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Gangplank Build Guide by Ex.wife

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ex.wife

Oppa Gangplank style!! (A solo top gangplank guide)

Ex.wife Last updated on September 7, 2012
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Hi, I am Ex.wife (IGN: pigcowhybrid) and this is my solo top gangplank guide. With this guide, you will get so much gold that Gangplank can get a place in Gangnam and retire from the League.

First off, here is the gangplank champion spotlight video.
It is a good quality video, but I don't agree that Gangplank should be jungling. This is because Gangplank is a boss hero but really needs the money from creep kills (due to Parrrley), so I play Gangplank solo top(or, in really extreme situations, solo mid).

Why not go Tankplank? In my opinion, Tankplank is useless in a teamfight. He has no damage and no CC (a 7% slow doesn't really count). All he can do is stand there until he dies. That's why i play quickplank. Another reason is Parrrley. It can deal crit and has a 1.0 ad ratio, so why waste such a good spell by not getting any damage or crit items?

As of now, I don't have any Gangplank videos cos I don't know to convert the replay files into mp4 or avi, but I'll try to do it asap.

This guide is still not complete, so please watch this space for any updates!

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Pros / Cons

He's a pirate!!
Amazing farmer
Good sustain + CC remover with Remove Scurvy
Melts down squishy heroes
Global presence with Cannon Barrage
Easily chases down enemies

Mana dependent
Needs farm

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This is Gangplank's innate passive. It can stack 3 times, and each stack lasts 3 seconds and deals 3 + (1 x level) magic damage per second. Not the best poison in the game, but it also slows enemies by 7%. This is how Gangplanks chase down enemies so easily.

This is Gangplank's bread-and-butter skill. It has an amazing ad ratio (1.0) and applies on-hit effects such as Phage and Grog-soaked blade and Crit!!! Also, it gives you extra gold (4/5/6/7/8) if you kill a unit with it!!! This is the main reason why Gangplanks are so rich.

Getting stunned a lot? Eat some orange and you'll be K. This skill heals some health and removes all slows, stuns, silence, suppress, etc. This will make people like Malzahar and Warwick really really hate you. You can also help to block an ashe arrow and just eat oranges!

This skill gives you a passive movement speed boost and extra attack damage. It's like a weaker form of Wuju style, but you can activate this skill to give all allies (and yourself) in a large radius extra movement speed and attack damage. Good for pushing down turrets, escaping and chasing down enemies. Adding a point in level 1 is important for the early game sustain and farm.

Gangplank's global ultimate. This is one of the easiest global ultimate to use, because the aoe is really huge and there's hardly any casting time, so your ulti will immediately start when you just click the area on the map. When enemies are hit by a cannonball, they are slowed, so this skill is good for helping with a teamfight in other lanes or for chasing down enemies. However, the cannonballs fall in random areas, so I wouldn't rely on it to make kills.

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Skill sequence explanation

The skill sequence is: E-->Q-->Q-->W-->Q-->R-->Q-->W-->Q-->W-->R-->W-->W-->E-->E-->R-->E-->E
Most Gangplank players add Parrley first, but why do I add Raise Morale first???

Firstly, at level 1, how many parrrleys can you expect to use? 1 or 2? That is only an extra 8 gold if you use them to kill minions and if you cannot last hit minions due to your lower attack damage, you're losing out on about 12-15 gold.

You could also use Parrley to harass champions, but since your attack damage is not that high, why not wait for level 2, when you have extra attack damage from Raise Morale and your parrrleys will have higher damage? If you are only going to use Parrley at level 2, why not add raise morale first at level 1, so that you can have greater lifesteal and can last hit better?

However, Raise Morale does not add much damage later. It adds 8 damage at level 1, but then after that, it's 10, 12, 14, 16, which is not high, so it is maxed last. On the other hand, Parrley can crit and gives you a lot of money and is really useful in harassing your lane opponent, so it is maxed first. Remove Scurvy is maxed second as you can heal yourself and remove CCs with it. And with most ultimates, Cannon Barrage is added in levels 6, 11 and 16.

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Starting Items

This is my usual starting item for Gangplank. It allows you to have some sustain, so lane enemies harass you to no avail. It goes well with Raise Morale because the extra damage allows you to lifesteal more.

