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Vayne Build Guide by xmotoby

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xmotoby

Burst Vayne Build S7

xmotoby Last updated on July 20, 2017
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Sustained Dmg (just for fun)

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Hello and welcome to my Vayne guide! I am xmotoby, a Gold player who can't main any champ for too long. However, I'd consider myself an above-average Vayne player, so decided to create a guide on how I play Vayne!

Here are some of my games as Vayne with this build:

And some with the Duskblade of Draktharr rush:

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Champion Info

Vayne is THE definition of a late-game hypercarry. She has a fairly weak early game, but if she manages to survive to the mid-late game, she will outdamage nearly every other ADC in the game. She is NOT easy to play; she is probably the second most mechanically intense ADC (after Draven), but when used correctly, can outplay whole teams.

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Pros / Cons


+ Insanse damage late game
+ High outplay potential
+ Has self-peel
+ Has true damage
+ Rarely banned
Vayne is one of my favorite champions because she outputs incredible damage once she finishes about 3 full items. She can 1v1 almost anyone if played correctly. Also, she can disengage and interrupt enemy abilities with Condemn. In addition, her true damage on Silver Bolts means that killing tanks is a breeze. Lastly, she is rarely banned and not played all that often (since many other adcs are much more popular ATM), so most of the time you can pick Vayne.


- No inbuilt waveclear
- Tends to get focused
- Weak laning phase
- Useless if behind
As with all champion, Vayne is not perfect. She has no waveclear in her kit (until she gets Statikk Shiv) meaning fast pushers like Miss Fortune and Lucian can force Vayne to farm under tower. As an extremely squishy champion, Vayne is often focused in teamfights. Her weak laning phase means that she will rarely go into the teamfight stage ahead of the other ADC in levels/gold if the skill is equal for both. Lastly, if she is behind, she offers almost no utility to make up for her lack of damage.

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I go 12/18/0 hitting Thunderlord's Decree . "Why not Warlord's Bloodlust or Fervor of Battle ?" you may ask. I find the reworked Warlord's Bloodlust nearly useless for most of the game since I don't build lifesteal until near the end. The damage from Fervor of Battle takes a while to stack, while Thunderlord's Decree 's damage comes a lot faster. Vayne doesn't have trouble with long fights ( Silver Bolts), but her burst is somewhat lacking. Thunderlord's Decree makes up for that.

Fury gives 4% attack speed, which is nearly a full quintessence. It's more useful than Sorcery because our only damaging ability is Condemn, which is more utility than damage focused.

Feast gives Vayne some sustain in lane, which is needed to live long enough to farm.

Vampirism helps keep us at a higher hp while farming and helps us regain health on minions since I don't normally build lifesteal until the end.

Bounty Hunter gives Vayne a good flat amount of damage because Vayne is a "carry" type champion, she will probably kill at least 3-4 of the enemy champions in a game. After killing 2 or 3 different champions, Bounty Hunter far outclasses Oppressor .

Savagery makes last hitting easier. We won't be roaming much so Wanderer isn't very useful.

Secret Stash makes our health potions more potent. Assassin is also good for solo laning or if you have a roaming support like Bard.

Merciless boosts damage to low health targets.

Dangerous Game is one of my favorite masteries. It often keeps you alive after killing someone instead of dying to Ignite or some other DOT spell.

Precision gives penetration. It's more useful than the CDR from Intelligence because Vayne doesn't really need CDR that much.

Thunderlord's Decree has great synergy with Silver Bolts. An AA- Tumble-AA trade will do a stupid amount of damage without taking much time or mana.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed helps boost early game DPS a little. They also help with procing Silver Bolts faster in which is always good.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage boost early game damage a lot, and help with last hitting minions.

Greater Seal of Armor helps you take less damage from AAs and towers.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist I take instead of scaling magic resist because often you will be against an AP support, who will do about as much damage as their ADC for a while.

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Flash is the best spell in the game. Use it to finish off escaping enemies, escape over walls dodge skillshots like Dark Binding.

Heal is totally necessary. While it is countered by Ignite and does not block as much damage as Barrier, it gives a speed boost and has an AOE effect, making it more useful overall.

