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Lee Sin Build Guide by Devilijho

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilijho

Omg Dat Lee Sin Op

Devilijho Last updated on September 6, 2011
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First guide so quit hatin

This is my first guide, evar, so I am still fiddling with it but here it is. This is the build I have formulated and it works for me so maybe it will work for others. BTW, I pretty much only do 3v3, so I don't know if it will work as well in 5v5.

Lee Sin is a great melee dps champion who's abilities work great together. He has nice ad ratios and nice cool downs. he has a skill shot, and if it lands, you can proceed to butt rape the person it landed on. He has a slow and a shield. His skills have to parts. Once the first skill is used, for a few seconds you can use the second part to that skill. For example his q, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, he shoots a ball-o-sound out from his hand (idk how don't ask questions) and if it hits it reveals the target and does damage, but that's not all. if it does land then you can hit q again (the second part to the skill) to jump to the target that your ball-o-sound hit (as long as they are in range), stunning them and doing damage. All his skills except for his ult have this two part system.

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Greater Mark of Desolation I put these in in order to have some anti-armor for early game it will let you peel through squishies even more.

5 For some early game survivability, along with 4 Greater Seal of Defense so that you can have a bit more armor later on.

Same goes with and , the 5 flats for more early game resistance and the others for a little more over time.

The is also for early game survivability (very important).

These runes are for the most part for early game, making it easier for you to get fed =] (or just do well, and you will) But late game the extra hp and resistances might just be enough to save your butt. I have slipped away with just enough hp, covered by the quints, many times. This brings me to my Items.

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Before anyone goes of on me saying "OMG UR BUILD SUCK U SHOULD UNINSTALL THE GAME U PIECE OF POO POO" Let me say, this is what works for me, this guide is probably not for everybody. let me also say that this guide is supposed to be shaped to fit what champs you are playing with and against so that it fits well, and that means you might have to buy one thing before another or swap one out but it is supposed to be flexible.

I start with Doran's Blade because it is good all around to get a good start. 100 hp very good in combination with your quints to get a nice health boost, the damage goes without explanation why it is good, and the 3% life steal can help counter those minion hits you take.

Next comes the all-important Boots of Swiftness. To me, speed is important to every champ, but for lee sin, in combination with his q and W , it makes him very deadly and very slippery. Once you get these your movement speed will be over 400, and you since you will be getting this speed fairly early you can get away in a lot of chase situations, as well as being able to chase well. You can easily swap these out for another pair if, say, the enemy team has what seems like 900 stuns and slows, you could go for for the tenacity and some mresist never hurt anybody (actually it does just the opposite)

Once I have my boots is where I usually begin to prioritize items based on the enemy team.

So next comes the frozen mallet. What can I say, this thing rocks. Once you hit someone with a melee attack it slows them by a good chunk, and to me this seems like the perfect thing for Lee Sin. First off, it is not hard to catch up to people and get a melee hit in because of your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike so once you catch up just hit em and they are all like "oh em gee I cant move very fast and lee sin is kicking me and it hurts, but I cant get away!" and they realize that it is useless to run, so they begin attacking you, but whats this? your frozen mallet has given you an additional 700 hp! Don't forget the extra 20 attack. If need be, you can just buy and go for whatever you need at that moment and finish the frozen mallet later on.

Aaaaah yes, Zeal, this thing is awesome. This comes next for a couple reasons. First - the movement speed. yes the 8% movement speed keeps you ahead of the game second - you can get your crits going, crits are a pleasant surprise and zeal gives you a nice boost to the chance of getting a crit. Last is the attack speed, it will help with farming minions stacking your frozen mallet slows better and over all more damage.

This sucker is just great for this build. It gives 80 damage, which is awesome, 25% extra critical strike chance and your crits do even more damage. how great is that? but this item is on the expensive side so you may want to juggle it around in your item order to better fit. This item will give you a sweet 37% chance to crit (with masteries and zeal).

Again you can juggle around this item to make it a better fit, but most of the time where I placed it is good. You upgrade your zeal after you have your infinity edge to complete the crit craze. It gives you an additional 20% more crit chance than zeal totaling in at 57% chance to crit!! and again it puts you ahead of the game in speed with the additional 7% more movespeed than the zeal.

A good sixth item. Like boots, this item can go in just about any build. It has everything a growing champion needs. magic resist, physical resist, hp and mana, but that's not why it fits almost anywhere. Its passive gives you another chance!!! w00t!!! So if you didn't already use it, once you are revived just pop your Ghost and get on out of there. Or it can buy you time for your team mates to get there and it makes the other team less likely to target you.


Almost every games you need to adjust the guide a little to fit the game better with items that are not part of the core but can easily become become part of it. remember these items are dependent on yours and the enemy's team.

A wonderful item that gives you a nice buff every 45 seconds that blocks an enemy ability, and gives some mresist. Good for a heavy caster team.

Yes if you are kicking tail and not dying at all this is a good item to pick up, it adds dmg and lifesteal. On top of that when you kill stuff it makes your dmg and lifesteal go up :D, but is reset if you die. It adds more survivability with the lifesteal and of course the damage is always good.

This item is super awesome if you are going against someone who wont die because they have a ton of lifesteal or krazy healz because of its active which slows down all healing by 50%. and dont forget the extra crit, that's nice too, and also it gives yourself a nice life steal.

OH EM GEE WHO FED XIN ZHAO????? No problem guys, we can get thornmail and let Xin Zhao rape himself. Yes this is an amazing piece of equipment sending 30% of the physical damage taken back to the damager. on top of that it gives 100 armor YAAAAY so if you are against a heave melee dps, or a melee dps champ (like yi) got fed and is killing you an 5 seconds, this item is a must have.

This item was suggested by Symphunny, and I would have to agree with him. You may want to buy this a little early if you are being harassed a lot in lane, so that you can regain hp from minions with its 18% lifesteal and the "nifty" ward you get to place for free is cool. Oh and don't forget the armor, damage and random 500 dmg to monsters. Good bye Tibbers :D.

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That's All folks!!!!!111!1!!1!

Yep I still have a lot too add but dang making what I already have has taken a while, so I will gradually add stuff on... Constructive criticism is appreciated.

So in conclusion: DON'T DO DRUGS