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Ezreal Build Guide by Danilkant

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danilkant

[old]Ezreal AD with guide

Danilkant Last updated on December 25, 2012
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About this builds.

Hello there. I'm an Ezreal player, with a little guide on how to play Ezreal and being good at him.

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Geting to know Ezreal.

Ezreal is a ranged champion based on his abilities as AP and auto attacks as AD. He has no CC (crowd control). However building him correctly and playing proper, like managing to line up your shots and being careful to not get ganked as he has low life can bring him to be unstoppable.

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Playing as Ezreal.

Remember this in the beginning you are going to try to get many minion kills but don't forget to keep poking at the enemy. I recommend asking to go to mid lane. On level 6 ask for gank or try to harass him until you can just ultimate him. Always keep in mind to look out for ganks. If they come to gank you don't worry just try to use your arcane shift to get away if that's not enough use flash as well. After getting Sheen you will start to do allot of damage and most likely will get fed. If not just keep following your build. As you go for Black Cleaver you auto attacks will begin becoming a devastating threat and by the time you get The Bloodthirster you will do tons of damage with both auto attacks and your abilities.

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I hear allot that people don't manage to get allot of minion kills as Ezreal. Always remember to last hit the minions as you won't out put allot. Don't worry to use your ultimate to push the lanes, as your Mystic shot will get the CD down. For example when you are playing AP Ezreal you have only Q and R = ultimate, to kill the minions. There you will HAVE to use the ultimate to kill minions from time to time other ways you will be minion under farmed. Remember this over all minion farm will give more then kills in the entire game. Specially in ranked games as you wont be able to get as many kills.

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Team play.

A team fight broke out. Don't panic start helping by using your Q then W to slow oponent attack speed and to speed up attack speed of your allies. Your trinity force will proc up from use of W and it will automaticly proc on Q. Try to stay at far range while still managing to out put damage. Kill off any run away enemy with ultimate.
Sometimes team fight break off in unwanted places such as Baron, there you will have to help team fast as some of you won't be with full health. Take a good aim trying to hit as many enemies as possible and ultimate. Now finish any low health champions the other should run, if they don't give them taste of your Mystic Shots.

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Summoner spells

Many people pick different summoner spells as they are more useful. There's not much I can say about this. Summoner spells are different for each player. I think this set up helped me the most might not for you. Ignite when some one has low health, as well it reduces healing by 50% so ignite Warwick or Fiddle and see what happens.
Double Flash is always useful as you will be almost impossible gank, and it makes you very mobile.

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Always remember you have skill shots, advantage of that is they shoot through walls but you will have to predict where the enemy goes. It's always fun to have someone who can show the territory in bushes such as Teemo wards help to. Note your team as you get level 6 that you have your ultimate, say something like "Ping the map who has low life, will try to snipe them". Might get a triple kill like me when 3 champions were recalling in same bush all low health. Remember to use Arcane shift (E) to go over walls, it has exactly the same range as Flash. But be careful when you do that with low health as it will shoot random champion/minion minion will attack you and you might die, depending on how low your health is.

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Skill/Abillity Sequence.

There are some sequence's that can help you, so you won't just spam spells randomly. I'm gona flock them down into few groups. But first lets make sure you know what letter is what spell.

Q = Mystic Shot
W = Essence Flux
E = Arcane Shift
R (ultimate) = Trueshot Barrage

Team Fight = There we will have to hit many at ones so we will need a penetrating shot such as Essence Flux, so we are going to use Q then W. Now you are thinking why Q first, it's because Trinity Force will power up W, and you will out put more damage. Then you can ultimate if you know you will hit many champions.

Duel/Lane = Now you should watch out for minions, if you are trying to harass him then I would recommend that you just try to line up your Q, when he goes below 50% of health then you can try to go for the kill. In duels just jump in with E then W then Q then Ultimate.
If there are minions = you will E to him then Q then W and ultimate after that.
If there aren't any minions = you will E to him then W then Q then ultimate after that.
Simple enough, but remember to be patient as it can bring you to better use of your ultimate.

If the fights last long remember to keep spamming Q and reverse the combo when W is ready. Like W, Q

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Advantages and disadvantages.

Skill Shots = shooting through walls.
Global ultimate = pushing waves while not there, killing run away champions, sniping.
Mobile = Arcane shift run away from ganks, blink after running enemy, ambush.
Mini Nuke = correctly played landing all the abilities will make him sort of mini nuke.
Carry = only on AD build. He will carry the game late game, unless you were feeding from early game or under minion farmed.
Very Squishy = low life. Constantly think if you will survive the encounter, keep moving around.
Skill Shots = hard time aiming, Mystic shot MUST line up for hit on champion as they will always try to hide behind minions.
CC = a stun will pretty much mean death.
Thornmail and other items = items such as Thorn mail will be a problem to deal with, just remember to shoot him with abilities instead of auto attacking.

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I know that's not quite the same build but I needed youm more there.

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Over all a great champion with high mobility. Great in team fights, able to kill run away enemies. AD will kill pretty much anything with the devastating auto attacks and abilities will kill the rest. Very squishy so watch out. Good luck and I hope this helped.