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Nunu Build Guide by colinzz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author colinzz

Op frozen tanky jungler NUNU

colinzz Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 9

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- Not mana dependent to jungle
- Dont need smite to clear jungle
- Ability CONSUME: heal and do strong damage to monsters
- Ability ICE BLAST: is almost a perma slow

-Dont have a strong burst damage
-Interruptible ultimate
-not very useful without teammates

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Jungle Route

1. Golem buff
2. wolves
3. wraiths
4. little golem
5. lizard buff
6. wraiths again

with all these monster u can start ganks at level 4

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Slain Dragon

When you are jungler this is one of the monsters that you must get, but the opponent team try dont happen, because slain dragon give 190 gold to all your team mates.

the first step to win dragon to your oponent team, is get oracle elixir. (ORACLE ELIXIR: is item to see invisible things like wards, teemo´s mooshroms, or oponent champions like teemo and evelin), or vision ward this items can be found in the consumables gate, with it you can destroy oponent wards, probably dragon will be ward.

After to destroy wards u can gank bot or mid conveniently to have healp because dragon is the second stroger monster in the map, with a suport or carry partner(ad or ap) be easier.

is so dificult to slain alone even at high level champion therefore if you cant see the oponent team in the map you must put wards in dragon and baron, dragon in low level and both in high level, eventhough it havent buff, gives a lot of experience and money.

If you see your opponent team fighting with the dragon is easier to kill them, and get dragon to your oun team.

if you see your oponent teaam warding the dragon is convenient you get a "vision ward" or "oracle elixir" at the moment.

Gold: 190 (Global) (+25 to killer); Experience: 400 (Global) ;Health: 3030 (+220 * highest champion's level); Attack Damage: 190; Range: ~500; Armor: 21; Magic Resist: 30; Critical Strike Chance: 0%; Attack Speed: 0.658/sec; Movement Speed: 330; Initial Spawn Time: 2:30 ;Respawn Time: 6:00

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Gank Tips

When u are in lvl 4 with ice blast up 1 time can start ganks. you must look all lines and give a gank in the less pushed line. then continue jungling, rising level and farming monsters.
All the time u must look at the lines.

Is convenient gank in top when the line is pushed most of the river to your side of the map, when is warded and you know it u can go for the enemy red lizard buff and take them for the top turret bushes.

Is convenient gank in mid when the enemy champ is fighting or trying to escape far away of their turret generaly after to take some buff (blue or red). when its warded u can go around, for bushes and go close of the enemy turret attack from behind without being seen if you get blue for this side, and if you get red for the red side of the map.

Is convenient gank in bot, when the line is pushed most ot the river, that line generaly is warded, so you should expect the enemy distraction to strat the combat without being seen, if you fail the gank u can go for another way your turret bushes hiding for a good opportunity to gank.

Keep in mind for effective ganks every time have full health preferably you and your allies, but you must to be full health----

Oracle elixir is a good tool to have successful ganks
With your Oracle's Elixir clear all river/brush wards top, mid, and bot lane, setting up for dragon. If a lane has a gank open I take it, if not I dont wait around, just clear wards and farm junlge. This is what I call downtime becasue you have an "Oracles Target" on your head and your trying to keep this throughout the whole lanning phase.

After you clear all the wards, camp bot lane for the next 30-45 seconds. Go for another gank once your ultimate is back up. Then call your team for Dragon.

Laning phase ussually ends once two+ outer towers go down or if the game gets to around the 20 minute mark because by that time tower dive ganks will happen as all champs are strong enough to tank the damage.

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Q: Consume

Takes a bite out of target minion, dealing 500/600/700/800/900 true damage and restoring 125/180/235/290/345 (+1) health.

Cost 60/60/60/60/60 Mana
Range 100

(Due to nerfs and the jungle changes, this spell has become increasingly weaker throughout the months. However still note that it's a near instant nuke and very few skills can outdamage. Leveling this will make the cooldown shorter while adding damage and adding more heal which makes it extremely potent with 40% CDR as dragon or normal buffs can be taken out very quickly with little or no help. One should note however, this spell has a significant casttime despite not being channeling and only does HALF damage to Baron despite being true damage. Using this will often secure any buff in the game.

