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Orianna Build Guide by wildsage

Orianna: Nuker, Utility, amazing all in on [ Complete Guide]

Orianna: Nuker, Utility, amazing all in on [ Complete Guide]

Updated on October 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wildsage Build Guide By wildsage 4,613 Views 3 Comments
4,613 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wildsage Orianna Build Guide By wildsage Updated on October 13, 2011
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Took out the Haunting Guise was not worth it
Added Hextech revolver and Hextech Gunblade
Patch update caused her Q range to be nerfed by 100 and her AA to be nerfed by 50
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Hey everyone so this is my first guide so please be gentle :P. Also any and all comments are appreciated, please tell me what you think. I have come to truly love Orianna. I am someone who enjoys filling in the support role. When I first got Orianna I originally thought she was a Support champion. The more I played with her the more I realized she is more than a support champion. Yes Orianna has amazing utility and support, but she also has AMAZING harassment as well. She makes a marvelous Ap carry on top of the amazing support she is capable of.
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Pros / Cons

Amazing utility
Amazing Harassment
Extremely fun
Very versatile
Great AOE burst dmg
Can change team fights with Ult
Great Farmer

Can be a little bit squishy early on
If not played right she can be very manna starved
Takes some getting used too
Need to keep track of not only her but also the ball
If the other person is capable then they can dodge your ball
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I personally like this passive. It makes her auto attacks very deceptive. This passive makes last hitting minions pretty easy. Because of this passive some people have tried building her as an Attack speed/AP auto attacker. It is fun but i personally do not like the build

This ability is the one that you will be spamming the most. It is the ability that is not only you greatest harassment tool, but also a great utility tool. Getting it first allows you to check bush without face checking. It is the ability that allows you to position your ball in the best position in team fights, and do not forget it does a ton of dmg as well. Now the range of her Q has decreased by 100. Yes this makes it a little harder to position but its not too terrible

This Ability is a great utility ability as well as gives great AOE burst dmg. It speeds up allies as well as slows enemies. At the proper moment or in the right place can cause an ally to escape death, or give your ally that little extra movement speed they need. Or in some cases it will even kill your enemies

This ability is just plain amazing. It gives a sheild as well has MR and Armour to who ever it is attached too. Not only that but it does Dmg to those it goes through. With Ap this ability shields for A LOT. Combined with Command: Dissonance this ability can also save your teammates.

Her Ultimate and an amazing one at that. It pulls your enemies a fixed distance towards the ball, stuns them, and does a truck ton of dmg as well. This ultimate can change team fights if used properly. It can save your allies by pulling enemies away from them, or it can pull an enemy into your allies for an easy kill. Did I also mention that it does a truck ton of dmg?

I first get Command:Attack as well as max it first for multiple reasons. It allows you place your ball in bush's to get vision. As well as it is a great harassor. Even at lvl one it does a decent amount of Dmg and leaving it behind the enemies creeps can sometimes cause the enemy to fear getting close. As this ability lvls up, the amount of dmg is very nice, and FORCES your opponents to stay away. Your enemies begin to fear the ball. Some people say to max Command:Dissonance first but this ability costs too much manna. Command:Attack does not cost that much manna at low lvls allowing you to continually harass your opponent.
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The best choice for practically any AP champion. The more magic pen the more dmg you can do.

Gives some much needed manna regain, allows for her to spam her abilities more.

Allows for you to spam your abilities even more. She already has a very low CD on her spells this causes them to come up even faster

With Dorans ring you have a starting Ap of 30, giving you a strong poke with your abilities early on. Plus stacks with her passive making it easier to last hit minions
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Summoner Spells

Top choices

Gives you that little extra dmg to be able to that kill that would have escaped you

In my opinion one of the best Summoner spells. Allows you to escape from ganks or close the distance just enough to get that last hit in

Viable Choices

A great support summoner spell. Allows you to have great awarness of where enemies are.

