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Sejuani Build Guide by Sanmaya

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sanmaya

One pig to rule them all! The AP Offtank / Fulltank Sejuani

Sanmaya Last updated on November 16, 2012
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AP Offtank build


damage /aegis cdr /cdr Tank

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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A Few Notes first

Hi all,

This guide is meant to help you play Sejuani in the different ways she can be played: the normal Jungle Tank style, or the unusual AP Offtank style. Both styles can be really awesome, when picked the right moment.

What this guide adds and what other Sejuani guide lack, is the possibility of playing her AP offtank. Playing her AP offtank can be good and necessary under certain circumstances. The AP offtank build has what normal fulltank builds lack: more damage. The lack of damage can cause the tank to be ignored by the enemy. In this AP build you will not be ignored.

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But let me introduce myself first:

I am Sanmaya, i play Sejuani since she came out as my main champion. I really love this champion because of her awesome CC, her tankyness and because Sejuani is a real teamplayer.
Sejuani is unfortunally one of the worst champions in 1 vs 1 fights, but one of the best to have around in teamfights. I myself am a real teamplayer (never ks anyone or bm anyone, always willing to buy some wards when needed or to go support if needed) and that's why i like Sejuani the most.

I always use this build when i play with friends, with great succes. They always ask me to go Sejuani because it improves our team chances of winning greatly. Sejuani has great CC and the capability to do major damage to groups of enemy's, with this build her strengths are utilized and she will play a major role in the team's succes.

About the items and summoners spells you see above, please read the guide before using them. They are off course situational and not the only and always the best option. Read my guide for more info on them.

About the builds, i made 3 builds because of the different situations you'll be in as Sejuani. Many times you have to adapt to circumstances wich aren't ideal for Sejuani.
The fulltank build is my main build, but under certain circumstances the other builds might be more viable. Read the guide to know when to use wich build.

About Sejuani, Sejuani has probably the best CC in the game, but she tends to lack damage against single targets. This makes her real hard to play and more depending on good teamplay. A good support, for example, is real important to avoid counterjungling thru good mapvision. In a good team she's awesome because of her great damage output vs groups and her cc. Winning a teamfight with Sejuani in your team will probably result in more kills then with an other champ. When losing a teamfight, Sejuani can keep the losses low.

Furthermore, building her tanky won't hurt her damage output as much as other tanks because of Northern Winds giving 2% health bonusdamage (3% if frosted). So building health on her is just really nice for the damage output. I prefer more health above more armor/mr after 200/150 armor/mr.

And last but not least, she is a great ganker and a good slower wich means more kills for the entire team when ganking.

Final: This guide is written to be usefull for everyone who wants to play Sejuani or try another Sejuani build. Because of that i try to avoid game language.

Well that's all for now, have fun reading the guide and playing Sejuani!
Please comment below after you read it.


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Pros / Cons of playing Sejuani AP offtank / Fulltank

PROS AP offtank
    - Great Ganker!
    - Good mid/late game farming
    - Ever seen your enemy in slowmotion?
    - Good damage output against groups of enemy's
    - Awesome steed with a cute lady on it! Don't you wanna be her knight in shiny armor?

PROS Fulltank
    - Great Ganker!
    - Good mid/late game farming
    - Have you even seen your enemy in slowmotion?
    - Decent damage output against groups of enemy's
    - Quite tanky
    - Awesome steed, with a cute lady on it! Don't you wanna be her knight in shiny armor?



CONS AP Offtank
    - Very weak vs counterjungling
    - Her AP doesn't scale that well. It's % are really low. (40% AP on Artic Assault, with 11-19 sec cooldown, come on...)
    - She has to get close to do damage, she's no Veigar who can hold his distance, so she's easily focused.
    - Less tanky then Full Tank Sejuani build

CONS Fulltank
    - Very weak vs counterjungling
    - Hard to win a 1 vs 1 fight, because she does little damage vs single target
    - Lacks damage, tends to be ignored in teamfights

Guide Top

When to play Sejuani AP

You can play Sejuani in a full tank build (see my tankbuild) or in an AP build. This AP build wouldn't be my first choice in most cases, but it's a possible, viable and sometimes necesarry way of playing Sejuani. We will look a bit closer on the matter:

Why should you play Sejuani AP??

    - Sometimes your mates screw up. Your AP carry disconnects or no-one takes an AP carry when choosing champion. Sometimes things just happen and you are in sudden need of an AP carry.
    - You carry the game, you are 5/0 in kills, and you ap carry fails.
    - Your team has to much tanks and to little damage dealers
    - All Sejuani ability's do damage to multiple targets. Mayby her damage output isn't the highest against 1 target, but her damage output can be very high in total!
    - She is still hard to kill for a carry
    - Ganks will result in more kills then with Sejuani tankbuild

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How to play Sejuani


Jungling is not a must, but i would recommend it with Sejuani. It suits her. Understand me well, she is a fine jungler but not the best. And with not the best i mean, not the fastest minion killer (especially red is hard to kill), no uber lifesteal and weak vs counterjungling. But 1 thing makes her one of the best junglers: her ganking!
Her ganking is more then just great, it's awesome!