W: Blood Boil

Increases an allied unit's attack speed by 25/35/45/55/65% and movement speed by 11/12.5/13/14.5/15% for 15 seconds. Nunu also gains the effects of Bloodboil if casted on an allied unit.

Cost 50/50/50/50/50 Mana
Range 700

(This in combination with Ice Blast is the big reason why Nunu is such a great roamer. Unless you are somehow hurting for mana, this spell should almost always be on, as it's cooldown is low enough to permanently have it on Nunu and make him walk around the map at high speeds all the time. Sometimes it's good to keep it up if you're about to do a gank and instantly bloodboil your ally (no cast animation/time on this) instead of use it on yourself prior to the gank as your ally won't benefit from it. Use this often when you can afford it as it'll allow Nunu's jungling to be faster and make his passive proc faster due to it's increased attack speed. A ranged carry with this on will be very nice as it gives the valued movespeed buff as well as an attack speed buff).

E: Ice Blast

Nunu throws a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing 85/130/175/225/275 (+1) magic damage and slowing their movement speed by 40/45/50/55/60% and attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.

Cost 75/85/95/105/115 Mana
Range 550

(Despite it's seemingly weak stats/range etc, it is a very strong roam spell. When combined with CDR, it can basically perma slow someone to a halt and force teams to stop roaming solo as Nunu will likely outrun anything, including a ghosted enemy when he applies this over and over. Because my build doesn't go full AP or magic pen, it's damage later will be minimal at best and this'll mostly annoy anyone diving your carry or the enemy carry themselves as it also slows attack speed and makes them easy pickings because they're super slow. However note the extremely slow projectile speed, making it very easy to flash/valkyrie/etc away, stalling it's effect until the projectile finally reaches them. So often, you'll want to be in the path of their escape when using this or else they could basically be at their tower when the projectile reaches them in a gank).

R: Absolute Zero

While channeling for 3 seconds, slows nearby enemy units' attack speed and movement speed. After channeling, enemies caught in the area are dealt 625/875/1125 (+2.5) magic damage.

Cost 150/150/150 Mana
Range 550

(This is an extremely hard skill to pull off, but because of it's high base damage, it makes tank Nunu able to do damage despite stacking tank items and such. However, when combined with his Iceblast, it gets extremely annoying to champions who dive the enemy carry as they're forced to walk through your absolute zero or blow their disable on you which is good for your team as it'll be less pressure on your carry who should be kiting them to oblivion. This is also extremely potent in ganks/counter ganks as you can ult from the brush and they don't actually see the spell being cast (though they should notice their extremely slow movespeed) and will have a hard time stopping it unless they have an area of effect disable to blindly rush the brush to stop Nunu. While canceling before it ends greatly reduces the damage, unless you expect the enemy to be pushed back in or walk in, it's highly recommended you cancel the channeling if everyone is about to leave it).

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I run these masteries because defense is currently extremely strong compared to the other trees for melee bruisers such as Nunu. Nunu on his own is actually very weak durability wise due to him having zero defense skills (consume doesn't really count) as unlike lee Sin's mobility/shield, skarners speed/shield, rammus defense curl and shyvanas natural armor/MR, Nunu has nothing aside from a few extra hp per level. This means he isn't very durable for staying in the front lines unless he gets the items to (hence why Nunu players tend to move more towards defense/support items than AP). I run 21 in defense to help achieve this while having 9 in utility as I figure it'd be more useful than having slightly more damage on my spells as Nunu runs out of mana fairly quickly and the utility tree has a few skills that can help him out there.

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I defence privilege, thinking in the team game, you will be the tank of your team and nunu hasnt defence skills, providing 109.23 of total health (Quint of health + Mark of health); 12.6 of magic resist (Gliph of magic resist) to endure attacks of AP champions; 12,69 of armor (Seal of armor).
Giving resistance to all kind of attacks, if you plus this to the defence given from the items, you will be a good tank for your team and will take less damage from the monsters while you are jungler.

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Sumoner spells

EXHAUST: if you are ganking and the oponent champion its escaping and you have "E: Ice Blast" with cool down, have other chance to get slow for a clear gank, also you can reduce damage and attack speed of your oponent stats.

FLASH: eventhough the defense and endurance that you have, you can be hurt and get alot of damage, if you are dying can use flash to scape death, or if a enemy champion is booting you can use offensively to get slow, or kill it.