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Olaf Build Guide by RenTed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RenTed

Olaf, The Jungle Carry

RenTed Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good morning/evening summoner, i'm pleased to see you here on my Olaf Guide. During the past few minutes you will read my Guide, you will aknowledge how to play Olaf and also how to play him as a Jungle. Of course, he can Jungle and he do it pretty fast and if all going smoothly you can get a great advantage on the field of justice. I won't bother you any longer young on, have a look and feel free to ask me any question, if need to, in the comment section below the Guide and i will answer it as soon as i can.

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Greater Mark of Desolationx9 Since Olaf it's and Attack based Damage champion, you will need these rune for max out your damage output.

Greater Seal of Armorx4 I put 4 Greater Seal of Resilience because with you're masteries Hardiness , Tough Skin and Bladed Armor you will have enough resistance against minions.

Greater Seal of Attack Speedx5 As a Carry Olaf, you will need alot of Attack Speed and also with more Attack Speed, you're jungle will be much faster.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speedx9 As a Carry Olaf, you will need alot of Attack Speed and also with more Attack Speed, you're jungle will be much faster.

Greater Quintessence of Healthx3 Those Rune will help you in you're verry early jungle becasue with out them you won't be able to stay long enought in your Jungle and you will ahve to Recall more often. Also, the health boost from Greater Quintessence of Health will increase the output damage of you skill Vicious Strikes.

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For you're masteries i Choosed 21/9/0. I will explain my choice.

I didn't go for Vampirism because 3% life leech it's not enough compared to the critical bonus we get from Deadliness and Lethality . You get 4% critical Stike and 10% Critical Damage and since you got with Atma's Impaler you're getting alot critical percent chance.

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First, Vampiric Scepter It's an excellent choice with these masteries since yo're pretty tough and with Vicious Strikes you will leach plenty of life on each mellee hit.

Second, Boots of Speed+ Health Potion for increase you're Jungle Speed and get an advantage on you'Re early gank with an increased moving speed. For the Health Potion, you use it only if you're current Health Points below 15%, otherwise, sell it when you Recall for buy the third time.

Third, Madred's Razors+ Wriggle's Lantern Usually on my tird Recall, i'm able to buy my Wriggle's Lantern right away but if you can't just buy Madred's Razors and continue you're Jungle or Gank as noraml.

Forth, Mercury's Treads will be you're primary item to buy and after start building you're Frozen Mallet with a Phage before the Giant's Belt.

Fifth(Last), Atma's Impaler will be you're next item you will work on. After, you're geting Phantom Dancer and The Bloodthirster.

And you're ready to Carry you're team ! If it's not already you're doing.

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Skill Sequence

Vicious Strikes will come Frist in the Sequence. I choosed this Sequence based on my Jungle Route. After i'm getting Unertow and Reckless Swing on level 3 and level 4, Vicious Stikes on my level 5 and Ragnarok on my level 6. After that i always keep my Undertow level 1 and keeping my Reckless Swing on priority and Vicious Strikes on second. Don't forget to get you're point in Ragnarok on Level 11 and Level 16.

Undertow it's you're and only Slow effect skill.
Vicious Strikes it's you damage output and you're life leech skill.
Reckless Swing it's you're main skill, because he unleash a massive True Damage output on the enemy champion.
Ragnarok make you imminue to any disable you can think of and also increase you're Armor Penetration.

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Summoner Spells

My primary Summoner Spell are Ghost and Smite.

Ghost Increase you're moving speed and it's a most for olaf since he's a mellee Champion.
With Ghost, you will be able to Gank fast.

Smite it's the based Summoner spell for any Jungler, since it's allow you to kill Bigger Minions Faster.

Secondary, will be Flash.

Flash will allow you to blink in teh direction of your marker on the field. It can be used for chase someone or for flee someone.

Other Summoner Spell Can be used by Olaf : Ignite and Cleanse.

Ignite can be used for finish off a low Health Point fleeing champion for get the kill and don't tower dive him.

Cleanse Can be use for cure you're self of any disable while you're Ragnarok is on cooldown.

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Jungling Route

Here the most part you guys will all read. My Jungle Route.

I start at the 2 Golems. I use Smite on my main Target and finish the second with my basic attack. On Level 2 i up Undertow.

After i go for the Wraith's. I use Undertow for initiate and kill the big one before the smallest. Remember: you can pick up you're Axe on the ground for refresh you're Undertow Cool down by 6 seconds and also try to hit as many minions as you can by each throw.

Then i go the for Wolf, i do as i did on teh Wraith's and after going for Blue. Initiate again with Undertow+ Smite and i place my self on the small minions who is the closest to the river. Why? Becasue my next Undertow will at least hit 2 targets instead of only one and if you place you Cross Mark correctly you can hit the 3 of them and picking up you're axe without moving.

After, i rush for Red doing same thing i dis on the Blue but without Smite and after i Recall, Buying (Refer to the Items Sections) and Gank if possible, if not Steal Enemy Blue if possible or return on the Golem, Wraith's, Wolf, Gank or Rush for a tower.

Once you get you're Wriggle's Lantern, go kill the Dragon. But carefull maybe warded. So ask you Bot Line to stay alerte on possible Gank on Dragon while you do it. Remember to keep you're Smite until the verry end.

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Olaf it's a good Jungler, but he's verry dependant on Teammate Crown Control Skill when he Gank. Because, he only have a slow and it's Undertow and it's a Skill Shot. So if you miss it, you probably won't get a kill.

When you Gank be sure to let you're teammate you're there and ask for a Disable(Slow, Stun, Taunt, Snare, Fear; are the most usefull for you)(if you're teammate got one) before you go in. If he don't have one, Gank it at the right time, i mean if he/they push the tower badly or if he go close to you by the bush in river.

But, again don't miss you're Unertow otherwise, getting a kill will be hard.
But remember, a Perfect Gank it's a Kill and a Good Gank it's to force them to use their escaping Summoner spell and a Fail Gank it's when you and you're teammate die.