How use it?

This is a jungler's build. So you start jungling, with getting the wolves (let your mates help!) and then blue. Then get wraits do you first gank mid or bot. After that you smite is on again and you can do golems. Recall and get a Philosopher's Stone. Then you go jungling again. You can gank a lot with her. If you see a lane in need or an enemy on low hp, go and gank as soon as you are close.
After laning fase you can help your team greatly in teamfigths with your CC: stun and slows. When a teamfigths occur, wait till your main tank initiates (if you play AP offtank, otherwise you are the main tank). Use your ulti on their carry's (try to hit both their ad and ap carry, good position is here important). Then go in with your Northern Winds and take out their carry. Leave permafrost for once they are running or you must go running. With frosting and slowing the enemy you should be able to avoid their melee high dps guys, and take out their carry or at least stun and slow them enough so your other carry's can take them out. After that, make an escape if necesarry (with them slowed and you using your q or flash or ghost you should be able to get away) or make sure no-one of them escapes by using your frost, permafrost and flash/ghost. This migth get your team to maximum number of kills in a teamfight.

You won't kill the most in a teamfight but you'll probably have most assists, and that counts to. Your teammates will love you for it!

Guide Top

- Runes


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Percent Health
Why these runes?

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will get you the magic resist you need or if you want more CDR Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Greater Seal of Armor will get you the armor you need early on in the jungle
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for that little bit of Magic Penetration you really want. Also the alternatives you can take with marks, i just don't like. It's just a choice of the best of the worse.
Greater Quintessence of Endurance is the best HP item. HP is good for defense AND damage because of your W. It's way better then Quintessence of Vitality, especially later on. Don't forget this build had a lot of HP bonuses, so % HP bonus is better then flat HP.

Alternative would be Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed You already slow much, but a little speedboost can help you out a lot to, to catch fleeing enemy with your frost.

If you are having jungling issues early on, then i could advise also Greater Quintessence of Armor

Guide Top

- Mastery's

when going fulltank


when going AP offtank


Why these Mastery's?

Offense mastery's Take offense mastery's only when you think the chance is big that you go AP offtank Sejuani, you need that extra magic pen.
Defense mastery's are viable for both builds, because you are a tank or have to get close to do damage when playing Sejuani AP.
Utility mastery's will help you jungle. You need the longer time on blue buff, and a bit more mana for both builds

If you think that you don't need that much mana, go 9/21/0. Just remember to keep enough mana, you never want to miss that permafrost in a fight. When going for 9/21/0 an early Glacial Shroud might be more handy then an Sunfire Cape.

Guide Top

- Skills

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I like to level up Northern Winds at level 1 because you'll be mostly jungling till level 4/5, and Northern Winds is your best farming tool. To have succesfull ganks you need 1 level of Arctic Assault and as much levels in Permafrost as possible. Of course most succesfull ganks will start at level 6 with Sejuani, because of your stunning ult. Max after level 3 Permafrost for two reasons:
1. It's slows the enemy tremendously
2. When playing Sejuani AP offtank, it can do almost the same amount of damage as Northern Winds once you got a little AP, but way quicker.

But sometimes it migth be better to take a few extra levels in Northern Windsbefore maxing Permafrost if your ganking is failing. So take like 2 or 3 levels in Northern Winds before maxing Permafrost. Max Northern Winds as second skill, it's good because of the great damage output to groups (see it as a giant sunfire cape). It does more damage then Arctic Assault AND it's cooldown is way less so you can use it more often.

Take 1 skill in Arctic Assault at level 2 and max it last. It's a great escape because you can jump true walls, and in combo with flash it can snatch you some easy kills. It also applies frost. But for all these 3 things you only need 1 level of Arctic Assault. So take 1 level fast, and then go for the other skills.

Of course take at level 6, 11 and 16 Glacial Prison It's a very good ultimate, especially because it can hit more then 1 target. Use it to gank or to take out an carry in a teamfight. Because it applies frost you don't need to use Arctic Assault to frost the enemy. So if possible hold on to Artic Assault and use Northern Winds and permafrost first on the stunned targets. Use Artic Assault then to get fleeing enemy's or to escape yourself.

Guide Top

- Items

Wich items are recommened with this build?

