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Pantheon Build Guide by assassinast

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League of Legends Build Guide Author assassinast

Pantheon- Myrmidon of the Fields of Justice

assassinast Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

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Pantheon is a freaking awesome champ. no other champ was raised since they were 7 or, however old pantheon was, to be a boss. Because of this it only makes sense that pantheon when used correctly should be sick. I mean you've got some ripped dude chucking spears and stabbing people to death, running/leaping all over the place. while other wussies shoot guns (gangplank, cait, MF) or use magic to enhance weapons (yi, irelia, etc) but not pantheon. hes all muscle and metal. no magic on this boss. ( the only reason he uses mana is because they had to put some limit on how awesome he is. think about does it really take mana to throw a spear or jump on someone?)

Pantheon was the first champion I ever bought. I've played him more than all my other champs combined. I've tried so many builds I've lost count. the rundown of them is cooldown reduction panth,straight up glass cannon panth, and I've even tried ap panth (dont do it its a disgrace to pantheon).

Overall through my efforts I've decided the best and most successful build is offtank crit panth. it also compliments his story the best. not only do the rakkor train to massacre people but they train to never die. this build will help you achieve the real pantheon.

when you read my guide I'll explain why and I would appreciate any feedback.(no I dont have dominion stuff because dominion sucks. but thats my opinion dont downvote me just because I hate dominion)

For best results mix with Myrmidon skinThe myrmidons were the best of the best in greek mythology and they were led by the mighty Achilles. this used to be pantheons original skin because he was the best of the best of the Feilds of Justice.

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Marks: I chose ARP marks for a sick early game. normally you start out with about 35 armour. thats already 26% damage reduction. now when its reduced to 10 armour they now only have 10% damage reduction. I would take 16% bonus damage anyday. (if you have ARP quints. this is not including mastery ARP)
Seals: The magic regen also contributes to a good early game. when you start out with 14 mana regen and level 1 you can spam you spear atleast once every 15 seconds with next to no mana loss.
Glyphs: I get magic Resist because you naturally get around 100 armour with panth and you get very little natural magic resist. the bonus 24 magic resist easily saves your life.
Quintessences: I actually prefer to get lifesteal quints because when you get the 6% life steal from the quints and the 3% from masteries and then 3% more from dorans blade you start with 12% lifesteal. this makes you a nightmare to lane against because in just 2 autoattacks you heal about 15 hp. this may not sound like much but early game thats alot and when you crit with HSS you heal another 15 hp, thats another reason to make sure you last hit with pantheon.
Unfortunately they dont have the lifesteal quints in mobafire yet so I'll just make do with ARP quints.

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Offensive: with anyone building crits getting offensive masteries are invaluable. the 10% more damage on crits is as I said, invaluable. the increased damage to people under 40% hp will also ensure last hit with HSS. the 3% bonus lifesteal will also help in the laning phase.

Utility: I get the mana regen to help with the Q spamming early game. remember that with the mana regen you can spam your alot more than w/o. spamming Q = either minion or champion kills.

Defense: now if you feel like you are too squishy you can switch out the utility masteries with defensive masteries. if you do this I would recommend 3 in resistance and 3 in hardiness.

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Doran's Blade: one of the best early game items. not even a BF sword is as cost efficient as this. the only problem with this item is it doesnt build into anything.

Boots of Speed: I like to get 2 doran's blades first because pantheon has an extremely high base speed. you wont need boots as soon as other champs.
Elixer of Fortitude: The most cost efficient item you buy. if only it didnt disappear. pop this as soon as you start to lane again and you will make your enemies piss themselves when a spear does a quarter of their hp

Phage: so you're already tankier and do more damage than most other champs becuase of dorans and elixer so what do you do? get phage for more tankiness and damage. also the 25% slow chance will help secure a few more kills.

