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Orianna Build Guide by BladeMastur

OPrianna- AP carry

OPrianna- AP carry

Updated on September 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BladeMastur Build Guide By BladeMastur 3,444 Views 2 Comments
3,444 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BladeMastur Orianna Build Guide By BladeMastur Updated on September 8, 2011
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Sup guys. This is my build for Orianna. Shes great early game with her poke and harass. Mid to late game she has crazy damage output. This build is going to mainly focus on survivability + a high damage output.
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Pros / Cons

Strong early game harass poke
Great at initiating team fights with her ult
Plenty of damage output
Easy to last hit with her passive

Squishy early game
Targeted first in team fights
Runs out of mana easily early game (depending on how much you harass)
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For my runes i like to have M. Pen reds and the rest flat AP for the extra early game damage.
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I like having 21/0/9 masteries for the extra mana regen/MS increase/CD reduction/buff duration increase.
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Summoner Spells

For my spells i like to take
To position yourself for a kill, or to get away from your enemies.
In order to finish off an enemy or to prevent someone with life steal(!!!FIDDLE!!!) from healing as much.
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I always start with a dorans ring for the extra AP, HP and mana regen.
(If your having trouble laning you can grab another 1 or 2 rings for more AP+HP.)

Next, I like to get a catalyst the protector if I can afford it, but if i can't i usually get Boots, a Ruby Crystal or Sapphire Crystal, and some Health Potion. Rushing a Catalyst the protector will help you stay in lane longer and have more hp+mp to harass and take some extra damage.

After my catalyst, I get my Sorcerer's Shoes unless I can afford the Rod of Ages.

Once I get my RoA+Boots I get my Rabadon's Deathcap to boost my damage output.

After my deathcap, i get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra HP+AP and it's passive. This passive is great for orianna because with this + your dissonance you'll be able to chase down enemies easier.

Next, i get a Zhonya's Hourglass for the passive, which is really useful and if you remember to use it, can save you in team fights. A great way to use the passive is if you ult on yourself in the middle of your enemies, you can zhonyas then get back into the fight.

Next i get a Lich Bane, lichbane increases your damage output by a lot because it technically gives you a 1:1 AP ratio auto attack as well as giving you some M. Res.
If i find myself getting aimed or getting targeted or getting killed too fast I get a Banshee's Veil for the extra HP+M.res+passive.
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Skill Sequence

For my skills I like to max out my Command:Attack first. I do this because it has a low mana cost and you can use it to poke and harass them behind minions.
A tip with your ball is to always try to hit it past them. This helps because it does damage when it goes through them+ it positions your ball behind them for the next attack.

Next i max out my Command:Dissonance. This skill is great for kiting enemies, getting to team battles faster, or slowing enemies that are chasing you. It is great when running because it speeds you up and slows the enemy down.

Last i max out me Command:Protect. This skill is great late game with the amount of extra health is gives. Also the one point you put in it early game is useful for blocking damage from an attack, saving yourself from ignite, or just helping your tanks in fights.

Orianna's ult Command:Shockwave, is what makes her so powerful. This has many uses. It can be used to initiate team fights, prevent enemies from following you, grabbing silly enemies that have tried to turret dive you.

In a team fight my skill sequence is usually Q-R-W-Q-W-etc. I use my R before my W because when you grab your enemies you can use your W after the ult to damage all of them instead of using it first and taking the chance of missing.

When laning always try to set your Q up by throwing it to the side or behind them. This gives you a better angle of attack, and always lowers the time it takes for the ball to get to them. By doing this you can keep harassing them or scare them off and deny them.

In a team fight my skill sequence is usually Q-R-W-Q-W-etc. I use my R before my W because when you grab your enemies you can use your W after the ult to damage all of them instead of using it first and taking the chance of missing. Also, you want to use your E on your tank, or your carries if they are getting aimed.
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Overall, Orianna is a great champion who can own in any lane as long as you play her right. In lane remember to always remember to set your ball when you lane. Also earlygame, autoattacking=win, your auto attack is as good as your ball if you constantly hit them with it. This build is meant to make Orianna somewhat tanky and still have a good damage output. Thanks for reading my first build, please give feedback+comment. Thanks.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BladeMastur
BladeMastur Orianna Guide
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OPrianna- AP carry

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