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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIPainIx

Orianna - ☆GLaDOS Solo Queue Goddess☆

xIPainIx Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello to all those who are reading this and in this guide I will explain how to play Orianna and share tips how to play her effectively. I currently main Orianna and find her incredible fun, versatile and very unique. Her Ball mechanic is so fun to use and so unique everyone will enjoy playing her.

Quote from CLG Elementz:
"Insane utility and damage on top of great lane control. Solo queue boss."

She is considered OP because she can control the lane so well and destroy lanes. In this guide i'll give tips how to achieve that and i hope you enjoy reading the guide.

Remember this is more of an AP carry build than support. Take this into consideration when commenting
Thanks for reading.

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Pros / Cons

-Insane utility
-Great Lane control
-Aoe damage
-Insane Snare or Movement speed increase
-Incredible Zoning
-Survivability like a boss
-Good farming cabilities

-She goes through mana quickly early game
-She is usually the primary target of ganks
-She has low health regen
-Skill intensive

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Skill Sequence

Passive: Clockwork Windup
Orianna uses her ball as a focus for her spells and attacks. Orianna's ball automatically returns to her if she is too far away from it.

Orianna's autoattacks deal an additional 5/6.77/8.53/10.3/12.06/13.83/15.59/17.35/19.12/20.89/22.65/24.42/26.18/27.95/29.71/31.48/33.24/35 plus 20% of her Ability Power in magic damage. Subsequent attacks against the same target within 4 seconds deal an additional 15% magic damage. This bonus stacks up to 3 times.

This passive is very good early game and very late game. It is not used much early on though because you should only be last hitting as auto-attacking minions pushes the lane too hard. This passive can give a bit of damage when spells are on CD.

Q: Command: Attack
Orianna commands her ball to shoot toward a target location, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to targets along the way. However, it deals 10% less damage for each unit it hits (Minimum 40%).

Her ball remains behind at the target location afterwards.

Cooldown 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds

Cost 40/45/50/55/60 mana

Range 600

This is an small aoe that is used to position where you want the ball. This can do a bit of damage if it does not pass through anything beforehand. This is brilliant for harrass, scouting or zoning. We rank this up second as its the second highest damage ability.

W: Command: Dissonance
Orianna commands her ball to release an electric pulse, dealing 70/120/170/220/270 (+50% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies.

The pulse leaves behind an energy field for 3 seconds, lowering enemy Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40% and increasing ally Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time.

Cooldown 9 seconds

Cost 70/80/90/100/110 mana

Range 1200

Very nice damage. Snare and can increase movement speed. Can be used to get away from any gank offensively and defensively. (tips for this will be explained later)

E: Command: Protect
Passive: The ball adds 10/15/20/25/30 Armor and Magic Resist to the allied champion it is attached to.

Active: Orianna commands her ball to travel to and attach onto an allied champion, shielding them for 4 seconds from the next 80/120/160/200/240 (+60% of ability power) damage. Enemies the ball passes through along the way are damaged for 75% of the shield value: 60/90/120/150/180 (+45% of ability power).

Cooldown 7 seconds

Cost 60 mana

Range 600

Very useful spell and the main power of Orianna's support. Orianna throws her ball back to herself or to a nearby allied Champion that gives a shield. It also deals damage if it travels through enemy units on the way. The ball also has some stats on it that buffs Resistance and Armor as well.

R: Command: Shockwave
Orianna commands her ball to unleash a shockwave after a brief delay, dealing 150/225/300 (+70% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies and flinging them into the air a set distance in the direction of the ball.

Cooldown 120/105/90 seconds

Cost 100/125/150 mana

Range 1200

In my opnion one of the best and unique ultimates that positioned correctly can save lives, gather kills and destroy teamfights. It pulls all enemy champions to the ball. This can be positioned so that the ball is behind the target to throw them away.( Tricks shown later)

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Greater seal of replenishment

is really the only viable mark for Orianna not to mention to extra damage it gives.

Greater seal of replenishment this can be gotten OR per level. It is YOUR preference but i prefer these in the early game as mid i will have a quite stacked tear and rod.

Orianna's CDs are quite big early game so these are great to be able to use your abilities more.

Nice 15 AP early on to deal that extra damage and that extra harass in the lane.

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I use a standard Caster build. Taking the teleport upgrade if we take teleport. Otherwise take Clairvoyance talent if getting CV. Otherwise everything is pretty standard.

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Summoner Spells


is brilliant to iniate or to escape ganks.

to secure kills early on.

Other Options

is awesome as you still are supporty and even though your ball is a scout it can't see the whole map.

easy to get around the map but you have dissonance for that.

this can help sustain but follow this build and mana problems shouldn't be bad.

