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Fiora Build Guide by TakumiX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TakumiX

Omnislash Jungle Fiora

TakumiX Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Hello Mobafire! My name is Ta***iX and I am here to show you my way of building and playing Fiora. I usually like to play as a Jungler since it gives you the most freedom around the map and pretty much gives your team an extra person that could help them out around the map. Before we continue with this guide, I do have to mention that this guide will not provide you witha 100% chance of winning every match out there but hopefully it will inform you a bit of Fiora. This is my first ever guide so please try out the build first before you vote. Here is a quick Champion Spotlight from Riot to show you a quick explanation of Fiora.

Overall Fiora is a great champion that is fairly fun to play and is easily a devastating threat if not tended to early on

If you are looking for a guide on HOW TO JUNGLE properly, please go ahead and read Who is your Jungler and what does he do? by Hahano and Jungling 202, Beyond the Basics.

Credits to jhoijhoi and Hahano for their great guides that helped me create this one.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Pretty decent jungler
+ Incredible steroid from Burst of Speed
+ Will be able to deal a lot of damage
+ Able to dominate other AD carries with Riposte
+ Becomes invulnerable for a couple of seconds
+ Has great sustain because of Duelist

- Can be easily CC'd without any real counters
- Really squishy throughout the game
- Needs to hit enemies for Burst of Speed to activate the movement speed buff
- Blade Waltz has a relatively short cast range.
- Can be susceptible to kiting.
- Doesn't have CC's of her own

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For Fiora who is an insane DPS champion, I try to maximize her damage output with a normal 21-9-0 that gives points in defence that a Jungler would get to make their jungling quicker.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Smite is a MUST HAVE summoner spell for any jungler. Sure, there are some junglers such as Warwick who doesn't need a Smite. However, being sustained in the jungle is the only thing you must keep aware of. You have to think about how long it takes you to clear a jungle and also if you want to counter-jungle or is getting counter-jungled. Smite lessens these problems for you and so you most certainly should get it when you jungle.

TIP: You should always try to last hit with Smite since you'll never know if someone is about to just steal away your Blue buff or Red buff

Flash is a great spell in mostly any situation. It act as either a gap closer or an escape mechanism. Fiora has a pretty damn hard time trying to run away from opponents without any reliable escape tool. So use this to do some great escapes over walls or if you want to initiate/finish a gank.

Ghost is a fairly reliable spell since, unlike flash, it can never fail. It could be a reasonable replacement for flash since you move a lot faster and you can also easily catch up to slow enemies. However, I would still take Flash for the instant escape tool and gap closer.

Cleanse Fiora can easily be CC'd to death without being able to move a single inch because of her squishiness. However, cleanse can solve this problem. It can instantly removes any debuffs and reduces the duration of any incoming disables by 65% after. You should better take this if your team is relying on you for damage since you will be focused a lot.

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In this guide I will explain to you what Fiora's skills are, what they can be used for and why I chose this skill sequence.

This is Fiora's passive. It heals Fiora by a certain amount over a period of time after performing a basic attack. Remember though, this is not an instant heal, it is regeneration. Therefore do not expect to instantly get the healing amount after a basic attack. Every attack resets the passive and attacking an enemy Champion will stack the healing done by 4. This passive is what makes Fiora a viable jungler and makes her fairly sustained through the game.

Fiora's first skill is a gap closer to ANY enemy. It can be casted twice, once for the first cast and twice for a couple of seconds after the first Lunge. I usually use Lunge as a gap closer and an utility escape. Therefore, I would take Lunge at level 3 or 4 depending on your ability to gank at that time. If you dont the oppourtunity to gank, then take this skill at level 4 and then max it last since the dash is the only thing you're looking for early on.
TIP: Just like in the Champion Spotlight, you can use the first Lunge on a minion and the second on to the enemy champion if you want a bigger gap closed. You can also use Lunge as an escape tool to an enemy minion. With that, you need to learn to utilise Lunge at its best to really own with Fiora.

Fiora's second skill is her "dueling" skill. It passively increases her attack damage and if activated, will PARRY an opponent's next basic attack and damage the opponent by a certain amount. It will NOT reflect the damage applied the basic attack itself. Try to time it before a basic attack from a champion. Properly timing this skill could seriously mess some champions up like Nasus's Siphoning Strike or Blitzcrank's Power Fist combo. Because this skill basically blocks an attack from a large minion such as the Blue Golem and the Red Lizard, it would be crazy not to take this first for jungling. Also, you cannot PARRY any small minions so they wont activate your block which you'd need for the bigger minions instead. And that is just fantastic =) I max this out second because of its damage increase which is mostly useful early-mid game.

Fiora's energy steroid which makes just an absolute beast. Because of this skill, my build focuses on getting more damage orientated items than attack speed. After attacking an opponent when Burst of Speed is activated, Fiora gets a movement speed boost for a couple of seconds until the buff wears off. Lunge also activates this movement speed boost so try to use the skills in sync. Since this is Fiora's most useful skill in terms of attacking, I max it out first. I try to make sure I get close or can get close to the opponent before I activate Burst of Speed since the movement speed buff wont come if you don't land an attack first. More about how to fully use her skills effectively later.

Fiora's ultimate is called Blade Waltz. I like to call it Omnislash or MEGA Alpha Strike. I will ONLY hit champions which makes this skill soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than Master Yi's Alpha Strike or Juggernaut's Omnislash (from DotA). YES, I used to play DotA. Anyway, Blade Waltz hits random enemy champions by a certain amount. It can hit the same enemy champion more than once as well but the damage from successive attacks will only deal 25%. However, if there is only one target champion, this skill could deal up to 200% of the damage that was meant to be. So basically a level 3 Blade Waltz could do a base damage of 1000 (that is without the added AD bonus) to a single lonely opponent. Your ultimate could also potentially save your *** if you used it right. A great example is in the Champion Spotlight where Phreak uses Blade Waltz to be basically invulnerable for a couple of seconds while attacking every hero in sight. In that scenario, Phreak also used it to heal up using lifesteal and Duelist which gave him a better chance of survival during that encounter and even the kill. Just like Master Yi's Alpha Strike, Fiora returns to the enemy she clicked on. So be careful because sometimes that might lead you into bad places...where you DIE.

