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Orianna Build Guide by Yizzzy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yizzzy

Orianna - "The Perfect Machine"

Yizzzy Last updated on July 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Alright Yizzzy here with my first guide for one of my favorite characters, Orianna. First of all if your looking for a champion with great lane control, good damage, great support, one of the best chasing abilities/escapes, and the ability to control the ebb and flow of team fights, then Orianna is your girl. Her ability to dish out good amounts of AOE damage while supporting whoever is getting focused makes her, in my opinion, one of the most versatile and valuable characters to have on a team.

I apologize ahead of time for any grammar or spelling mistakes there might be.

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Pros / Cons


Lots of AP damage
Controls lanes and team fights (can zone others out)
Low cool downs
Huge Range
Great harass
Amazing chase and slow skill
Great support with her shield
AOE damage to the Max
Ult controlling battles
Fun to play :D <--- most important
Unique and more difficult to use (more satisfying when your good with her)
And finally very deceiving in power (people underestimate her)


She is squishy
Can be focused by gap closer's (irelia, xin, akali, etc)
Hard to win a solo lane against certain characters see above characters
Susceptible to ganks early in lane
Mana intensive

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Magic Pen Marks like most casters, simply put these help you do more damage early on in lane and still help help out late game.

Greater Seal of Replenishment This is really helpful early on since Orianna uses so much mana, so quickly. Even with the masteries and the tear, she will still be needing these. I personally get 3 health seals just to reach that 5 section HP bar early game.

These aren't needed as much, but really help let her spam more. (Personally I use some Magic resist Glyphs because they really help her deal with the flash/ignite burst casters who can focus her down.) Yet people swear by the cooldown glyphs on her.

These are a must. They help Orianna deal the damage she needs to, so she can more easily control her lane and zone others out. You may be asking why not health Quints? Well Orianna shouldn't be getting touched. If you play her right she should be doing the damage. If your soloing 2v1 somehow, you might want them though.

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Flash is a must have on Orianna. Always save it for escapes, because people will always try to focus her out. Of course if your running flash ignite you might net a kill early on by comboing them.

This is great on Orianna (and a must) because its a great team mechanic for setting up where you want teamfights to go down and when. It also helps when she is in lane and someone is trying to gank you early on. Lastly its great protection if your going for that enemy blue.

If you want to control teamfights and have an upperhand on map control flash clairvoyance is for you.

Alternative Spells

Simply put Ignite counters the many healing champions or compositions. Swains, Nidalees, and Alistars will fear you even more. The combo with flash makes it devastatingly sneaky, and may net easy kills early on.

Running flash/exhaust is something that seems to work well, especially against those gap closing teams, because it gives you time to counter their dps, and either kill them or escape.

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The item build is simple.

[*] First grab a Meki Pendant and 2 health pots This gives you early on mana regen and a little bit of health regen to stay in lane.

[*] Then head back and immediately get Tear of the Goddess wards Sight Wardand a few more health pots.

[*] Next trip back get boots and then Ionian Boots of Lucidity . If you can afford the boots and a Needlessly Large Rod , but not the Lucidity boots included, get the regular boots + Rod and wait on the Boots of Lucidity, because the extra AP is huge.

[*] After that grab the Rabadon's and you'll be doing tons of damage. Your shield will also be more powerful and your ult will be feared.

[*] After that we're going for more survivability, AP, and the ability to kite your enemies even harder. A la the Rylai's Crystal Scepter . Get the blasting wand first then the giants belt, followed by the tome.

[*] At this point the match is heading towards endgame and your starting to need more damage. That's where your tear transforms into the much anticipated Archangel's Staff You will now be dealing huge amounts of damage while supporting your team with a very strong shield. If the enemy team is purely stacking Magic Resist you might want to get the Void Staff before hand, but if not then save it for afterwards.

The game should be over by now, but if not, grab a Rod of Ages for more survivability. Max out on the elixers Elixer of Brilliance and Elixer of Fortitude.OKAY, so you might be asking why Rod of Ages is last, when other guides have it first. You just don't need the health or the mana portions if you already have tear. At Mid game you need straight AP because people shouldn't even be in range to harass you, your going the harassing. Look at it this way, if your going against another Orianna, a quick Rabadon's is going to destroy harder in Mid game teamfights while the other Orianna has wasted money on RoA's health and mana.

Don't forget to keep buying wards on every trip back. At least 1. They are so very helpful. Controlling the Map as any champ, and even more so Orianna will help win the game for you and your team.


Alternatively you might look into a Banshee's Veil because it can help against those teams with blitz's or heavy magic damage teams. It also gives you some bonus mana for your Scepter and some useful heath.

Also if you feel like you can split push like a boss, and the other team doesn't have anyone to counter you, then go for a Lich Bane. It will give you great movespeed and an amazing proc for taking down towers. Its often good to get it after the Scepter or Void Staff if your already dominating teamfights.