I wouldn't take any other spells.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Night Hunter is Vayne's passive. It basically makes you run faster toward enemy champions. It's not great by any means, but it helps catch up to enemies once in a while.

Tumble is what makes Vayne Vayne. It makes her dash a short distance toward the cursor (but not over terrain). It makes her next AA do bonus damage. It resets the AA timer. Use it to juke skillshots and reposition. If you tumble against a wall, it resets faster, which is good for taking down towers, Baron or Drag (since you can put yourself fight up against the outside of the wall of the pit. Don't spam it just because it looks cool; save it to dodge or do damage. Max first.

Silver Bolts is Vayne's main source of DPS. Every third AA or Condemn does bonus true damage to a target. You can't have stacks on more than one enemy at a time, so try to get 3 stacks on someone before switching to maximize your damage UNLESS A BETTER TARGET SHOWS UP e.g. you have 2 stacks on the support Alistar and the enemy Lucian decides to stupidly dash into your team, you should swap over to take the high-priorty targets out first. But in general, proc your Silver Bolts as much as possible. Max second because the %hp true damage isn't as good as Tumble until the enemies have more health (late game).

Condemn is a decent ability. It knocks back an enemy in a straight line from where it leaves Vayne and applies one stack of Silver Bolts, doing a little bit of damage. If the enemy hits a wall, it does more damage and stuns them. Therefore, always pin an enemy against a wall if possible (use Tumble to reposition). If you can't get them against a wall, Condemn also works to just simply create distance between you and an enemy. You can stop dashes and channels with it, but because of its high cooldown and low damage, max this third. You can hit E and then Flash while it is winding up to pin someone against a wall or push them into tower.

Final Hour is Vayne's ultimate ability. It gives her more AD and increases Night Hunter's movement speed toward enemies. In addition, it makes Vayne go invisible for a short amount of time after using Tumble. Use the invisibility to outplay and create distance between you and melee champs. Try to move in an unpredictable way while invisible; it often confuses enemies. Activate Final Hour whenever you think you can get a kill, need the stealth or want to take an objective faster (bonus AD works wonders) since the cooldown isn't very long. Max whenever possible.


While laning:

AA -> Tumble (AA) -> AA/ Condemn

Maximum damage:

Final Hour -> AA -> Condemn -> AA -> Tumble (AA) -> AA

Vayne doesn't really have many set combos; you just have to adapt to the situation.

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Berserker's Greaves are some of the most gold-efficient attack speed items in the game. I generally get these after B. F. Sword and Zeal.

Statikk Shiv gives attack speed, crit chance and a great waveclear/burst passive. If you need more dueling power (and have enough waveclear), build Phantom Dancer instead.

Infinity Edge is the largest damage spike item for any ADC. It's great with any Zeal item. Don't rush IE because your crit chance and attack speed will be too low.

Trinity Force is one of the best items for Vayne. With the Sheen, your Tumbles will do incredible damage. Phage helps with chasing/kiting while Stinger gives great attack speed.

Vampiric Scepter gives sustain, but it is only worth the gold once you have some damage. Build into any lifesteal item depending on what you need.

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Early game, basically just farm and don't die. Trade proccing Thunderlord's Decree if you can. If you end laning phase 0/0/0 with the same cs as the other ADC, you're doing well. Vayne has big powerspikes at lvl 3, 6, and at 3 finished items. Around mid game in teamfights, hit whoever you can, peeling off assassins or tanks with Condemn. Kite backwards and stay out of danger. Play selfishly; keep yourself alive but don't avoid fighting at all to stay alive. Only do damage when you know you will take less in return. Pay attention to important spells and abilities being used in a fight so you know where your windows of opportunity are. Late game, you can probably 1v1 in the game if you stun them with Condemn with the exceptions of assassins with huge burst (like Rengar and Talon). But remember that getting objectives is more important than kills, unless you need someone dead to take an objective. For example, use your ult to kill the enemy Lee Sin so that your team can take baron safely.

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Thanks for reading my Vayne guide! Please upvote if you liked it and comment if you have constructive criticism to give. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks to jhoijhoi for instructions on how to bb-code and thanks to everyone who has had feedback so far!

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