Most people start with a boots and 3 Health potions. You can, but I think that you don't really need to with the movement speed bonus from Raise Morale, although if your lane opponent has a lot of skillshots e.g. [Chogath then you should start with boots to dodge those skillshots.

This gives you the mana regen to keep eating oranges and farm creeps using Parrley. I would get this if the opposing team has no jungler, so you'll be facing a dual lane and you will really need the sustain from Remove Scurvy. If your lane opponent has an annoying stun that can be easily nuked e.g. Riven then this would also be a good item to start with.

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GP's GP5?

This item gives you a greater chance to crit, and 5 more gold every 10 seconds! The Gangnam dream will come to reality with this item.

Want to be more tanky but lack the cash? Get a heart of gold and enjoy extra health and extra income!

If you are having trouble farming because you're against a dual lane or something, get a philosopher's stone so that you have the health regen to stay in lane as long as possible and the mana regen to eat oranges and last hit creeps using Parrley.

If you feel like trolling, why not? This gives you AP, which can be more useful than you think as it helps Remove Scurvy and Cannon Barrage.

Note: GP5 items do not stack with themselves. So getting one of each is definitely better than just getting four avarice blades.
Another note: Just for fun, let's calculate your income with all 4 GP5s. The base income is 10 gold per 10 seconds. With all 4 GP5s its 30 gold per 10. Assuming you parrrley a creep every 5 seconds, that's 46 gold per 10 seconds. So every minute, you'll have 276 gold a minute. In 10 minutes, that's 2760 gold, and that's not even counting normal creep kills and champion kills. Hmm maybe I should create a GP5 build some day.

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Core Items

This item gives you lots of movement speed, allows you to tank more magic damage and also reduces the duration of CC, so you don't have to rely on Remove Scurvy so much.

The main damage item for Gangplank. With this item, your parrrleys will be dealing 2.5 times their damage!!! Even if you only have this item, Parrley will deal about 700 damage when you crit!!! I try to rush Infinity Edge by the 20 minute mark because of the sick mid game it gives me.

The more creeps you kill, the more attack damage and lifesteal you'll get. At full stacks, this item gives you 100 damage and 20% lifesteal, which is obviously just awesome. After buying this item, farm for a while and you're set for teamfights.

This item gives you really insane attack speed and lots of extra movement speed. While enemies can't chase you down, you can easily chase down enemies. Furthermore, it gives 30% crit chance, so your attacks and parrrleys will be critting more. With Infinity Edge, you're a killer.

This item is really expensive, but it gives you lots of stuff. Extra movement speed and attack speed, extra health, extra mana, more chance to crit, and even some AP. It also gives you a chance to slow enemies, and that stacks with Grog Soaked Blade, so you can slow enemies even more. And the other passive will make you just to OP for words. When you use a skill, your base damage is increased by 150% for one attack. Ever wondered what happens when you use Raise Morale, proc Trinity Force and then you Parrley and crit? Why don't you go find out? :D

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Situational items

You could get this item instead of Mercury Treads if the enemy team does not have much magic damage and your lane opponent is a physical damage dealer. He will then find it really difficult to damage you as Ninja Tabi gives you quite a lot of physical damage reduction.

Atmog is good when your team wants you to be more tanky. It's also good if you're getting owned by people with poison e.g. Darius and you need the health for the survivability. This combination will also give you extra attack damage as Atma's Impaler converts 1.5% of your maximum health into damage.

If you are getting killed by mages and AP carries a lot, this is the item for you. It gives you lots of magic resistance and EXTREME health regeneration, so you'll be able to regain health while those magic damage dealers wait for their cooldowns to refresh.

This item will also help you fight magic damage dealers as it gives you magic resist and a shield if your health would drop below 30% from magic damage. It also gives you some attack damage and extra damage for health missing. This doesn't really synergise with Gangplank, but the shield is good for survivability and the damage is not bad.

This item gives you lots of armor and reflects 30% of basic attack damage. You should get this item if there are annoying but thin range ad carries like Caitlyn on the enemy team. This would really screw them over as their health will get so low from their reflected attacks that your team can finish them off easily, while you don't get much damage due to the extra armor.