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Draven Build Guide by PexVex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PexVex

One shotting 101

PexVex Last updated on May 15, 2015
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Hello people! First of all I think you should know something about the man behind the build. I have been playing League since it came out of beta. I am a Diamond league player. According to I was the 27th Draven in the whole world. I am also streaming from time to time and I usually play Draven, so if you want to see how to play Draven and learn from somebody you are always welcomed on my stream:

Now, about Draven.

Welcome to the League of damage! Draven has never been extremely popular in the bottom lane, always falling into the category of niche picks with champions like Ashe or MarksGnar. Draven's got damage, kill potential, more damage, and not much else. His movement speed buff is almost negligible, only being all that useful when he's chasing for a kill. He's one of the most aggressive, hard snowballing marksmen around because of his passive. Farm for 15 minutes or so to build up a ton of stacks, then score a quick kill and watch the gold flow in. Once Draven picks up a kill, it's hard to stop him from getting more.

And therein lies the problem. It may be hard to stop him from getting kills after the first, but that first is the hard part. Draven is completely reliant on auto attacks for his damage, so bursting a champion down without a completed damage item is very difficult. Because he's so immobile, it's hard to follow up on friendly ganks or escape enemy ones. If the enemy jungler has half a brain, they'll know this, and they'll sit on your lane for 20 minutes or so. By that time, the enemy marksman has 3 or so kills, you have no stacks, and Draven is basically useless from then on. He is a VERY dangerous pick, but if he can get going, he's hard to stop. After all, this IS the League of Draven.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
+ HUGE damage.
+ Very easy to farm with.
+ Can solo carry.
+ He is pretty much unbeatable on bot lane early game, few champs can actually kill him 1 on 1 early on.

Cons :
- Almost no escape.
- Really squishy.
- Can be killed easily if CC locked.
- Hard to master. ( And I don't mean catching axes and all, no, Draven depends a LOT on positioning.)
- Depending on the enemy team, you might need some help from your allies, so he is not always capable of solo carrying.

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Okay, so, if you are winning your lane, and you can position yourself, I hardly recommend the build with no boots and no defense items.

If you are losing the lane, you can always go back and buy Avarice and then continue with the build itself, because that will help you out with gold per creep.

If you lost your lane and your team is losing, I suggest you just stay on your lane, farm as much as you can, get the 1st two items, and those are Infinty Elade and Statik Shiv, after you get these two items you can join your team in teamfights and you will start getting some kills. So basically, all you need to help your team is IE and Statik.

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During the lanning phase you got 2 play styles you can use:
- 1st is playing really agressive, and that means that you should focus on harrasing your opponent as much as you can and maybe do some risky plays just to get the kill, BUT for those risky plays i'm talking about, you have to know exactly how much damage you do at that certain point in the game, and you should also know if the enemy can kill you or CC you under the tower, for example.
- 2nd play style is to play passive, this means that you have to focus a lot on farming, a little bit on harassing, and every time your opponent makes a mistake you should imediatly punish him with an E and a couple of auto attacks.

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If the enemy ADC misses an ability on you, for example Lucian's Q or Kalista's Q, you can throw an E and some auto attacks and you will make him/ her rethink everytime they aproach you.
You can also throw some Axes everytime you have the chance, and that's pretty much what you have got to do, everytime they get in range for an auto, just aa them.
Also, if the enemy have a Leona or Braum for example, if they miss their skill shot (Leona's E / Braum's Q ) you can start playing a bit more aggressive until their ability is back up,

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Alright, so, Mid - game is when the laning phase is about to end and when the teams are getting ready to fight.
As long as you got Infinty Edge and Statik you can join your team in fights, but if you do not have these two items, you should farm bot lane until you get them.

Now, again, if you have these two items, or even more you have two play types:
- 1st is to play with your team, and farm mid lane as you push with your team.
- 2nd is to keep pushing that bot lane with your support, this way you get a lot more farm and you get more items than your enemies. Ofcourse, by pushing bot lane, the enemy team will try to gank you and kill you, if they will kill you too many times you might lose the game, so this is a risky play style, but if you manage to push, get towers down and when the enemy gank you, you manage to kill some of them, maybe even escape then you're doing a great job, so you can continue doing just that.
FYI, if you die more than 2 times pushing bot lane with your support or alone, you should start playing with your team because you will start falling behind.

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Late game is all about teamfights and objectives.
All you have to do in teamfights is to position yourself and one shot everyone that stands in your way.
From time to time, your team might not engage, nor the enemy team. You might be asking, " what can I do now? ", well, if you know how much damage you do, and if you're sure you can make a good trade you can always engage on somebody that's squshy, it doesn't have to be an ADC or APC, it can be a support, as long as they are squishy, because after, one of them dies, your team will automatically go in and you will be 4v5, increasing your chances of winning that specific team fight.

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I hope I've talked about enough things to help you out playing this amazing champ.
If you would like me to talk about something just send me a pm and I will try to cover it as well. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to add me in-game: PexVex on EUNE.