you once you're fed to hell and back, right? Well, the instant that you begin to auto attack anyone in a 1v1, and they don't attempt to make an escape, they're dead. With your Lunge, as well as your Burst of Speed's movement speed boost, you'll become a chasing machine.
Plus, that 700 health, as well as 20 extra AD isn't really a bad thing, right?

Now keep in mind, anything past this point will just be up to you. But here are some items that I greatly recommend.
The Black Cleaver 55 AD, extra attack speed, and their armor is gone within 3 hits. This item's amazing, especially with your ult, seeing that you just rip apart everyone already. Why not faceroll some more?

Guardian Angel Because, well, your tank isn't doing their job of initiating, so you have to initiate and die for your team. Well then, that sucks, but now you have something to get back into the fight with, as well as being even more tankier than ever before with that extra armor and magic resist. :D

Banshee's Veil MR, HP, MP, and a free blocked spell. Isn't this item nice? :)

The Bloodthirster Low on HP in a team fight? Ult and watch your HP go up and up and up. (You might as well just sell the wriggles late game for a bloodthirster anyways xD)

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Depending on what kind of runes or masteries you pick on Fiora, you can pretty much do any kind of route you can think off. The most common I can think of that works for pretty much anyone is Blue Buff, and then clear the whole jungle.

Once you're done with the initial jungle fights, counter jungling, and your jungle route, you want to start heading for some ganks. Check for some free kills or easy gank lanes, and start heading down there. To initiate a fight, lunge towards the champion that you want to get a kill off of. If they don't blink out of there, then that means you just secured the kill for your lane (Hopefully, if the lane has enough damage output lol). Activate your E+W, and just right click away. If they do blink out, depending on the situation, you can chase them with your Q, walk over there because you have a great enough speed boost, or ult them down. Whichever you want :)

Once you're done with the jungling, and mid game has begun, buff, dragon, and baron control are very IMPORTANT.. This means that you're clearing the enemy's wards at those monsters, and attempting to take them whenever they're up. (With the exception of baron & dragon lol). The important thing is that you're denying the enemy team the chance at that extra gold.

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In Summary, you should be able to faceroll, destroy, ravage, and any other kind of sexual innuendo-ish words for "make the other team QQ" that you can come up with.

If you have any suggestions for the build, please comment below. Thank you for your time~ <3

~RoastKilla778 :)