Mercury's Treads: These are my favorite boots. they give you tankiness from the MR and having 35 tenacity will save your life infinity + 1 times. having 1.3 second stun is much better than a 2 second stun. if the team is low on AP and CC switch for Berserkers greaves unless they have amazing AD champs then get Ninja Tabi

Atma's Impaler: an amazing item. increases your damage by somewhere around 35 when you first get it and gives you a good armor boost with crit chance that will help alot later in the game. THE DAMAGE FROM ATMA'S IMPALER DOES NOT SHOW ON THE STATS CHART. END GAME IT GIVES 72 DAMAGE.

Frozen Mallet: This item gives a healthy 700 hp and a decent 20 damage. with atmas though this item actually gives 34 damage. The slow however will ensure many a kill.

Zeal: this Item gives you sufficient attack speed to help keep Frozen Mallet up and decent crit chance. I just would rather get a full IE before a Full Phantom Dancer. Switch for Wits End if they have a very AP heavy team.

Infinity Edge: This item gives you the straight up damage you need to have terrifying crits. oh wait, you also crit for 250% now? the increased crit chance is also very helpful.

Phantom Dancer: now that Zeal is upgraded into the awesome Phantom Dancer pantheon is fast as heck and crits alot and attacks fast too. this is where you start to 4 shot squishies and still take very little damage. remember, 4 shotting squishies is quite fast when you have this item.

Warmog's Armor: Ok so you already have more hp and are tankier than most people and do dang good damage right? now you get Warmogs which when fully stacked gives something around 1375 health and a bunch of regen. with Atma's Impaler it gives 27.5 damage. If the enemy team has an insane amount of armour you should probably switch this for Last Whisper and get it earlier.

Optional Items

Wit's End: switch zeal/Phantom dancer with this item if you are getting wasted by the enemies AP.

Last Whisper: If the enemy team Has all stacked thornmail or something of the type then you might want to switch Warmogs with this.

Tiamat: this item is always underrated and costs very little it can be used to catch up on farming and gives decent health and mana regen.

Wriggle's Lantern: also an item you can use to catch up on farming. the lifesteal will give you good sustain and the armor and damage are quite helpful especially early game. the passive is why its so good at farming minions.

Trinity Force: this item gives good damage and crit and attack speed and movespeed and, oh yeah everything. the main thing with this though is the sheen like passive. with your Q it will nearly always be up.

Hextech Gunblade: Ive seen this mention in other builds. i found this intriguing because AP sucks on pantheon. But then I thought about the Spell Vamp. Think about how hard you'd be to kill with you getting 35% spell vamp from HSS. but its a very theoretical idea.

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Skill Sequence/Abilities

Innate:Aegis Protection: after 4 spells and/or auto attacks you get a sheild that will block the next thing that procs on hit effects.

This is another reason why pantheon is a nightmare in the laning phase. if someones trying to harass you you can usually block their harass and chuck a spear at them.
Q:Spear Shot: at max level it does 225 +140% AD. costs 45 mana and has a 4 second CD.

This move is ridiculous early game. with the dorans and elixer you can do a quarter of squishies hp with it. I max it first because if you play smart it will almost always get you a couple of kills early game.
W:Aegis of Zeonia: max level does 150 +100% of AP. costs 55 mana and has a 9 second CD.

The main point of this move is to stun your victim and close the gap so that you can close their healthbar. get it early to help with kills but dont max it.
E: Heart Seeker Strike(HSS): At max level does 318 +360% of AD (thats total damage). costs 65 mana and has a 6 second CD.

This move obviously does sick damage and early/middle game it hurts. now you can build straight up AD with this spell and 1 shot people with it but the problem is you also get 1 shotted. it still does good damage late game if you get double bloodthirsters instead of IE and Phantom Dancer but ive done my homework. The crits are better because the damage is constant you dont have to wait for it to come off cooldown. you are able to crit for almost as much and attack much faster than you can use HSS.
R: Grand Skyfall: At max level it does 1000 +100% of AP. costs 125 mana and has a 120 second CD.

