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Orianna Build Guide by conanap

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League of Legends Build Guide Author conanap

Orianna - Let's get ballzy - Season 3

conanap Last updated on April 14, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hello everybud! It's Conanap again. This time, however, I am bringing you an Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork build. I didn't use her until this free week, but the second I saw she was free, the instant I started using her. I have seen some high elo play of Orianna, and honestly, I think they need to nerf Orianna a bit. But now that I've fell in love with this... powerful (let's not say she's beautiful LOL) woman, I don't know if they should still nerf her.

I am LV 27 as of the date of writing this, but I was still able to do really good with Orianna (2v4 0 for 3 trade super awesome). Orianna has a rediculous burst, even stronger than Katarina's. I was like WT* when I first used her. Just too much to handle. I feel like this is another under utilized champion in the low LV game play, most probably because she is not the best looking champion, and that difficulty bar is almost maxed out.

Enough of my stupid, useless talk, let's get to the guide!


P.S. I feel like I'm the guy who plays all the champions who aren't popular xD Other than Naxus. LOL

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Well why should we listen to you?

This is not the best score in the world, but i guess it should be enough:

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Pros / Cons

well, is there a reason why we should use Orianna? OF COURSE THERE IS! Orianna is an incredibly strong mid laner, top laner, and even support! Just seeing her fears me. Of course, the player's control is really important as well... especially with her ball. (Please do not make any dirty reference in the discussion =3)

  • Her burst is honestly too much even for a tank to handle
  • Great ability for chasing or escaping (will be explained more in the skill sequence section)
  • Her ultimate makes her really mobile, able to chase down or even escape with that, maybe can be for helping teammates turning a battle that seems to be losing into obviously winning situation
  • Her skill set works in harmony
  • Her passive makes her do great damage even with just basic attacks entire game
  • Good in all lanes as support or carry or even bruiser (not so often though)
  • Can gank others easily

  • Squishy when E is on CD
  • Greatly reliant on the first burst, if facing an ADC or AP with faster CD you might need ignite to help out, or else it can mean great trouble.
  • Slow movement speed when W is used on enemy and you yourself cannot go on it
  • Hard to use since the positioning of the ball is extremely crucial
  • Requires teammates assist, unlike Teemo, she can't win the game for the team.
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Well guess what's the good news? YOUR SKILL SET PRETTY MUCH COVERS YOUR CONS! So as long as you get where to put the ball down, you are good! The cons are GONE automatically! =D

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Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power gives Orianna an even more insane early game burst. Definitely worth while. And since Orianna is an AP champion, it is more suitable for her to take AP runes. Even her passive does magic damage for her basic attacks!invisible text starts here for formatting:ddddddddd ddddd ddddd ddddd ddddddddd ddddddddddd dddddd dddd ddddd dddddd dd dddd dddd ddddddd dddddd dddd ddddd ddddddd ddddd ddd ddd dddd

Greater Mark of Ability Power is to enhance the advantage that Greater Glyph of Ability Power is already giving you. A first easy kill @ LV 6 should not be hard, even at LV2 is easy. TOO MUCH BURST! this goes for Greater Quintessence of Ability Power as well. This was changed from the originial Greater Mark of Ability Power, from a suggestion from the discussion. I do agree with him that Greater Mark of Magic Penetration works better.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health helps out a lot in the late game, and plays a much less role in early game. It gives you some health (9.72, not a lot for early game), but you end up with 174.96 for late game. But it doesn't mean you can just dive in 1v5 or 1v4 or 1v3 (you get the point), after all, you are still squishy. Know that you have Zhonya's Hourglass to fall back on.YOU ARE STILL SQUISHY!invisible text starts here for formatting: DD d d

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Orianna is an AP caster DPS and Spell damage champion, therefore the mastery trees are straight forward as so:


In theattack tree, I have chosen CD obviously for the spell casts; Attack speed for her passive, and also to get enough points in the tree for the "Executioner"; and then ability power and magic penetration points for both her passive and active spells. These affects her positively greatly, and seen most through her W (1/2 health gone from one use... not funny at all@@')

In the defensive tree, I took nothing. Reason being her E and W combo is strong enough to keep her alive.

In the Utility tree, I took Manna and Manna Regen, enhanced Flash CD, Buff increase, and enhanced recall. This is standard for an AP caster as for AP champions Manna is like their life -- if they have no manna, they are dead.

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Ignite!!!!!!!! Early game it helps so so much! I have used ignite a lot in order to give me an even great burst for Lv 6 or lv 2 kills. If I can't chase them and they are in low health, 1 or 2 basic attack with an ignite can kill them no problemo.

