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Pantheon General Guide by NaNoCobra

AD Offtank Pantheon Masterlcass - Mid/Top lane Mantheon

AD Offtank Pantheon Masterlcass - Mid/Top lane Mantheon

Updated on January 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NaNoCobra Build Guide By NaNoCobra 1,721 Views 0 Comments
1,721 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NaNoCobra Pantheon Build Guide By NaNoCobra Updated on January 26, 2014
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Lets not beat around the bush here, Mantheon is one of the best champs.

Great early game damage, easy to carry a team through mid game, etc., etc., etc.

His skills give him the ability to monster most mid lane champions, including other, less manly Pantheons.

And, above all, lets face it, you can throw your spear, and it magically re-appears. How awesome is that.

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Runes, masteries, spells

Ok, Riot gives you all these things you can use, and Pantheon can use heaps of them.

Except AP, that doesn't work. Not even against bots.

Anyways, runes, well, really whatever you use for your top or mid lane will work. Mix of health, MR, armour, and damage works a treat.

Same with masteries, pretty much whatever you want. Not here to tell you how to use your own set up.

Except summoner spells. IGNITE FLASH ONLY. Yes. Red to emphasize.

If you think about it, nothing else is worth taking, apart from maybe exhaust, but only take it if no one else will. (**** Bronze, man, **** Bronze...)
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Pros and Cons

  • Stupidly strong early (Like seriously, don't 1v1 a Pantheon if you're not playing Mantheon).
  • 3 extremely useful base skills, and excessively useful ult.
  • Has a gap closer stun. 'Nuf said.
  • Has a block every 4 attacks, so can dive any day of the week
  • Q is on a short C/D
  • Can facecheck without abilities, because lets face it, you're Mantheon

  • What late game?
  • Ult can be difficult to land ult
  • If you're the only damage source on your team, you're ****ed. No two ways about it.
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How to use your skills

Q is your main damage source early, I take it you guessed this.

E is your main damage source later, as with about 350 AD, the ability will tell you that you should do around 1500 damage. (Give or take)

When you face-rape an enemy, use your skills in Q, W, E, Q, and if you ult on the first, well, R first :P

With a Black Cleaver and or a Blue, you should be able to get a Q in before and after your W and E.
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The build is fairly straight forward, obviously items are situational, so just go with the game.

The standard build works really well against AP mid laners, as hexdrinker negates lots of damage early, and then the scaling damage from the armour pen makes you useful later.

The order isn't specific, just build to what is going on => doing well = early damage. Dying more => more armour/ mr early (rush Maw, etc)
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Late game

Well, if you're in late game, unless you're in late game and everyone else on the map is stuck in mid game, you're gonna have a bad time.

Pantheon is not very good in late game, as his burst starts to be negated.

The only way to counter this is to initiate and hope to hell that your team does enough damage to back you up.

Best way to do it is stun and kill the ADC and get your team to rape face everyone else.

Just don't try and 1v5, you will lose.
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All in all, Pantheon will be a good addition to your team as he can be very easy to carry your team from mid or top lane. If you're playing mid lane, you might have an easier time, since (especially against Lux), you will own something shocking.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NaNoCobra
NaNoCobra Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon Masterlcass - Mid/Top lane Mantheon

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