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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagilooh

Olaf: Usefull Tank

Nagilooh Last updated on February 28, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my second guide here on Mobafire.

I recently bought ((Olaf)) and have played lots of games with him and have been succesfull.
Olaf has multiple ways to play with like jungling, dps or tank.

This guide as the titel already shows, is about making Olaf a usefull tank. Ofcourse tanks are here to take the damage. But a tank like Olaf can still do considerable damage and still tank teamfights, turrents and minions.

Apart from that he will be able to constantly slow the enemy making him a good support aswell.

so, read the complete guide plz, try it out, vote and leave comments plz. I will always react on usefull comments.

If you vote -1 please let me know why. I'm always open for new tips and tricks.

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As first my rune choice. I choose these runes for extra defence. I think all the runes speak for themselve. I only wanna add that i choose Greater Quintessence of Evasion instead off extra health like i see with allot of other tank builds. The health is ofcourse fine and all. But with this build Olaf already gets more then 5k hp. I don't think that the extra hp from runes is worth it's cost for a tank. While the extra dodge gives him much more survivability imo.

Ofcourse if you prefer extra armor or hp you can always buy the other runes. In my experience i get the best results out off this build.

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My masteries are plain simple. Lots full defence and a bit in utility. I don't mind if you would go for more attack instead off the utility. However, it's important for a tank to be as high as possible with his level. so, should you get a chance to solo lane (while somebody jungles) always take that possibility.

So in order to improve the farming i put some masteries in extra exp. and a bit off extra gold is and regen is never bad.

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So, my item build starts with Phage. This item has some nice hp, ofcourse allot when we upgrade it to Frozen Mallet. But I choose to buy it at the start so you can assist you're team right from the start with some extra slow. Some ppl laugh at me for starting with this item instead off a real tank item. Well.. they never laugh after the game;)

The second item are my boots. Mobility is important and i like this boots for it's dodge and armor. My runes have some more magic resistance, so that's why I start with extra armor. However should you go against a team with allot of AP you should buy Mercury's Treads.

The rest of the items are all with extra hp. Apart from the defence that these items bring, they also help to greatly increase Olaf damage with Vicious Strikes. The Sunfire Cape will do some nice aoe damage, and the Aegis of the Legion will provide some extra defence for you're team aswell.

I didn't bought Guardian Angel guess frankly i never die when my team knows how to play.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence if easy to understand. I start with Vicious Strikes because it gives me lifesteal wich is nice for longer teamfights. Ofcourse always skill you're ultimate since it's an awesome tankability and gives some nice extra damage aswell.

I only skill Undertow once at the beginning for it's slow. Reckless Swing has more use since it can do some nice true damage for assisting you're team. I use this ability allot with laning.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells i choose Teleport so you can quickly assist you're team or defend turrents and stuff when needed. Fortify is really a nice spell. In early game, when somebody screwed up in you're team, the enemy champions will be forced back since they can't damage the tower. In late game this spell is useless cause they can tank the turrent long enough to destroy it anyway.

So, should you think other spells are more usefull just try them. I also use Clairvoyance allot. These spells are just mend to make myself more usefull for the team.

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Game Tips

Some tips while you're playing this build.

- Always charge in first like a tank should! Make sure you team knows wich is the primary target and the secundary so the focus is right.
- When you get a chance get some extra creep kills. A bit off jungling helps you level faster and it's very easy with this build.
- In a teamfight don't focus on doing damage even while you can. Focus on slowing the main target. Don't let the squishy ones get away.
- Getting kills isn't very hard with this build. Still, work together with you're team and go for assist. Let you're team get feeded the most. It's for you're benevit aswell.

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Well, I think this will be all for now. I really hope you people will comment on my build. Give me tips and tricks or tell me if I forgot something. I will reply and read all.

Check out my other builds if you like and comment them aswell.

Hope you enjoy!