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Pantheon Build Guide by Rezinat0r

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rezinat0r

Pantheon Top Build w/ JG Cheat Sheet.

Rezinat0r Last updated on August 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Pantheon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Easy ult kill! Stun heart seeker strike spear will usually kill her if not IGNIGHT!
Teemo Pantheon is a top champ right!? Well this little guy better pray that you only use you're basic attack other wise teemo is out!
Yasuo This guy is nothing to pantheon! Watch for his tornado! other then that you can mid lane vs him and provide artillery for bot or top just basic attack his block or heart seek it stun hit poke.
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This guide will demonstrate on how to snowball with Pantheon.

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Getting Started.

Pantheon is a magnificent team player, if you have never played pantheon TURN BACK!
This build is for ultimate destruction of armor, so pretty much this guy is a tank killin sniper huntin assassin destroyer.
The reason I choose to go with ghost and ignight is for early game scouting of enemy jungle quick escapes, but most importantly early game top control!
Another note - The runes are most important the build sucks with out it! YOU NEED THE ARMOR PIERCE it will completely decimate your foes! Just remember to poke with stun AND NEVER EVER USE HEART SEEKER STRIKE ON MINIONS UNLESS YOU ARE HITTING ENEMY CHAMP!

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1v1 lanes

I left tips on some champs I see common top but heres what I do most of the time, I size up the enemy champ by poking, level 2 spears do loads of damage early keep this in mind for poking.
I use stun any time I have my minions close to me and he has less or sometime idc but I always spear shot him for the extra damage, I also use my basic attack as much as possible as long as my passive is up, why? Well I like to deny the enemy champ gold and freeze lanes so I don't get ganked by an enemy jg. Also ghost and ignight - when poking enemy champ he will probably have hp pots this is where your mana pots come in handy, when you know you can take him out DO IT! You can do this usually at level 3 remember early ganks help you snowball.

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Okay lets say your lane isnt doing so good but your lvl 6 and your coming from your base well you have a variety of options of what you can do. What I do to maximize options is head mid lane and look for a gank. when ulting ALWAYS PING! you probaly have last whisper and phage at this point so when you drop, drop behind them, stun heartseeker strike and spear. I usually have ghost so I can catch an adc and just man handle them or mid. This is a quick way to start snowballing just watch map and keep in mind that you may need backup most of the time you wont it takes about 3 secs with this build to kill a lower Level or same Level!

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I tend to go after last whisper first but phage is cool to love the speed.
After you get last whisper and the black clever soto is an option if you are snowballing after that tank UP upgrade the shows get deadmans plate and situation items!

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When farming keep in mind you want to freeze the lane so you wont get ganked by enemy jg. Just let the minions work kill the weak guy and poke. If the enemy top charges stun him spear him and let the minions hit him, they will charge the enemy top if you are hit so to have a mob is a good idea to help you reverse the tide!

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I have mainly discussed the pros now here are the cons!

Fighting tanks is difficult you will need backup!
Fighting players like garen, cho, rumble, and malphite is difficult but not impossible.
you will need to freeze lane, poke, and do not let them farm! If they cant farm you will get an advantage of gold, use that to your advantage!
I think that leech items for panth is a waist, you have shield and you have loads of armor pierce why not get more armor peirce?!

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Last whisper is a great early game gank tool, it shreds armor.
Black Cleaver give you more armor pierce and 400 hp!
Its a good idea to get phage asap that 200 hp, 20 extra dmg along with the speed helps you not get killed or catch up and poke and fall back.
Boots are the most important item for this build you do not want to get hit or caught so speed poke is key!
soto is a situation item after black cleaver only get if you are snow balling and know that you wont get caught if you ult that's why we have ghost, if you are not snowballing and it's mainly ad get deadmans plate asap!
fighting mainly ap you can get a variety of items like mercury treads, banshees veil, and mercais scimitar very useful for those who like to stun!
Guardian angel is fun if you have sword of the occult but its not very useful if your team is not with you another item i tend to get is randums odem or more ad.