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League of Legends Build Guide Author wRAthoFVuLK

OH NO, IT'S T --- Aw, I died.

wRAthoFVuLK Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Hey all. I play Twitch a lot, and this build has always worked for me. I'll update this guide whenever he gets nerfed, buffed, whatever. I hope you take the time to read over the guide, and please leave a comment and rate.

Twitch is a great carry and amazing in teamfights. Although he is quite squishy, if you face off against a champion with more health, you won't get screwed over, because your damage output is so high. His Debilitating Poison is also a really good CC on a low cooldown. In the higher levels, it slows people in a large radius by 60% (plus 6% per stack of poison) for around 4.4 seconds. More detail in this below.

So please, take the time to rate and read over my guide, and I hope you start to rape with Twitch as much as I do.

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This is really important with Twitch. You want to try to solo mid for around 15-20 minutes before you start ganking other lanes (unless of course you really need to). Twitch is a dominant mid if used properly. Although this is always important, it is especially important with Twitch: last hit creeps. You need that early gold boost to rush your Stark's Fervor (explained below). You need an early game Stark's for Twitch to really get your rape on. Once you hit level 11, what I usually do is let someone else who is not that much of a lower level than I take mid, and I start ganking lanes that are in trouble/need help pushing. Since, on most enemy champions, you will be a few levels higher, you can gank pretty successfully by around 15-20 minutes in (see below for attack order).

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Attack Ordering

This is quite simple. With Twitch, there is a set way that you want to approach your enemies. Of course, use your stealth to go where you're going. Try to steer clear of anyone with an oracle if they are in a bunch of enemies, since they will reveal you to everyone (which usually doesn't end nicely if you are still stealthed, since you won't be able to pop back your stealth on time). If you successfully reach your destination, pop your W , which puts a really nice CC on them. Then try to get at least 6 stacks of your passive poison on them (shoot them 6 times) and then pop your Expunge Expunge(default E) when you feel you're ready. Don't worry, you will know when you're ready ^_^. Remember, try not to use your Expunge Expunge before you at least get a stack or two of poison on them, the damage output from the Expunge is much greater. Keep in mind, Expunge really has the most effect early through mid game, even with the stacks. It has an AP boost to the effect, and since we are building AD, by late game most of your kills will be with your ulti and normal attack.

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This is quite self-explanatory. Obviously, you are going to build Twitch AD. Armor Pen reds Greater Mark of Desolation help a lot with Twitch. He is also really squishy, so HP yellows (can be flat or per level, I prefer per level for Twitch since you are going to mid him, and per level's pay off more HP @ level 13, which you get really quickly midding Twitch -- but it is your choice) Greater Seal of Vitality. His cooldowns are low already, but for the extra CD reduction which helps a lot to pop your abilities quicker with Twitch, choose CD reduction blues (same thing here, flat or scaling, I prefer scaling due to the better pay off once @ level 13) . For Quints, I always choose flat HP, and that is especially helpful for squishy Twitch .

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Quite simple. See above for the ordering I use for him. Crit chance helps a lot for Twitch, so I went that path on the Offense masteries. You are building him AD, so you want the standard 21-0-9 setup.

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I found this item build especially helpful for Twitch over other Twitch ones that I have seen and tried. This is still the build that I hold true to and always use.

First, get your Doran's Blade for the lifesteal.

Try to stay in your lane for as long as you can before recalling. Once you need to recall, however, which shouldn't be before you get your ultimate, go grab your berserks . The movement speed and extra attack speed help Twitch a lot. If you recall and don't have yet enough gold to get the berserks , then pick up your boots of speed first to build into your berserks .

Okay, here is a big game breaker. Most people get their Stark's Fervor late game as a little stat boost for the whole team, a nice helpful aura. I do that for many champs as well. But for Twitch, it is VITAL, and I cannot stress this enough, VITAL for you to rush this right after your beserks Beserker's Greaves. The Stark's aura is INTENSELY helpful early game to all teammates near you. And a lot of times, you will gank with other teammates in the lane waiting for you, so they WILL get the aura which will help the enemies who you are ganking die much quicker. The lifesteal from the Stark's is vital for Twitch as well. Since he is so squishy, he needs some form of healing besides having to recall every once in a while. A support on the team helps all the time, obviously, but you cannot expect that every match you play with Twitch. Also, if you are ganking/in teamfights and you are getting some pressure, the extra lifesteal can help you outlast your enemies. By late game with this build, I can heal my 2000+ HP from around 100 in around 10 hits on minions. Yep.

Everything else really speaks for itself. Twitch is AD and attack speed, so you want to buy items that satisfy both categories. Crit chance is also really helpful with Twitch for your already high damage output and attack speed, and it helps with ganks and fights immensely. So, after your Stark's , you want to get a Sword of the Occult . The stacks help a lot at this point in the game for your AD. Then, you want to Infinity Edge . Like I said, the crit chance, more AD, and higher crit damage helps a lot, especially in conjunction with your crit chance and damage masteries. Same thing with your Last Whisper which comes next. You get even more AD from this and the armor pen is immensely helpful, especially with your Armor Pen Runes Greater Mark of Desolation. By this time your attacks should cut through your enemies like butter.
It should be near end game now, hopefully in your advantage, and you want to pick something quick up that can have a nice boost to your AD. If you are still going, you should get a lot of bonus gold from kills and ending streaks, taking out towers, etc. You should be able to get a Black Cleaver fairly quickly, which gives you even MORE AD, attack speed, and enemy armor reduction. If you are in a really intense game and have gone this far and still need something else, buy a Youmuu's Ghostblade , which gives you more AD, attack speed, crit chance, move speed, and armor pen. Just replace an earlier item with it, such as the Sword of the Occult if need be.

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Skill Sequence

Please see the skilling sequence above. Basically, you want to fully level Expunge Expunge first, since that will allow you to get kills that are running, and finish people off really quickly early and mid game. Your slow gives you a large CC right once you learn it, upgrading it just increases the duration by a bit, so you cant wait to level that last, where the extra CC will really be an important factor in ganks and teamfights. Ambush you want to level in the middle, since each level of it increases the stealth's duration by 10 seconds. Of course, level your ulti whenever you can (6,11,16).

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Summoner Spells

I laugh at anyone who DOESN'T use flash and Cleanse on Twitch. You NEED these two on him. Since you aren't very fast, and your slow and Expunge Expunge have some range to them, and your ulti and normal attacks have some range as well, the flash will help you get to your kills a lot, especially if they run. It can also help if you want to get out of a teamfight quickly (since you are so squishy). It has saved me and gotten me kills many times, please bring flash into the battle with you. Alongside that is your Cleanse . You need this since you are a stealth champ and squishy. A lot of times, when you come out of stealth, people acknowledge your strength and CC you (exhaust is used a lot against stealths such as Twitch), and then run. Cleanse helps you get out of the CC much quicker, and then get to your kills. It is also used really well in conjunction with your flash , if they get far enough after they CC you, you can just cleanse and flash . Same procedure if you are in a teamfight and they CC you, and you need to get out.

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Overall Twitch is a terrific champion, but you must use him well to be able to really experience some ownage. If you follow this guide, and you have some common sense and knowledge of LoL, I can guarantee you you will get insane scores. Please take the time to comment and rate, and try out the build and tell me how you did. If you want to post a score you got with this build, feel free to. Whenever a patch changes Twitch or anything else mentioned in this guide, you can expect an edit to the guide from me within the day.

Have fun, and GO TWITCH!