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Pantheon Build Guide by MikaeraKun

Middle Pantheon Mid Season 11 Reworked Build

By MikaeraKun | Updated on December 1, 2020
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Runes: Best Runes

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Spells to go for
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Pantheon Mid Season 11 Reworked Build

By MikaeraKun
About Champion Back to Top

Pantheon - The Unbreakable Spear
Playable Lanes: Top, Mid, Jungle
Powerspike: Level 3 (Early Game)
Cons: Power decline late game, pretty vulnerable pre 3
Why Pantheon - Brief Introduction Pantheon is an early game champion able to deal enormous damage and has high-poke and roam potential. Late game, just like his earlier pre-rework version, he declines in power, but getting fed early will prolong your power to late late game. He is supposed to play Top lane, but I find him better on Mid Lane, because less tanks and more squishy champions are based on it. In order for You to get the most out of Pantheon, follow this guide, and expect enemy laners to run in fear.
Pros and Cons Back to Top
+ Powerful early game
+ High sustain
+ High mobility
+ Enormous damage
+ Roam potential
Pantheon is Early Game oriented champion, one of the best of it's kind. He is able to deal enormous damage to his opponents on the lane and thus destroying them, not giving them any change to escape whatsoever. He is able to roam from Mid to Top, from Mid to Bot, from Mid to any point in the map with his Grand Starfall. He is able to sustain any damage, thanks to his Aegis Assault which blocks all damage from one direction.
- Falls behind late game
- Unlike most champions, Ultimate won't help You fight Your lane
- Won't be able to match up against most tanks
- Very bad early game clear
- Vulnerable while casting his Aegis Assault from behind
- Will eventually get behind no matter how fed You are
Unlike most champions, Pantheon, unfortunately, falls behind in late game. He is and will get behind every champion in game eventually, no matter the score, thus he won't be as useful, that's why you should focus on the objectives. While casting his Aegis Assault, opponents can just go behind him and this ability won't stop any damage, thus you'd probably get killed easily.
Abilities Back to Top
Mortal Will (Passive): With 5 stacks, which You get by either throwing Abilities, Basic Attacking or Respawning (Though keep in mind that ult replenishes all stacks), your Abilities (excludes Ultimate) get empowered.
Keep in mind while fighting that spending stacks on right ability in the right moment will probably change the outcome of the fight.
Comet Spear Q :Pantheon's Comet Spear can be either Thrusted (tap) or Thrown (hold). Damage on this ability is increased against opponents below 20% of their maximum health, regardless of if he Thrusts it or Throws it.
Mortal Will stacks empower this ability by adding additional physical damage (20-240), which is level depended, and slows the target by certain %, which is also level depended, for 2.5s.
Shield Vault W :Pantheon, with his Shield Vault, can dash to the opponent, dealing physical damage (+100% AP) and stunning them for 1s.
Mortal Will stacks empower this ability by making Pantheon's, after W cast, next basic attack strikes 3 times, dealing % of damage each for a total of % physical damage, from which both % are level dependent.
Aegis Assault E :Pantheon's Aegis Assault makes him immune to damage from direction where shield has been casted at, for 1.5s, while dealing 100% of his AD over the duration (50% reduced against minions). After 1.5s, or upon reactivation, he slams his shield, dealing physical damage.
Mortal Will stacks empower this ability by increasing duration from 1.5s to 2.5s, and increasing damage to 166.6% of Pantheon's AD over the duration.
Grand Starfall R :Pantheon's Grand Starfall makes him leap high into the air, after which he crashes down at the target area 2.4s later. He deals AP damage (+100% of AP) to the enemy in the line (Decreased up to 50% at the edges).
It instantly replenishes Mortal Will stacks, making them full.
Sequence Back to Top
Items Back to Top

Prowler's Claw

Black Cleaver

Sanguine Blade

Blade of the Ruined King

The Collector
Season 10 Pantheon was Full Lethality oriented. But season changed, and items too, so I don't recommend same build. This is newest build for him. Everything else remains the same.
Runes Back to Top

I prefer Press the Attack over Conqueror here, because early game, since you're early game champion anyway, You can easily demolish your opponent with PtA after 3 stacks.
PtA can be instantly activated after Mortal Will empowered Shield Vault, and after that opponent will recieve enormous amount of damage due to PtA.
Triumph will restore 12% of your health, which is very useful, actually more useful than any other runes here.
Legend: Bloodline will allow you to have more Lifesteal by getting takedowns, which will help you a lot in every fight.
Coup de Grace deals extra damage to opponents with less than 40% of their Health, which will make your empowered Comet Spear more likely to execute your opponent.
Other alternative here is Taste of Blood, but I think that Sudden Impact is better, since it gives you +7 lethality for 5s, after dashing to the opponent with your Shield Vault.
Ravenous hunter is, I think, better than any other here since Pantheon needs extra heal while engaging opponents, which Ravenous Hunter does.
You shall go like this since this will max out the AD you will get and give you some Armor to sustain more.
Spells Back to Top

FLASH: You should always go flash on Pantheon, since You can easily escape or get closer to your opponents.
IGNITE: I always go Ignite on Pantheon, both on Top and Mid, since it's great for trades and for killing opponents after engage.
TELEPORT: I do not like, and do not recommend Teleport on Pantheon, since your Grand Starfall does exactly the same. Some people, for some reason, actually go Teleport, which can, but won't always, be useful in some situations.
Tips Back to Top
Here are some tips about how to and what to do while playing Pantheon:

Shield Vault will be far more useful in any situation while being Mortal Will Empowered. If you need to get close to your opponent, don't hesitate to Flash.

Also one of the best things in this game is Target Champions Only. Make it togglable, and toggle it while fighting a Champion in a lane phase. You won't miss Shield Vault and hit minions instead.

Yasuo's Way of the Wanderer won't save him from Comet Spear's execute while below 20% health, so don't miss that opportunity.
When Yasuo throws Wind Wall just get close to him with your Shield Vault then tap your Q to Thrust your Comet Spear. Wind Wall won't save him from that.

Karthus' Requiem won't deal any damage to you, as long as you cast Aegis Assault towards him. Same goes for Urgot's Fear Beyond Death won't execute you as long as you cast your Aegis Assault before he second casts his Ultimate.

Don't hesitate to towerdive low-hp opponent, you're Pantheon after all. Go like this: Full Mortal Reminder stacked Shield Vault on your opponent, AA, Ignite, AA, Comet Spear then Aegis Assault while backing from turret. If you're unlucky, just the last turret shot will actually hit you.
About me Back to Top
My name is Mika. I played League of Legends since Season 5, in which I ended up being Platinum I on the account i unfortunatelly lost, since just after Season 6 started, I stopped playing League because of Personal stuff. After some years, Season 9 to be exact, I came back to playing League.
My first champion, which I always played a lot, was, a surprise, Pantheon. I got to around 100k mastery points on old Pantheon, and another 100k on the new, post-rework Pantheon. That account is now, unfortunatelly, perma banned but that's another story.
Other champions I love to play are Irelia, Swain, Lucian, Soraka, Aatrox, etc...
League of Legends Build Guide Author MikaeraKun
MikaeraKun Pantheon Guide
Pantheon Mid Season 11 Reworked Build
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