Allows for that little extra speed, stacks great with Command: Dissonance
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Ok I have tried many different builds with Orianna. Many people suggest getting a Tear of the Goddess early on to get as much manna as you can on her. Yes it may seem like she is very manna starved early game, but that just means your spamming her abilities too much. Conserve your manna, focus on last hitting. Now im not stating dont ever use your abilities, that is not the case. Always be harassing the enemy champion, just try not to have needless use of abilities. By the end of the game you will have so much manna you wont know what to do with it. The items I suggest make Orianna become a very Tanky Ap carry. At the end of the game you will have 3k life, a ton of AP, and because of Command: Protect you have a decent amount of MR and Armour.

A great starting item overall. Gives health, AP, and manna regain. I like to get two because it gives that extra amount of survive-ability early on.

This gives that magic pen that allows for her to have great dmg

Now some people will claim that this item is not worth it. I on the other hand disagree completley. This item gives you A TON of health, some much needed manna, and a great amount of Ap. This is the main item that makes Orianna tanky.

Is there even a need for an explanation for this item? Its the best Ap item in the game and boosts your Ap out the roof.

This item gives you even more health. Not only that but the slow combined with Command: Dissonance is amazing. This item is a great utility item.

This item works wonderfully on Orianna. Not only does it give spell vamp, but it works well with her passive. Plus the slow from the gun is very useful especially now that you have to get into closer range because of the nerf on her Q.

I love getting this item for a multitude of reasons. For one you can spam your abilities a lot. This procs the ability of Lich bane. Not only that but Orianna is a mage that actually benefits from auto attacking. Her passive Clockwork Windup actually does a decent amount of dmg.
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In Game

Orianna Is a great partner as well as a great solo champion. I personally like to solo mid with her to get farmed up. However if there is someone who is better at soloing mid, or needs it more, she is just as capable with a partner. In fact if she has a partner the amount of harass you can do is even more amazing.

Early Game
For the first part of the game you want to focus on farming as well as harassing your enemy. Because all of her abilities spring from her ball its possible to farm very effectively while still harassing. Focus on last hitting to farm, and use your abilities to harass. Leaving the ball behind the enemies minions can actually cause them to zone themselves. They come to fear the ball and stay away from it. This can cause them to not farm or even get zoned out. I have done this MANY MANY times solo mid. Another thing I love to do is deceive my Opponents. Command:attack loses a percent of dmg based on how many minions or people it hits. It can get as low as 40% less dmg. I actually use this part of the ability to my advantage. I make sure that whenever I harass with my ball it always hits the minions first. Thus when it actually hits the Champion it does 40% less dmg. Do this enough and they come to think that your ball doesnt do that much dmg. After their health is low, and they think your ball only does a small amount, you go in for the kill. When you hit them directly without hitting any minions first, they will be amazed by how much your ball actually does.

Mid Game
By this time you should have been able to push the tower down in whatever lane you are in. Around this time you want to go around ganking other lanes and just trying to stick with your team as much. At this point you should have your Rod of Ages and should be pretty tanky. Constantly harass the enemies pokeing then whenever you can, as well as constantly supporting your allies. Remeber your shield is AMAZING, as well as the ability to boost or slow. The ganks you are able to give are amazing.

Late Game
By this time you are doing a truck ton of dmg. The enemy team will actually be focusing you trying to kill you. What makes Orianna amazing is the fact that she can be in the back and still be harassing. Her range is amazing. Send your ball into the fight, dont go in yourself. This is where it can be tricky, you have to always maintain awareness of where Orianna is as well as where your ball is. You dont want to be too far back or your ball will auto teleport back to you. There has been many times I was too far away and wasted all my abilities because my ball teleported back to me and was not in the fight. Always be supporting your team as well as just being a great AP nuker. Dont forget Oriannas Ult is amazing, its a great way to initiate a team fight.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wildsage
wildsage Orianna Guide
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Orianna: Nuker, Utility, amazing all in on [ Complete Guide]

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