Ganking and Fighting

When ganking as Fiora, I would usually lead with Lunge then activate Burst of Speed. If I know my opponent would attack me with a basic attack, I would activate Riposte for the parry and the extra damage dealt to them.

I would continue using basic attacks to wear them down while using the second Lunge to keep up with them if I need to. If you haven't killed them yet, you can always use Blade Waltz to finish them off.

When in a team fight, I would suggest waiting until someone else initiates. DO NOT go and attack the enemy carry straight away if no one from both teams has initiated. Fighting with Fiora is like fighting as Master Yi or Xin Zhao, you have to focus on the squishes before taking out that Alistar with Unbreakable Will activated. Fiora herself is a very squishy character so you'll have to be careful when coming up to range against AP carries or ranged AD carries. Don't use Blade Waltz until you've taken up some damage. Because the heal from Duelist or your lifesteal will be useless if you use it with full health. Make sure your team knows who to focus during team fights or you will basically lose.

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Main Items

Standard AD carry boots, the extra attack speed really helps early game but they do fall off late game because of the attack speed from Burst of Speed and Phantom Dancer. I would suggest getting mercury treads later on.

IMO, all AD junglers should get this item. madrad's bloodrazor alone can help you quickly clear your jungle. The armour, damage and lifesteal bonuses can really help Fiora out early game. No one realises this but Wriggle's Lantern is a great sustain for any AD champion and is especially good for a champion that needs to get in melee range. However, you can sell this item later because it will fade off late game.

Armour Reduction(AR) is always a great wonder to any AD carry. With the The Black Cleaver, Fiora has the potential to have 70 AR because of your runes. That is CRAZY early game. Plus the added damage and the attack speed bonus are both healthy investments. Blade Waltz also proc's The Black Cleaver's AR stacking so not getting this item is just a waste.

Fiora is a very squishy champion. She can be CC'd to death as easy as any a Master Yi. However, if a Fiora has great sustain from The Bloodthirster and she has Blade Waltz up, that's a whole different story. Imagine Master Yi's Alpha Strike except with high spell vamp. Blade Waltz combined with The Bloodthirster lets Fiora lifesteal like crazy while being invulnerable and deals tons of damage. Even while fighting 1v1 against an enemy champion, Burst of Speed will help you sustain like crazy. I once was fighting a fed Riven, a Talon, a Nidalee and a Gragas and was focused like hell. I managed to survive and get a triple kill due to the insane steroid Burst of Speed and the crazy sustain from The Bloodthirster, Wriggle's Lantern and Duelist. However, I finally fell to the Nidalee but if my ultimate was up, things would have been different. Anyway the point I'm making is: GET THIS ITEM :)

DAT DAMAGE :O Okay, this is more of a luxury item more than anything but seriously, what kind of AD carry would look over this baby? Infinity Edge provides massive damage and best of all 250% CRITICAL DAMAGE. Who doesn't love to lifesteal from a 900 critical damage? Not Fiora definitely. Although if you feel like you already have enough damage but need to move faster/attack faster, you can always get a Zeal before this item. However, I would suggest getting an Infinity Edge before you upgrade to Phantom Dancer since Burst of Speed gives you heaps of attack speed and movement speed anyway.

If you are playing an AD carry, you cannot forget about this item. This item will make any AD carry a beast. However, I must strongly suggest that you do not get this before any damage items. Because attack speed is nothing without damage. IMO hitting like a truck is the way to go in any situation when it comes to an AD carry. I've seen people buy this item early on but without any damage items to supplement them. In the end, they were useless. So don't get Phantom Dancers until you get damage items!

Situational Items

Not really necessary unless the enemy team is building armour to counter you. A Malphite or a Rammus will definitely build tons of armour but I would still classify this as a situational item. However, a good team would always try to counter the other team's carries (namely you). Therefore, I would recommend this item in case you are playing AGAINST a good team.

The only other boots that I would recommend for Fiora. In late game, you really wouldn't worry about attack speed since your The Black Cleaver and Phantom Dancer with your energy steroid Burst of Speed can easily get your Attack Speed to 2.5. I know right? OMFG So investing on a mercury treads is a very smart choice since the whole enemy team will be focusing you and you need that 35% disable duration reduction bad if you don't want to be feared by a full 3 seconds.

If you are worried about enemy disables and their AP carry, you should get this item. Quicksilver Sash could help you out better in terms of getting CC'd. However, I like Banshee's Veil a lot more because you don't have to click on it to activate anything. Also the magic resist, health and mana are bonuses you can't really refuse if you are as squishy as Fiora.

If you are having trouble about...well dying. Guardian Angel is always a good cherry on top of a cake. Especially if that cake got focused like hell by 5 enemy champions.

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That is it for now. Thank you for reading my guide to this wonder new addition to League of Legends. I will add up an Early Game/Mid Game/Late game section later on as well as a jungle route and some statistics and videos about some Fiora gameplay.

PLEASE TRY THE BUILD BEFORE YOU DOWNVOTE. It will be much appreciated. Also if you liked the guide, PLEASE UPVOTE. That would be much appreciated as well.

Much credit to jhoijhoi for his AMAZING guide.


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Change Log

3/3/2012 - Created Guide