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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Papa Urgot



Updated on August 19, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Papa Urgot Build Guide By Papa Urgot 2,935 Views 0 Comments
2,935 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Papa Urgot Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Papa Urgot Updated on August 19, 2021
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Runes: Runes

Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane Ranked #58 in
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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide


By Papa Urgot
Basics and Changes
Passive: Health regen based on Max HP and CC immunity.
The tool they added to your passive besides the health regen is an amazing tool to have in your kit. Especially in toplane since a lot of champs have a form of CC to set up a trade and after all Mundo goes were he pleases

Q: Harras and Farming tool with a flat DMG and % DMG based on targets current health
The DMG based on current health makes it an amazing ability vs tank/bruiser match up's but also vs jungle creeps. Also the reason you play with Approach Velocity you hit your cleaver on the enemy you get 15% bonus movementspeed towards the target

W: Storing % post-mitigation DMG he takes and heals 100% of it when a champion is hit.
AOE DMG and DMG on release + bonus DMG based on Max Health
Best to activate when you are gonna be in a situation were you have to soak up a lot of DMG.
On lane you wanna be using it when people commit for a trade like after camille's Hookshot for example.

E: Gains Bonus AD + extra AD depending on missing health.
Next autoattack deals bonus DMG based on missing health and max health

When minions or jungle monsters are killed it spread a line of DMG for a healthy jungle clear and a nice form of harras or push form on lane. Extra AD vs minions and creeps.

R: Instant Heals 20% of his missing health and for 10 seconds you gain bonus AD based on Max Health, movementspeed and regenerate health equal to a % of your max health over the duration.
Dr Mundo

Early lv's it's important to focus on the Farm, Money, EXP and surviving. Rather then taking all trades you can and try to kill your opponent as soon as possible.
Ofcourse when they make mistakes you look for an opening to take a good trade or a kill.

My point here is: You have insurance, you scale extremely well and you have tools to farm save when you need too.


Luckily for us you have an amazing passive now on top of health regen but still.
Most of the time a jungler and a toplaner have atleast 2 forms of cc and slows will still *** you up.
Hey there Nasus!
Your big weakness is early game pre lv 6 when you have no tank items yet.
Thats the perfect window for the jungler to come and shut you down and once they have killed you and have your flash they will bury you
Thats what i meantioned before as well. no rush. You are Weak early and thats how it is.
Respect enemies early The tables will always turn if you play it right.


At this point you become a real strong and the enemy NEEDS anti-healing big time to deal with you. Cause the stats that your Ult gives Are nearly doubled at this point.
LV 6 gives you 20% Health instant and 15% Health over time which is not that much.
LV 11 20% instant and 45% Health over time. The stats are a lot better and since you have items too you really notice a big difference here.


I tend to split push often with mundo since you need Items and LV's to become a strong force within a team. However you are pretty strong in a 1 vs 1 at this stage of the game (lv 11) so the chances are that you beat your enemy at this point. try to pick some jungle camps from the enemy as well when you can while splitting. You wanna hit LV 16 as fast as possible. Be on the other side of the map from the objective were your team is playing for. Also if you notice your teamfights are unwinnable for some reason. Split push the rest of the game. If they come with 2 man to stop you from taking towers/base. Your team has some options to take an objective or engage a 4 vs 3. Very few champions can beat you after lv 16 alone.


Holy ****t! at this point you are a thickk *** boi.
You are Hard to kill and do a lot of damage as well.
Depending on team compositions your playstyle might differ a bit.

Mostly I would say that you are causing chaos in the backline. Trying to pressure people out of the fight, possibly kill them. In those situations probably 3 people are sitting on you there and your team is in a 4 vs 2 situation. which is very favourable for your team.

If there are 5 people focusing you ALL the focus is on you so your team should be able to do something since you give them that window.

To make sure I buy as much time as I can here and survive as long as possible I often build a Gargoyle Stoneplate extremely strong item. Ramps up resist and pops a huge shield when activated.

There were also situations that I bought a Knight's Vow for a Vayne she had a Janna support and Everything the team had to do was make sure she had all the tools she needed to keep shooting. So for me it was eat everyting they threw at her soaking up dmg and bodyblock abilities.

When the enemy has strong tools to destroy your backline it's wise that you either pressure the champ out that has the tools to do so or adapt to a more peel like role for the ally that needs to stay alive to win fights. Situations always differ so its hard to say what you should be doing every game. This is just to give you some sort of direction.
Dr Mundo vs Tanks
Mundo vs Tanks

When it comes to tanks Mundo is extremely strong into those kind of champ since his Infected Bonesaw that thing easily takes out 500 DMG from a tank. Besides the cleaver you have an insane way to stay healthy in a fight Maximum Dosage which other tanks like Sion, Ornn, Cho'Gath, Malphite, Poppy and Tahm Kench dont have. So you are gonna beat them big time at some point. Which makes you a very strong pick into those kind of champions.
Dr Mundo vs Fighters
Mundo vs fighters

Champions like Irelia, Jax etc. do a lot of DMG and you need some items before you can deal with them yourself. Almost all their DMG is autoattack based so the Plated Steelcaps are super important here. They mostly play with Conqueror and build a lifesteal item so you will need a Thornmail to deal with that. Since those fights are gonna be long i highly recommend you build Sunfire Aegis the way the dmg ramps up around you and applies in your attacks as explosive dmg is insane. try it. So with these 3 items you should be able to deal with those kind of champions. It's not rare that they play with ignite so your window to take trades early vs an Irelia for example is non-existent. Scale, survive and focus on the farm thats how you win these lanes early

Champions like Aatrox, Jax have an ult that you dont wanna be fighting them with while they are active. So when you can Connect a Cleaver WALK OUT! That slow is pretty serieus and you can ingore 1 form of CC atleast so you should be able to walk out and take a fight when they dont have it up. Its way easier to beat them.
You know what they say: "work smarter not harder"

Dr Mundo vs Mages
Dr Mundo vs Mages

This is just beautifull. You will feel bad for them at some point. When you see a vlad for an example its just a free ticket to scale, no lane tread and you will beat this guy big time. Items are Mercury's Treads into Sunfire Aegis ( you can get Bami's Cinder before if you like and into Spirit Visage. Basically when you have maxed out Infected Bonesaw at lv 9 or at lv 11 when you have lv 2 Maximum Dosage depends on how well it goes. You can fully commit for kills after connecting 1 cleaver. they do not have the dmg to deal with you and you can ignore the snare Ryze will throw at you to make an example.
Created by Mathie
Thanks for reading,

Have a good one.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Papa Urgot
Papa Urgot Dr. Mundo Guide
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