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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by Bobwise

AD Offtank Pantheon OP Jungle/Top - Pre Season 5 - New Patch 4.21

AD Offtank Pantheon OP Jungle/Top - Pre Season 5 - New Patch 4.21

Updated on December 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobwise Build Guide By Bobwise 3 3 302,060 Views 3 Comments
3 3 302,060 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobwise Pantheon Build Guide By Bobwise Updated on December 24, 2014
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Hi guys hope you enjoy my guide, I have made several different guides for other champions you can check them out below. I also am a Youtuber so you guys can check out Legend of Legends videos by clicking below. Thanks, and i hope you enjoy this guide.

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Pros / Cons

- Block stops turret hits making Driving a lot easier
- Very fast
- Good finisher because of E passive
- Nice Ult engage
- Can snowball very well

- Not much Escape
- CC has long cool down
- Becomes squishy if fully build damage
- Has no escapes apart from Ult
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Skill Sequence

Maxing Q first will give you a lot of damage early on, it is your main ranged ability and will help you finish off enemies. After Q I would then max my E it does decent damage to champions when you use the W to E combo to make it most effective. W will be maxed last because it does what it needs to do from level 1, it is your only CC and should be used wisely because of its long cool down.
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After the trail blazer nerf it is not that great anymore, Pantheon clear isnt that bad so he can go through it without the need of trailblazer. Stalker blade give you a good long ranged slow which can be very good especially for early game ganks.

Mobis are the best for Pantheon, even though his base movement speed is quiet high this will make him even faster, it will help you roam through the jungle and get to lanes to gank much faster. Furor will close the gap when chasing, take homeguard if behind.

I always take Hydra with pantheon, even though he isnt auto attack based it still works really well, it will give you some sustain and you can split push much easier if it is necessary.

Another really good item for pantheon I always get this, the Unique passive is really good your overall damage will increase significantly and the spell is a good slow with a bit of damage, make sure you use it at the right time.

This item will be very good at the later stage of the game when you see enemies building Armour, it will help you to take down tanks a lot easier and increase your overall damage out put by quiet a bit.

You should take this item when you are ahead but the enemy team have burst AP champions like Leblanc or Akali, don't take this if you are behind go with a defensive Magic resist Item.

My preferred defensive item, gives you some armor to help against the ADC and some health to help you survive longer. The spell will also slow down enemies which can be useful in team fights especially.

Another Armor item, if your taking this to be split tank then take it earlier on as like your second item as this item is most effective Early - Mid game because of the damage output which is actually alot more than it looks.

A decent item if team is heavy AP and it will work well with ur Hyrda and BOTRK Life steal the life steal gets increased because of the Unique passive of Spirit visage and help you and it will stop alot of the AP damage because of the high Magic Resist.

My preferred AP item when theirs a heavy AP team with annoying champs like Blitz the shield will stop them and save your life even though it has a 45 sec cooldown it can still be game changing.
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Creeping / Jungling

Start with the Red or Blue buff depending on where dragon is located, take the buff down with the help of your teammates and smite it, then straight away go for Dragon you could take a sweeping lens in case you think they have it warded if they attempt to come for you while you are killing it you can use the dragons damage to your advantage because it is really high, take it out as fast as you can and then you should be about half life, you can go for golem or the Gromp if you think you can kill them . Then recall buy first back items, and a level to level 3 and go for a gank at Top or Mid ignore bot until your 6 as it can be risky you dont wanna be dying so early on.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is very good for panth because he has no escapes apart from his ult, it can be used to save your life by using it over walls and it can be used to grab kills.

Always as Jungler
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Early - Mid Game

You should attempt to gank Top or Mid pre 6 and get a kill for your team, Once you get your ult you will pretty much have presence all over the map, try and gank bot and get a kill for your ADC, wait for the lane to be pushed ult in from behind and focus the ADC should be a guaranteed kill. Anytime of the game if dragon and your ult is up ult in to dragon take it and make sure you use your sweeper lens before you start to prevent getting ambushed.
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Late Game/Team Fights

Unfortunately you can solo dragon with ease but not baron, you must keep baron warded at all times with the new buff the enemy team can split push like mad and crush your team, make sure if they attempt to take it you ult in at and attempt a steal. In team fights ult in from behind and W the ADC followed by spraying E at him and take him out ASAP. Make sure you use your BORTK on him if he Attempts to escape. If you get focused there isn't much you can do apart from trying to grab a quick kill before you die unless of course you have flash then try and flash over a wall and get yo self outta there.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobwise
Bobwise Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon OP Jungle/Top - Pre Season 5 - New Patch 4.21

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