Do I really have to explain this? O well I'll do it anyways. THIS IS THE BEST ESCAPE SPELL YOU CAN EVER FIND IN YOUR LIFE. Yes, the distance maybe short, but it is still extremely useful once you get used to it. Let's compare it to Ghost: Ghost allows your opponent to see where you are and know which direction you're heading, and if they slow you, it's as if you're not even using Ghost. However, Flash has a lot more variety. For example, you can flash through walls, which helps you escape a lot easier; or you can flash into a bush, tricking your enemy into thinking you flashed into somewhere else, and get a comeback kill. Another use is to re-position yourself for a kill. So I don't see why people would choose anything other than Flash.

Other alternatives:

Well for those of you who really really hate Flash for whatever reason, here you have it. Honest opinion though, I personally feel like Flash is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

Exhaust is a good alternative for Ignite. Helps you during 1v1 duel, or chasing down enemies. I personally prefer Ignite over Exhaust, since Exhaust does not do damage.

For those who really feel uncomfortable with a squishy champion. Otherwise, please do not take Heal, it gives you a debuff after using it. However, if you're a low level player who does not have Flash nor Ignite, consider Heal+ Ghost or Heal+ Exhaust or Exhaust+ Ghost.

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Skill Sequence

For Orianna, I have two ways of doing her abilities. The first way is the more common way (which is the one I left on ability sequence):

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This focuses on damage over survival abilities. Since Q and W is her main damage, to max those first will give you an edge in a 1v1 duel. However, in team fights, you will not be as effective due to the lack of protection for your teammates (Which I will explain why it is crucial later). However, it does crazy damage.

The second one, which I use, is:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This focuses more on leveling the survival ability with damage at the same time, although you do get less damage, but with more defense, which in my experience has proven to be extremely essential and important.

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Core items:

This 2 items are the main damage source for Orianna. BURST BURST BURST!

It is the earliest damage output and manna regen you get. Orianna is SUPER manna hungry, but with this item, she is hungry no more.

These item gives you magic defense, magic damage, and also the unique active that makes you take no damage for a period of time. If you happen to get targeted for whatever reason in the middle of a team fight, this will be proven really useful, as in a team fight all you really see is a mess, so your opponent might think they are doing damage to you, while the truth is that they are taking damage from your allies while wasting their time on you.

Options to finish off the build:

Lord this item needs a nerf. With Orianna this is like casting another spell. Although the magic damage it gives you isn't that much.

I've had a few experiences of dying, and then recognizing that if I get revived, I can easily ace them. Guardian Angel Obviously does the job. Of course, don't get this item if a Zilean is on your team. Gives you more defence, which means ultra tanky with E.

Other notes:

This item can potentially be rushed before Athene's Unholy Grail if you have enough gold on your first recall. However, I personally do not suggest that, because you simply don't have enough manna to work with and support the amount of abilities you will caste during the landing phrase for farming, ganking, and harassing. Just note that if you rush Rabadon's Deathcap you will need to play conservatively with your manna until you get something like Athene's Unholy Grail.

I suggest you to get one or two of this if you rush Rabadon's Deathcap. Some manna so you won't need to be as conservative. This is another reason why I don't really like to rush Rabadon's Deathcap, since you essentially loose money when you sell the Doran's Ring.

I myself always carry at least 1 health potion on the hot key 2 on any champion. It gives me that extra sense of safety, and gives me more sustainability, and has been reason why I've got double triple or quadra's and even pentas and leaving the battle field with under 50 HP. I even carry 3 when I am on a squishy champion. I suggest you take 1 or 2 with you at all times, too. (Unless your out of space that is, of course.)

More about boots:

Boots is always a good item. In this build, there are three choices: Sorcerer's Shoes, Mercury's Treads, and Ninja Tabi, in favored order for the build.

Sorcerer's Shoes gives you magic penetration, and is perfect when you are ahead of your enemy, giving you more burst.

However, if you are behind, and your opponent that is fed is AP, then get Mercury's Treads. If the fed champion is AD, consider Ninja Tabi. Some people still favor Mercury's Treads, but i see no reason for that. I feel like it is more important depending on the situation than to blindly follow a guide.

Last note, I feel like getting the Blue cup ( Chalice of Harmony) then rabondon's deathcap then the unholy grail would be a lot better. Please follow the order I have left in the build.

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Positioning your ball

Twisted Fate has it "all in the cards", well Orianna has it "all in her ball" (LOL.)

All of Orianna's skill relates to the ball - HER BALL IS EVERYTHING. To a lot of people, finding the right place to put the ball may be hard, but it is actually not that hard if you calm down, and look carefully at the screen. The position of the ball varies obviously from situation to situation, but I will give you a general guide for positioning your ball.

In a team fight:

First initiation:
As long as you get the ball on the person who is in the middle of the whole enemy team by putting the shield (E) on them, you've got it right. Since Orianna has relatively slow movement speed, use your W to help harass enemies before your arrival. As you get there, you can now use more of your Q to dash into people with low health, W to slow them, and E to shield the ally who may be chasing. If you see an ally with low health, this is what you do: Shield them, W so they gain movement speed, and then Q to the person who is chasing your ally. That will already make them back off. If you see that your team is winning and your opponents are starting to run, put the shield on the ally that is closest to the middle of the fight, and then ult, followed by a Q-W combo.

