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Fizz Build Guide by xmotoby

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xmotoby

On-Hit Bruiser Fizz Jungle Build OUTDATED

xmotoby Last updated on December 17, 2015
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Hello, my summoner name is xmotoby. This is the build I have had the most success with as Fizz. I feel as if he is strongest in the jungle, because of his passive and his gap closers as well as his damage. With a bruiser build, he is nearly impossible to kill and can still dish out plenty of damage. On-hit AP works better for me than AD now after the nerfs to his W, and also, the AP makes his spells hit a little harder.

Short version:
Riot tried to nerf W based Fizz, still OP.

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I take 9 armor marks because it helps early with taking less damage overall, because early game, mages' spells don't hurt that much yet.

I take 9 scaling magic resist in hopes that I won't be insta-killed by late game mages.

I take 9 hybrid penetration marks because they pack a lot of stats into one rune.

I take 3 AP quints for overall damage.

I do not take AS runes because with my build, there is already plenty of attack speed to do damage with.

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Not much for me to say, they look good to me...

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Skirmisher's sabre
The on-hit damage+attack speed is great for fizz. I take skirmisher's because the damage amplification is much better than the movespeed steal from stalker's because fizz has no problem catching up to his target.
UPDATEThe new Sated Devour just makes this on-hit Fizz build that much stronger, because it procs W's and Wit's End's on-hit damage twice every other AA.

I take ninja tabis for an overall more balanced build than mercuries, but both are good depending on the situation. Berzerker's are overkill

Wit's End
The magic resist steal is great, as well as the attack speed and on-hit AP.

Hp is the one counter to everything, and since fizz doesn't build much AD, lifesteal isn't very viable on this build. Hp regen, on the other hand, is.

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Skill Sequence

Level R whenever possible, because of the damage amplification. Next, level W because it is your main damage output spell. Then E for the mobility, and finally Q just to gap close/escape.

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I take ignite over flash, teleport, and ghost. Flash really isn't necessary on Fizz because of his already insane mobility. Fizz can't splitpush that well, but tp might be viable to teleport into teamfights. As I said before, fizz has insane gapclosers and invulnerability, so ghost isn't really necessary.

I personally haven't played with exhaust on Fizz much, but I think that exhaust is viable and helps Fizz because he does not naturally have much cc.

You're in the jungle. Take smite. Duh...:P

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Pros / Cons

-High mobility
-Nearly unkillable
-Relatively high damage output
-Most people don't know how to play against a jg Fizz
-Ganks nearly always cause a flash
-Allows an AD midlaner while still having some AP on the team

-Not the tankiest
-Not the highest damage
-Not much CC
-Not very useful if behind

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Farming Jungle

Get a leash from botlane on closest camp, smite it immediately. Then take closest buff. Go to the other buff and smite it. If mid or top enemy is low, gank; if not, recall and continue farming. NOTE: Fizz cannot take drag early, so just keep it warded for a while.

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Thanks for reading my simple guide. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please upvote. If there's something you don't like, just leave a comment and I'll take it into account. Thanks!