Your core build, these items are must for any tankbuild!:

Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone will give you the mana/health regen you need
Mercury's Treads i would prefer as boots because of your tank role.
Frozen Heart is just to good to ignore. Very big armor, lower cooldown, the mana you need and 20% less attack speed for enemy ad carry. Awesome for an ability heavy tank.
Warmog's will not only make you more tanky BUT health also increases damage on Northern Winds. So, more health=more damage. Buy him early if you do well, because it takes time before it maxes out.

Decide once you have build your Glacial Shroud or Sunfire Cap and Mercury's Treads, wich build to go further: AP Offtank or Fulltank

your final build:

For the rest of the build, you must ask yourself the following::
- 1. Are you carrying the team?
- 2. Are you the main tank?
- 3. Does your support build an aegis?

If you are carrying the game, and you team needs more AP damage:

If you are the main tank and your support has no Aegis:

If you are the main tank, and your support builds an aegis:

Note 2: For more info on these builds, check the buildingspage at the top of this build

Guide Top

- Summoners Spells


    - Flash
    - Ghost (if you don't take flash)
    - Smite (unless you don't jungle)

(If you aren't jungling consider this)
    - Cleanse (could rescue you, but i never take it)
    - Exhaust (only if you play sejuani botlane)
    - Heal (only if you play sejuani botlane

Do not take:
    - Teleport
    - ignite
    - Surge
    - Promote
    - Rally
    - Revive
    - Clairvoyance
    - Clarity

Guide Top

Your role as Sejuani in the Team

What is your job as Sejuani?

At Early game:
to jungle and gank a lot

At Mid game:
Help pushing minions waves to turret after succesfull gank, and finish of turret
Tanking in teamfigths and stunning/slowing enemy carry's.
Saving team if fight turns out bad / making sure team is getting maximum kills when winning teamfight.

At Late game:
CC their carry's and taking them out. Dealing big damage to enemy team while still being tanky. Tanking turrets if necesarry.

Guide Top

A note on Blue Golem, Red lizard and Gold Items

Blue Golem
Blue is great on Sejuani, escpecially at start because you don't have any big mana engine at start. Don't be shy and claim the first two blue for Sejuani. After the first two blue, only claim it if your mid doesn't need it to much (for example, a mid katarina doesn't need it at all)

Red Lizard
Red is not the best buff on Sejuani. She loses more life with getting red, then red is paying off. Only take red if your ad carry don't need it yet. (I mostly take the first red, and give the other red buffs to my ad carry bot or to the solo top, depending on wich side of the map we are playing)

Gold Items
Gold items, we love them, who doesn't. But building gold items only because they are gold items is just plain stupid. A support has need for gold items, because it has no other big income. And if you got an gold item you can actually use, then it's great! But don't just build it because it's a gold item. A philosopher stone fits perfectly in my build, so i build it. The gold is a real nice bonus to.
A Heart of Gold fits less in some of my build, so i only build it when everything goes well or if i plan to build an randuins later. Building a heart of gold means building my other items later, so i only build it if i wanna gank often and will sit in the bush much or if i can affort it early on.

In some Sejuani builds i see Randuins Omen as a core item because they wanna build a heart of gold at start. In my builds i don't use randuins as basic item, but i have enough farming to keep my gold high enough. Randuins is good, also on Sejuani but in my main tankbuild i rather have more armor then health (because of warmogs i got health enough) and more cooldown (because i got no shureleya's). Because of this Frozen Armor is the item for me.

Guide Top

Guide Updates

- Guide created.

08-02-2012 update
- Added some situational items, under Items in the GankTank build.
- Fixed some minor errors
- Changed steps at the GankTank build

09-02-2012 update
- Fixed some lay out stuff
- Replaced regrowth pendant with rejunvenation bead and some more health potions as first items

29-06-2012 update
- Splited old guide in an new AP guide, and an Tank guide
- Replaced Regrowth pendant in one junglerguide with armor and healthpots.

02-07-2012 update
- Minor adjustments to pro and con
- Replaced sorcerer's boots in the second build with mercury's treads, added Ninja's tabi in third build

04-07-2012 update
- Minor adjustments in Mastery tree. Moved points in Armor to points in Durability
- Made the different builds more clear

- Adjusted build. Removed rod as a core item. Added frozen armor as core item.
- Added a fulltank build

- Added comment on Blue Golem and Gold items
- Minor adjustements to the rune page

- Added the 9/21/0 variant to mastery's

- replaced mr with armor mastery's to help the jungle early on

- radical change to item page
- looking to update my AP build

- Published my revised AP build.

Every comment is welcome!
If you downvote, please tell me why so i can improve.
Thanks for all the upvotes, please tell me what you liked!
If possible, send me your game stats of your first games played with this guide!

Thanx for using this guide, i love you all!