Running or chasing:
While you are running away from a fight or chasing an enemy, the E-W combo is what you need. First shield yourself, and then apply W. That would give you a shield, gain you and your allies movement speed, thus slowing your enemies. However, if your teammate is in dangerously low health but is relatively far from you, consider using the E-W combo on them instead. If you feel like you cannot make it without extra movement speed but needs to shield an ally, use E on your ally, Q back the ball ONTO you, and use the W. Make sure your ally can run over your W as well.

If you are chasing, just E-W on the ally that is closet to the enemy champion being chased.

Not team fights:
Preparing for a minor fight:
Before you start a minor fight, you might want to position your ball in a preset location, for example, right next to the enemy champion. Of course, your enemy will walk away from the ball. However, once the fight breaks out, lore him into the ball, Q-W combo him, and I often use my ult to accompany it. He will start running, but your slow is still in effect. Ignite him, and a few basic attack will get him dead.

Leashing is no longer available, but instead of walking all the way to the bush, get a few hits, and run back to mid lane, just simply stand on the other side of the wall, and use your Q and basic attack. That will do the trick. Just know that the creep does not chase you.

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Sustaining your lane

Today, I was playing Fiora top, as I noticed our Orianna mid wasn't doing too well =S She had 3 deaths pretty quickly, and stacked a score of 0/5/11, and was not with the level of the rest of the team. (EG I am LV 18 when she was 16, not big of a gap, but that means she has good farming skills =))


As a mid laner, to harass your opponent at any possible time is really important. This game, her opponent was Master Yi. Obviously, it is AP Master Yi. Orianna was not able to harass her opponent enough, which has caused her lives when it comes to battles between those 2. Just by simply hitting him with a Q>W combo and shielding yourself will do just fine in harassing then protecting yourself from Master Yi's Q.

You also need to look for opportunities to kill. If you gain a position advantage (Eg, your off to the side of the river when he is in the middle of the lane), it is time to kill. However, look out for your and your opponent's jungler and HP, as you might make a bad engagement. Initiate with a Q>W, Ignite, then ult whenever possible. In the case of Master Yi, I would not ult until he is ON ME, and I shielded myself, and his Meditate is on CD. This will give you the full damage. Same for Ignite. A combo of Q>W>ignite>R>E will get you a kill almost instantly, and a few basic attack will get them on the floor no problem.

If an enemy champion comes and gank you, don't panic. Simply use all you W,E to escape, and when needed, don't hesitate to Ult, as it may save your life. Wait patiently for the enemy champion to leave, or ask for a gank, then suddenly aim at the squishier person or the champion who stayed in lane, and use the Q>W>ignite>R>E combo. Bound to catch them by surprise, but as the ganker comes back, it is too late to save his teammate, and you can now easily pick up a double kill with the help of a potion or two.

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Orianna is an extremely over powered champion in every way, yet she is so under utilized. I hope this guide will make more people interested in this champion, and hopefully more people will use Orianna. I personally love this champion, and is using her whenever possible. If you have yet to try her out, please do, it is worth it. have fun in League!


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Jhoijhoi: LORD I LOVE THIS PERSON. Her guides are awesome and her help with BB code... Just don't know what else to say then OMG YOU'RE AWESOME.

Raphael03/raphael221: helped editing! =D

I am Lord and Master: Gave me A HELL LOT OF FEED BACK, don't even know what to say other than YOU ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!

Retribution: Gave me the idea for the testing build! I love you too ><!

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Change Log

Dec 28, 2012
-Guide published

Dec 29, morning, 2013
- Fixed item and summoner spell layout
- Fix some spelling and grammar mistakes
- Applied Rune suggestion changes
- "Positioning your ball" section completed
- Visual fix for Runes section
- Added "Thanks!" section

Feb 1, morning, 2013
- Season 3

Jan 17, night, 2013
- Happy new year!
- Removed the word "pre" from title
Dec 31, Night 2012
- Applied beta build to main build
- Happy new year guys! =D

Dec 30, morning, 2012
- "Proof" section added
- Added a point to Cons

Dec 30, late night, 2012
- Changed Seals from Armor to Health, along with the explanation (only a bit)
- Changed cheat sheet build layout
- Added testing build
- Fixed visually, for ease of reading
- Added "More about boots" in the items section
- Added 2 more people to the "Thanks!" section
- Fixed some spelling mistakes

Jan 10, afternoon, 2012
- Added "Sustaining your lane" section
- Added some more notes to the "Items" section
- Minor visual changes on the "Items" section
- Minor editing on "Items" section

Feb 1, morning, 2013
- Season 3 ready, read through patch notes, no changes needed

Mar 16, night, 2013
- Patch 3.03 ready
- Removed unnecessary sections

Apr 14, afternoon, 2013
- Patch 3.5 Ready