No, ty
Revive- eh, meh, no ty
Heal- Not my favourite but not bad.
Fortify- let the tank have.
Rally is kind of poop.

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Item Build

is brilliant to start with because it gives you awesome mana regen so you are able to use your abilities more to harass. It also allows you to get 2 Health Potions for good lane sustain. Most importantly we can build our tear ASAP.

is our MOST important early game item this is what gives us the ability mid game to spam abilities. If possible try to get this ASAP even recall and teleport in can work. You want to start stacking this up quickly so use your abilities but try not to spam Command: Dissonance as its mana intensive so just use Command: Attack for zoning(explained later).

These boots are important in this build as we don't get Morellos so this is to make up for the lost CD. CD is brilliant for Orianna as you can pump out more dps.

is amazing it gives Huge Health, Mana, and AP. The mana also will benefit to the Archangel's Staff you build later. The passive gives nice lane sustain aswell.

people wonder why this is good. You have a snare they say but it gives 500 health for even more survivability and huge AP but mainly the snare on it is important because hitting an enemy with Command: Attack will snare and make it easier to land your ultimate, etc.

This gives you your mid/late game raw power.

your tear should be or nearly stacked by now and with rod aswell you should get some nice AP from its passive not to mention the mana from Lich bane aswell. This item gives huge AP and is what allowed you to spam abilities.

This synergizes so well with Orianna and the build as LIch bane gives:

  • Mana which goes towards AS's passive
  • Move speed on top of dissonance
  • nice AP
  • Incredible passive
Lich banes passive goes well with Orianna's passive and is used as damage when her abilties are on CD.


I highly recommending considering these items aswell.

For Tank heavy teams:
This is brilliant for its very nice Mpen to be able to take down tanks.

For enemy carries:
This gives mana for Archangel's staff and Mresist and its passive that could potentially save your life.

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This chapter is all about zoning. With Orianna though it's a bit different as Orianna also has her ball which has its own "Zone". I will show you different ways how to exploit this or how to predict movements.

I would highly recommend watching Shurelia's Zoning video if you are not familiar with what Zoning is.

All credit goes to Shurelia for this amazing video

Now i will show screenshots using the ball.


  • Red- My zone
  • Blue- The ball's Zone
  • Yellow- The enemies Zone
  • Black arrows = enemy movements

Predicting Enemy movements

As you can see Ezreal is too the side of the lane because
  • My ball's Zone is preventing him from hiding behind his minions to be able to last hit.
  • Going close to the ball's zone increases the chance of getting hit.
There are a couple of reasons for this as i am intentionally stopping him from getting into a safe place to last hit and to prevent him from going to the opposite side of the lane.
Because then i know there is only one way he can come from (Black arrow) This allows me to be ready and position myself to easily hit him with my ball and dissonance. Now knowing where my opponent will go i can easily position myself to avoid any damage.
Also By pushing him to that side of the lane allows for an easy gank aswell.

Again this shows me pushing Ezreal to one side allowing me to predict movements. But this time my zone and the ball's is further apart. So, by the blue arrow allows me to send the ball behind ezreal and enclose him in two zones making a dangerous situation for him.

By doing this it makes him have little escape routes. The black arrow shows one possibility but it is between three zones he can only go diagonal to his minions. The main point about this is that we KNOW where he is going so we can set this up for another attack Possibly getting a kill.

So far the whole point about Zoning is lowering the enemies paths, knowing where he is going to go and exploit this but theres more to it aswell.

Denying EXP/creeps

Denying exp/creeps is another important idea with Zoning. In order to deny creeps/exp you must have zone control. With Orianna the ball will help greatly.

In this picture Ezreal can not go to the right as my ball's Zone has control so he is restricted to go to the right like before. He should be able to stand behind his minions to last hit and take the caster minions as he would be outside my Zone but I can move the move to the front minions to DENY whatsoever at taking the caster minions. So he has to stay at his back minions denying him of more creeps.

On the previous picture i showed ezreal not moving to the side where the ball's Zone is.
Here he moves too close:

He enters the ball's zone and immediately i hit him and will follow up with Dissonance and my ulti to grab the kill.

  • Zone control allows enemy movements to be predicted
  • Setting up ganks
  • Denying creeps
  • Denying exp

If anyone would like me to go into much greater depth into zoning leave a comment below and i will.

Guide Top

Early Game(Inc Creeping)

Early Game Orianna dominates her lane, having zone control most of the time allows to get easy last hits and creeps.

Early on only spam to zone the enemies as dissonance costs a lot of mana. With zone control last hit all minions early on. If the enemy enters your zone punish them by using and to do huge damage early on. The great thing about this is the huge range you have can easily be able to punish them without taking damage.

