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Rumble Build Guide by allredf

AP Offtank OP rumble top lane.

AP Offtank OP rumble top lane.

Updated on December 12, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf Build Guide By allredf 10,187 Views 2 Comments
10,187 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf Rumble Build Guide By allredf Updated on December 12, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello This is my first guide so be understanding if its not as fancy as some other guides.

Rumble is currently my favorite and most commonly played champion. I have played over 400 games with Rumble and have found that I either do extremely well, or suck super bad. Rumble is a champ that has potential to make a huge impact for your team if he gets fed, however if you are not able to pick up kills early game you will find that he can be pretty much useless late game.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: he has a bit of everything: long range poke, close range damage, speed boost, and shield.
Ultimate can be very useful for sniping kills, blocking escapes, splitting teams, dropping enemy teams hp during dragon and baron, etc.
Fairly tanky while still doing tons of damage
his aoe damage makes him very effective while being ganked.
If fed right can be VERY scary late game


No gap closer
If not fed early can be useless late game.
is often targeted by enemy team in fights.
there are some commonly played top champs who are very difficult to deal with
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ALWAYS GRAB FLASH, you need flash to escape that jungle gap closer. and then your speed boost from your shield should get you close enough to your tower to be safe before they catch you.

If you are countered in lane then grab teleport (jayce, Xin Xao)

If you plan on being aggressive and have your spell vamp quints then grab ignite. You should be able to either kill them or make them go back to base, losing precious early xp.
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Runes: I have two pages of runes for rumble page one is armor seals, magic resist glyphs, magic penetration marks, and spell vamp quints. My If I am extremely confident in my matchup I go with ap marks and quints.

I have not seen spell vamp on many rumbles often, however I have found that they make a HUGE difference in laning because when you use your aoe flammespitter on an entire wave of creeps you will watch your health go up as if you had a health pot going. This offers great sustain in lane and lets you stay in lane after killing your lane opponent.
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I put all points into offensive except for the recovery and fleet of foot. Anything that boosts your ap helps.
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My build order changes with the enemy champs. Some general rules though are:

STARTING ITEMS: If I am vs. an opponent without a strong gap closer or early disable I grab a health pot, amplifying tomb, and warding totem. I usually go with this because I only need 765 gold to finish hextech revolver and it offers me more sustain with my current 6 percent spell vamp (from quints).

If I am scared of my opponent and plan on taking a beating I grab dorans shield.

If they have skill shots or moves that I can anticipate I grab boots so that I can dodge with my shield speed boost better.

Hextech revolver is cheap and offers great spellvamp and nice ap. At some point, depending on how things are going you can upgrade it to will of ancients. Its a great item on rumble because of its cooldown reduction that helps you spam your ult, its ap that scales well with your damage and SHIELD, and your spellvamp will be at 29 percent if you also have the quints, which is HUGE when you have your flames and ultamate going on their whole team.

Hourglass can be handy if they are dealing a lot of damage to you, it also works well when you drop ult, pop flames and then hit hourglass on their team. You will recover hp from your spellvamp while safely dealing TONS of damage.

Liandrys torment and rylais crystal scepter are a must, rush LT if you have a tanky lane opponent or team or if you feel that you aren't dealing enough damage.

I always get sorcerers boots with homegaurd to deal with their mr.

Your last item is up to you, grab either a tanky item or another AP item. Figure out what your weakness is during each game and then fix it with that last item.

Your biggest priority is ability power, it pumps up your damage and also will help you be tanky because your shield scales off of it.
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Skill Sequence

One great thing about rumble is that he is easy to adapt. You level him in a manner appropriate to your opponent.

If you are against an opponent who is 100 percent melee I grab flame spitter first and then get your heat up to 50 before the creeps clash, then grab your harpoon, then your shield.

If you are against an opponent who had range or strong early burst damage then grab harpoon first, then flame spitter, then shield.

If he is able to retaliate against your harpoon then grab harpoon first, then shield then flame spitter.

Usually you max your flames first, then your harpoon for kiting and escape, and then your shield last,

If you are vs. an opponent that rapes you at flamespitter range then it doesn't hurt to put in a couple points of harpoon early (darius or xin xao for example) that way you can better farm and poke from a distance.

If they are pounding you at a distance then feel free to put a couple points into shield early as well.
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In lane you need to resist the temptation to just burn the **** out of the enemy lane with your flamespitter. This only pushes the lane. I only use flamespitter on the creeps when I want to ensure the last hit, the enemy champ is pushing too hard, or if I need to heal with spellvamp.

Use your harpoon to farm from a distance.

remember to pop your shield whenever you get within the enemy's range, do your dirty work, and then get out before your shield is down.

ALWAYS ward if you are going to be pushing the wave, remember that you don't have a gap closer and that once your flash is gone, your shield will not get you out of a nasty gank.
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A good poke strategy is to run at the enemy champ AFTER he has already used an ablity (that way you know its on cooldown). right when you get within their range you pop your shield and hit flamespitter.
They will either retaliate or run.
-If they retaliate then get back in a hurry, harpooning them if they chase you. By doing this your shield will absorb their attacks, and they will have been hurt a little bit.
-If they run then you keep on burning their butts and when your flames are out shoot them twice with harpoons as you get back.

Once your shield is back do it again, and again, and again. You don't need manna so spam your spells.
Once they are down to half health you can usually use all your abilities on them, overheating, and ignite them to death while smashing them to death with your drill.

If they gank you and you cannot escape run to the top bushes and drop your ult sideways along the wall just on the outside of the bushes. Then hit your flamespitter, harpoons, and shield. The slow from harpoons and ulti will hopefully give you the time you need to get to your tower, OR If you are really good you can pull of a double kill. Either way you should at least take one of them out if you do die.

Fight in the jungle, they cant escape your ultimate if you drop it down the jungle path.

Initiate fights in the jungle by dropping ult on their team, then hitting your flame spitter, and activate your hourglass when you are hitting all of them. You will get the full 3 seconds of flames at close range without dying. (be careful if they have stuns or disables, you don't want them to kill you before you can use hourglass and once your shield is down you and NOT a super tank)Once your hourglass is over hit your shield, and high tail it out of there and let your tank be targeted. If you do it this way then you should easily deal the most damage to enemy champs at the end of the game.

Use your speed boost to your advantage: you can spam it, so use it to get back to lane quick and use it to gank mid every once in a while.
League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf
allredf Rumble Guide
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OP rumble top lane.

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