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Irelia Build Guide by zecktomy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zecktomy


zecktomy Last updated on January 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide i dont know what im doing

Dont bother readint this becuase i know you dont care about me. if u do. well good on you. who needs capitilization and grammar when u have swag and a frosty butt. K. to get to the point IRelia is my best and favorite champion who ive excelled at in ranked and carried myself to my current elo which is gold 2. Unlike common believe i think irelia has a very powerful laning phase and can dunk it out with other more popular picks. I just realised this isnt about me anymore although it should cuz its the introduction. Im boring ugh go away. just scrooll down this isnt importantante.

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Pros / Cons

PROS **********ER.

    SOLID 1V1

    Falls off at lvl 13ish
    Weak in teamfights

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Spells and Combos

Im not going to copy paste the spell information because i'm too lazy and you can just scroll up over the spells thing to find out. Instead in just going to do a brief overview of each spell.

Bladesurge One of my favorite spells on Irelia, Cost a buttload of mana unless you use it to finish off a target and can be used to cross great distances if used on a low hp minion all the time. Truelly insanly overpowered if combined with Sheen and should only be used so. Even with only 1 point in it, it will deal tons of damage. Can be combined with Hiten Style and should be done so aswell when poking enemy champions. So with hiten style and sheen and lets say lvl 9 it will deal 20 + (your AD, which will be around 120) + Sheen (your ad) + Hiten Style which is 335 damage in all. Not counting armor so expect it to deal around 250-200 damage, which is still alot for a spell you dont level till 14.

Hiten Style is Irelia's bread and butter. perfect for killing AD carries and dealing with pesky armor builders. Can be combined with all your spells except your ult Transcendent Blades (get on it Riot) and should be used first before Equilibrium Strike.

Equilibrium Strike This spell will make your enemies crinch and cry in fear. It deals as much damage as many only damage spells WITH incredable 2second stun. Should always be used first in a fight as it is a garenteed stun that lasts forever late game.

Transcendent Blades Dont ever underestimate the power of this beauty. With each blade healing you for over 100 if lined up properly, and finishing off running enemies like only Ignite could, and perfect for killing dragon when timed with Sheen. Also a great escape move when your in the jungle as u can use it to hit a group when its out of sight and it starts to run at you so you can Bladesurge it quicker to get out of a bad situation.


Their are many ways to use Irelia's kit, of which 99% of the ones i see when i face Irelia are wrong and performed hidiously. your objectives when you engage is to...
A) Get your stun off from Equilibrium Strike
B) Use Hiten Style Before using Bladesurge
C) Use Bladesurge once Sheen is up.
Now in order your primary combo should be used like so.
Bladesurge onto a LOW minion so the cooldown is preserved, Hiten Style Equilibrium Strike. Either Transcendent Blades or wait for Sheen too Bladesurge again.

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Build Explanation and other viable options.

the one or two of you reading this post may be thinking "wtf is this ****** thinking is he high on weed or something" and the answer is yes. But more to the point, Elixir of Fortitude and 3 Health Potion is a GREAT starting choice as it counters many champions that origionally counter you. ex. Riven Because Rivens early game is very powerfull while yours doesnt kick in till later Elixir of Fortitude provides you with a nice escape mechanism and a sudden increase in health and damage. I wouldnt use it unless you have too till you buy Sheen but even if u do use it earlier it will be to your advantage becuase it is 3minutes that you cant be killed and can trade with even the most powerful early game laners. 90% of the time even I use Elixir of Fortitude before i back out to get Sheen as it is hard to hold onto it that long.

Other Viable options

Cloth Armor Health Potion For champions that deal a lot of AD damage like renekton or tryndamere.

- Doran's Shield Definantly not my favorite and i try not to use it ever but its an definantly strong if you are facing champions that you dont know you can deal with. the 1health potion isnt sufficient in my opinion but the built in HP regen is nice.

Mid game Items

Trinity Force Everyone knows the power of trinity force and why it should always be your first major item. Basicly the movespeed from Phage the burst from Sheen and the crit and attack speed from Zeal will help you so so much. Its a core item. nothing else to say.

Wit's End Often overlooked but easily the best item you can have on Irelia. for 2400gold you get a total of 45magic resist 40% attackspeed and 42 on hit damage. Give me one other item for that price that gives you that many stats and we'll talk.

Blade of the Ruined King I love to play Irelia as an assassin. And what is a better way to burst people down and stick onto them like glue then Ruined king. The lifesteal is great and can be bought prior to Trinity Force and still be great. and as we all know the active is perfect for those annoying kiting champions like Teemo or Vlad.

Randuin's Omen Probably the best armor/health item you can buy in the game, Omen will provide you with a similar active as Blade of the Ruined King and will keep you from dying in any 1v1.