This move is sweet for ganking, defending, escaping, chasing, killing, farming, dying, living, and everything in between. when used properly you can remove the dying from the list though. this move can help you change the tide of a teamfight you are far away from and can get you the head of someone tower hugging because you used Q till they had no health. in all situations just use common sense. dont ult on a tower with 5 people defending it. dont ult into a teamfight where you side has already lost. and if your going to use it to farm only do it if your not going to miss out on a gank. When you use Grand Skyfall use W and you will see the circle of range your W has. when the circle of range moves to where you're jumping quickly click on a champion still in the W range and when Grand Skyfall Ends you will instantly jump on the person no matter how far from you they are from where you started.

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Summoner Spells

These are really just based on your preferences.
Exhaust: A great offensive spell but can also be used defensively. I chose this to help with early kills and pantheon is lacking on escape abilities which this can help with.
Flash: Theres a reason you get this at level 12. Its the best summoner spell. I cant tell you how many times I've escaped over a wall with it or flashed up to someone that was escaping just to last hit them with HSS.
Ghost: A good spell for chasing over long distances and escaping. I just prefer flash because usually a short distance over a short time is better than a long distance over a long time.
Ignite: this spell works with panth because it helps you get kills early game. panth excels early game so get more early game boosts right? that works but it wont help you escape from a bad situation and panth as I said is lacking on escapes so I prefer other spells.

the other spells Ive never really even considered with pantheon. feel free to experiment though and tell me if you think something is better.

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Early Game

Pantheon shines brightest in the laning phase. with the mana regen and the early game items you should be a terror on the fields of justice. multiple times Ive killed both the jungler and the person I was laning against at top. run around ganking and ulting whenever you're not zoning the person at top.

just remember that you are pantheon and you have one of the strongest early games on the fields of justice. play aggressively and deny your oppenent XP and minion kills. once you've harassed them low then do a little psychology let them feel safe and jump on them and kill them. If they're stupid they'll fall for the same thing over and over again.
But don't be dumb! if your just getting beat because the other side is cheating then just stay back and last hit minions. don't get overconfident either, you are pantheon but you aren't invincible.

If you through some tragedy you get a very bad early game with pantheon. example: score of 1/0
then you should get wriggles and farm back up to where you should be. If you cant get champ kills, kill minions. If you're really behind use your ult to steal minions from other teammates.
Just kidding. Dont do that but do use it to get minions that are about to damage your turret.

Buy wards and use them (unless your inventory is full)

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Middle Game

Very similar to early game but you will spend less time laning. Just gank alot and farm whenever you have the chance. you have a champ that is made for ganking you can tell from his ult. so gank and defend turrets and help your team. you're quite tanky during this phase of the game so you should be in the off tank position for your team right now. so get your hands dirty take some hits save your squishies and kill everyone. with this build pantheon is just as scary mid game as he is early so take advantage of that and remember that now your E is your biggest damage and your Q still hurts so use it.

Buy wards and use them (unless your inventory is full)

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Late Game

This is the biggest transition for pantheon. you abilities no longer insta kill people but youre still a big ripped spartan that stabs people to death. at this point dont waste your time with abilities unless your harassing someone, in a teamfight poking contest, or finishing of someone thats low on hp. use your auto attacks. jump on someone and auto attack them to death. frozen mallet will make sure they dont get away and your W will catch them if they somehow do. once again dont fuss about getting your hands dirty. your now a full offtank and still Hit like a truck. now although you are tough and do very good damage however YOU ARE NOT THE CARRY if you die saving you Caitlyn or Kogmaw then so be it. Unless your AD carry sucks you share the duties of a tank and you should protect them.

Buy wards and use them (unless your inventory is full)

And everyone reading this please share feedback. I enjoy criticism as long as its not just some idiot raging about his own opinion.