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Strategy and Playstyle

This is probably the most important part of Orianna, because if you haven't used her yet she can be sorta hard to pick up.

Laning/Early Game

This is the most important part for Orianna. If you do good here then it will snowball into doing good later on. First you should Clairvoyance the enemy base and see what items they are buying. Then your going to want either MID or DUO bottom. The reasoning is, is that some characters (usually beefy sustainable champs with a gap closer) can zone her out top because she is so squishy, and since top is a longer lane she will be outside of experience and minion kiling range.

Once in lane with your Q ability or Clairvoyance, gain the side bushes. Its not necessary to do, but its so easy to do with Orianna why not do it? Once the minions spawn, don't think you can spam your Q or your E on them. Your going to want to last with with your auto attack for the gold, and if the opposing laners are melee or squishy, only hit them when they try to go for last hits.

Once you get to level 3 or 4 you can start harassing a bit more while knowing you have an escape and a shield. Remember that you can shield your lane mate so if he/she is a good harasser, shield them.

Now you may be thinking why not max Q first? It does damage and it becomes spammable. Well the thing is the Slow/Speed Boost on Command Dissonance and the shield on Command Protect are just much more useful, and once you have Dissonance maxed you'll have a super speed/slow escape that deals Tons of Damage!! The W also helps you kill those back line creeps easily. So, seriously, maxing Q is wrong. \

Okay, so by now your Level 6 and you might have been ganked. Hopefully you bought wards/used clairvoyance and have used your W, Dissonance to escape. At 6 she can start really being scary. You can now combo under the enemy tower or to a lesser extent your own. Just using the Q -> R -> W combo she can deal some pretty good burst. If your laning partner is diving remember to shield him/her.

Mid Game

Now Orianna starts to shine. You should try and stay in lane as long as possible to farm, but if team fights start breaking out you'll have to participate. In these team fights remember to shield whoever is getting focused in the team fight and to use Command Dissonance on them for extra damage while speeding up your team, or slowing the enemy team down. A powerful AOE slow is nothing to scoff at. If the enemy team is still focusing that person, a good Command Shock Wave followed by another Command Dissonance will turn the battle to your favor. Know that your not really a burst caster, so the longer the team fight, the better it is for you.

If you happen to get focused just shield yourself with E press W for Dissonance and watch how easily you escape.

As for Blue Buff, its useful to get, but not really necessary. If there's someone else on your team that needs it more, let them have it.

Late Game

Heading into late game, you should be dominating team fights so tower pushing and Baron should be what's on the team's mind. Always keep the Baron warded and make sure they don't get dragon or Baron. Your team doesn't necessarily need them, just don't let the other have them.

For the late game team fights, Orianna should have already gotten her team kills and netted the most or close to the most assists. If you have been, she won't drop off in power, and she makes an amazing support for pushers and jungle gank control.

Overall Orianna is a great AP damage dealer that plays passively from behind the team in team fights while shielding whoever is getting blown apart.

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Combos you might not realize

Attack ---> Protect ---> Dissonance This combo is great for that little harass while running away or chasing. Using attack and Protect will bring the ball out and then back, dealing damage both times. And Dissonance will guarantee an escape or a speed boost to your team.

Attack ---> Shockwave ---> Dissonance ---> Protect Your most damaging combo, you'll probably pick this up after learning a few other combos before it, because you'll be tempted to use dissonance before the Shockwave. However if you can land a good Shockwave the following Dissidence will do a lot for you.

Attack ---> Dissonance ---> Protect Use this combo instead of the first one if your being chased, but plan on turning around and fighting instead.

Protect ---> Shockwave ---> Dissonance This combo is great for controlling teamfights. Use Protect on one of your front line bruisers or your tank, then suck in the enemy team with Shockwave followed by the slow. They will either try to run past the tank and go after you or another squishy or be so slowed and under enough CC that they retreat of have to focus your front line.

Also, comboing your abilities with other character's is highly useful. If the Amumu on your team stuns with bandage toss and ults, and you shield him while hitting your ult, something is bound to go down. She is very useful when there is other CC on your team, because her somewhat soft CC just adds to it.

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Remember Orianna tries to net her team and carries kills, not necessarily her own. These are just a few Recent Matches

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Why this Guide

Basically this guide plays on Orianna's strengths. That's good damage dealing, spammable spells, a shield that only gets better with more AP, and strong teamfighting and map control. With this build you should be able to deal greater damage against any team with another Orianna going for Rod of Ages first, since you'll both be in the back lines of a teamfight.

Please let me know what you think in the comments and correct me for anything I've done wrong. Also I'll change or add in things later on, but can only do so a few times a week due to classes.

Thank You :D