From levels 1-6 you want to last hit basically all of your creep kills as having that zone control early on makes it easy to and allows you not to waste mana so you can save mana for harassment.

- -

Try to aim your attack behind them so Protect does damage on the way back.

Early game you proabably won't have sight wards and because this if you suspect an MIA then use as a temporary ward. Remember doing this will restrict your range and a huge travel time to come back.

Later on Orianna becomes very good at clearing Jungle mobs.

Against the camps: - - followed by auto attacks to clear the rest.

Buff camps: require you to spam this order - - in CD intervals keep up your auto attack stacks.

If your jungler let's you take the blue buff, we get it for a few reasons:

  • Spam abilities for harass
  • SPam abilties to stack tear
  • Cd reduction is nice!

At level 8 or 9 - at the caster minions will one shot them.

1V1 Lane

When wanting to implement your ultimate into your skill sequence you need to be careful.

works in different ways because if an enemy is fur away from your ball they get PULLED towards the ball allowing you to use but if your enemies are too close your ultimate pushes them away from the ball so if you use it will miss and you may have lost a kill.

1V1: - -
There is effective for a couple reasons
  • There is no chance of dissonance missing
  • Dissonance is used earlier so the CD can start ticking off
  • The snare from dissonance should make it easier to use your ultimate anyway.
This is for if its in a 1V1 situation but sometimes someone will be running away and you will notice you may not have time to cast dissonance first but this is perfect because:
pulls enemies further away and enemies fleeing tend to be further away so use dissonance as soon as it pulls them in.

Fleeing targets:
- -

This is very effective for a number of reasons;
  • it pull fleeing enemies back
  • after pulling back they find themselves snared
  • Huge range to catch enemies

In the next chapter i will explain Mid/late game and Team tactics.

Guide Top

Mid/Late game( Team Tactics )

Mid/Late Game as Orianna you will find the ability to spam your abilties more thanks to:

  • More mana from tear
  • Rod of ages(including passive)
so by stacking tear and getting RoA early can really help us spam abilties to farm.

The farming process is still the same Mid/Late Game: - - (Protect may not be needed)

This is the time where team fights start happening and Orianna controls this phase aswell.

Orianna's range allows to iniate but if you don't feel comfortable it does matter.

Team fight combo: - -
You want to use first before dissonance as you won't have time to do both and enemies would have moved positions so pulling them all together makes it easy for say Amumu to use his ulti or allows Fiddlesticks to destroy with his ultimate.

Like Amumu's ulti Oriannas is a fight changer. Remember regardless where the enemies are it doesn't matter for example before i explaine dhow the ball can push this does not matter as
the initial CC is what counts which allows your team to destroy.

Teamfights aren't the only thing in the mid game for example:

Being Ganked

Orianna is one the best "escapers" for a couple reasons.
There are many combos to be able to escape.

Using while the ball is attached to you while put the AoE speed/snare underneath you allowing you to get away quickly and enemies to get snare.
Benefits from this than just firing the ball at them and snaring? You get the speed to allowing you to increase your chances of getting away.

As said in the early game chapter can be used as a temp ward to look for ganks.

If you find yourself getting ganked by more than one enemy. Then you want to:
- - -
Aim your ball at the enemies grouped together (if one is not grouped its fine) and pop your ulti, this gives you time to escape but incase there is an enemy not affected then use [icon-command: protect size=24]to give you a shield and to return the ball to you then use to be able to get that speed to get away.

Orianna has incredible ways of escaping and unless caught of position you should not be getting much deaths at all.

But this build seems squishy?won't you die in team fights?

Orianna has icnredible range use this to your advantage. As Orianna you want to stay at the back while using your ball. This build has no specific defensive items (optional banshees) but RoA and rylais gives us huge health and nice snares.
The reason why there isn't many is because you shouldn't die unless your caught "out of position" for example being to close to an aoe, etc. With your range you should be in the back casting. Your insane escape mechanics allows you to outrun anyone.

Lich Bane
Lich bane requires you to be in auto attack range which loses Orianna's huge range but the trick to not getting hit is finding the right position. We can use the idea of Zoning and think where the enemy zones are and can be place yourself in a position to land off a few auto-attacks. If anything goes wrong you can use Flash to get away then away.

Guide Top


Please read the guide aswell as just the build when taking into consideration when voting :) Thanks

Hope you all enjoy the build.
Feel free to ask questions. Anything you'd like me to add just ask!

This guide is finished but i will be adding chapters regularly.

Have a nice day!

Eu-west Summoner name : xIPainIx
Hit me up if you'd like to play sometime. Have skype,vent,ts bla bla.

Thanks for reading.

****Hey, internet has been broken for awhile and i'm back and ready to update will add stuff soon!****