IF you do follow my build the game will be over right around here but their are other Very powerful items that you can buy.

Spirit Visage tons of mr, tons of health, tons of healing. will make you unkillable vs any ap top and will make you hear their screams in all chat "irelia op gg ****ing ******" Although it now only gives 10% CD reduction its still a viable option.

Zephyr Excellent movespeed and attackspeed. in my opinion it has fairly low AD and makes me not want to buy it as i feel its not worth it if you already have Trinity Force wits end and Blade of the Ruined King if for some reason you dont like one of those, Zephyr is a perfect item for you.

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Playstyle in laning phase

Levels 1-3

Probably the only time in the game where i can say your weak. Your combo will consist of a quick Equilibrium Strike auto, its not worth using Bladesurgeunless your enemy is committing to the poke or you know you can come out ahead which is common. Farming is a breeze on Irelia, although i'm still determining whether attack speed marks might be better, your attack speed will help you a lot.

After Sheen

Once you have Sheenthe game changes completly. I am not overreacting when i mean Sheen is literally the most important item Irelia can have. Back out once you can afford it, preferablly before lvl 6 because their are a few matchups were it completly changes the game. Sheen is so great on IRelia becuase if you pop Hiten Style and then Bladesurge onto a enemy caster minion if it is already damaged a little you can 1shot it and follow it up with a garenteed stun from Equilibrium Strike, depending on how many points you have in Equilibrium Strike you should be able to to fit in another 1 or 2 auto attacks before they can even hit you back, and like before use Bladesurge again once your Sheen is up. Bladesurge is really great with Sheen because it combines the both so the damage from Bladesurge and Sheen gets put in 1 attack which does around 200 damage with only 1 point in Bladesurge.

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Match Ups



LANE SWAP. U CANt HANDLE RENEKTON UGHGHGH. JUST RUN FOR YOUR SWEET DEAR LIFE PLS. HE WILL E U AND STUN U AND STUFF. PLS SAVE IONIAN AND FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. DONT LET HIM STEAL UR PANTIES THAT PERVERTED CROCODILE WANTS UR BOOTY MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. But if their is no way out i highly suggest starting with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and try your best at farming. At around lvl 9 he starts to scale down were u just get huge. Again kill potential is next to nothing due to his Ult. IF u see a red rage bar be wary as he might try to poke you. Always wait for him to do the spinny thingy and waste atleast half of the red op spell thingy 10/10 DONT TRY AT HOME


Most people will tell you that Jax is a very dangerous champion to face you. I wholehardidly disagree. Jax is relativly easy unless u have a tumour growing in ur brain. Basicly what u wanna do is use ur E Equilibrium Strike when he is about to stun you and walk away. IF he doesnt have tumours in his brain and jumps u the second he stuns u, than with sheen atleast and pre 6 u can easily outtrade him. Late game he starts to outscale you, but midgame and early game (after lvl 3) theirs just nothing he can do to stop you. 6/10


Like jax, People will tell you he is powerful against you but i have to disagree once again. There are ways for olaf to be very annoying but im 99% sure ur stun Equilibrium Strikehas the same range and just return fire immediatly with your Hiten Style Bladesurge. YOU NEED SHEEN AS FAST AS YOU CAN or else he will outtrade you and due to his passive or W idk will heal a lot. 5/10


Shyvana is a champion that will most likely end in a farm lane. Its hard to get kills on shyvana due to her armor boost from the passive. Try killing her before she hits 6. I havent faced Shyvana a lot due to her frequently getting banned but of what i can tell her Flame Breath mark ticks you down 2% each hit from Burnout and Sunfire Cape. Wait the Flame Breath mark out or dodge it and go in immediatly while her cooldowns are active. 5/10


DEfinantly difficult. NOT WORTH BUYING SHEEN DUE TO HIS PASSIVE. put 2 points in Equilibrium Strike before lvling Hiten Style.He's Strong early game just keep farming and try to freeze the lane. Your Hiten Style lifesteal will save your life. I also recommend starting with cloth armor 5 and building a Phage first. 9/10


Not the most challenging enemy, His early game poke is dangerous but cant kill you. Try to back when have enough for Sheen.Try to hit lvl 6 first because you can 1 shot him the second you are with a Hiten Style, Equilibrium Strike, Transcendent Blades, and Ignite combo initiation followed by a Bladesurge once your Sheen proc is up again.4/10

Lee Sin, Free Win, or Pee Sin

Lee sin is a formidable foe. The only real tip i can give you is DODGE HES W or E idk THE AOE THING. if he does reduce ur attackspeed best you can do is Hiten Style Equilibrium Strike Sheen proc kite a little Bladesurge when Sheen is up again. 8/10

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This is just my opinion on how to effectivly play Irelia. K no rage k thx bei