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Gnar Build Guide by Kettro

Middle [Patch 11.18] Geometrically Given Gnar: A surprisingly stron

Middle [Patch 11.18] Geometrically Given Gnar: A surprisingly stron

Updated on September 10, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kettro Build Guide By Kettro 2,997 Views 0 Comments
2,997 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kettro Gnar Build Guide By Kettro Updated on September 10, 2021
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Runes: Chonky Chonker

Grasp of the Undying

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Safeness & Map Control (Damage Build)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[Patch 11.18] Geometrically Given Gnar: A surprisingly stron

By Kettro
A Short Introduction
I'll tell you a short story about this build. I used to play so much Gnar when the champ released to this day that I slowly got monotonized of it's builds. It was always the same, or the usual meta build or an off-meta ap/adc build. But, something sparked in me when I tried the first mathematically correct build with Pantheon, I hoped to reach perfection in a build for my favourite champ. And that's why we got here.
The Actual Explanation
So, this build works around Gnar's Passive and its interaction with some items. If you didn't know, as well as getting all big and mad, Gnar's basic attacks count as melee but with a longer range. This means that all items that differ from ranged and melee champs (Normally bruiser items) work in one way with Gnar. All of this makes Gnar's Mythic item choice fairly obvious with his Mega and Mini forms' combos, Divine Sunderer. In addition of good raw stats, it also empowers Gnar's basic attacks with bonus damage, heals him like a melee champ and also grants 5% armor and magic resist penetration as its Mythic Passive.

All of this makes Gnar already strong, but oh boy we have 5 more item slots to fill in. Next we build either Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads depending on the lane opponent and/or the enemy team's composition. You could also think of getting Sorcerer's Shoes, just because we dish a lot of hybrid damage, mainly being magic damage.

Likewise, these next items can be chosen depending on the game; Wit's End/Death's Dance. It's recommanable to build the former, as its synergy with Divine Sunderer grants a big spike in damage as well as utilty. This doesn't mean that building one excludes the other, as you build the two but choose when to build them. Death's Dance it's here due to its 35% damage reduction passive and healing upon a takedown, which synergizes really good with Divine Sunderer and bonus health items.

Then, we go for a Sterak's Gauge as our next item. What can I say, all Gnar guides have this item as its utility it's too good to pass up, really good raw stats and a shield for survivability. It also works with the melee effects for Mini-Gnar.

With this you're already a monster, dishing out a lot of damage and surviving almost everything even with Mini-Gnar. But that's not all, we have the final item to top it all off. Titanic Hydra. With ALL the bonus health that we have and the melee properties of Titanic's passive working with Mini-Gnar, we have a cute little unkillable killing machine on our hands.

If the game gets too long, a change of boots into Dead Man's Plate or even a Nashor's Tooth can be a nice final touch.

As for runes, the typical Grasp Of The Undying kit with Demolish, Bone Plating/Second Wind and Overgrowth gives us a nice bonus to auto attacks, needed tankiness and synergy with our item's passives. And finally with Precision's Triumph and Legend: Alacrity with +10% Attack speed - +9% Adaptive Force - +6 Armor/+8 Magic Resist we finish our rune page.
Final Tips
Playing Gnar with this build is essentially playing a bruiser Gnar, so just have in mind the opressive early he has with Grasp Of The Undying, the fact that early Mini-Gnar is quite squishy, the Mega-Gnar R-Q-AA-W-AA-Q-AA combo and you should be good.

So, because the build's sustain has been removed, you'll need to play safe in the lane when at low HP, and also have in mind that early the Mega-Gnar transformation can be risky to pull off against certain matchups. The summoners you can go for can range from Teleport/Flash to even Teleport/Ignite depending on your playstyle or matchup. For some tips on the abilities:

- Q should be used as a poking tool to ease a Grasp auto attack in early, and a poking/chasing tool when winning lane. It can also be used to farm later in the game or as an escape option when beeing chased. With Mega-Gnar you mainly use it as an auto attack cancel for combos.

- W it's really straightfordward, use it as a chasing/kiting tool with Mini-Gnar and a combo starter/CC chain with Mega-Gnar.

- E is actually pretty useful in a variety of scenarios. With Mini-Gnar you primarily use it either to escape by bouncing (or not) on the enemy or minions, to chase by bouncing on the enemy or minions again, or even to take towers or camps faster as it gives you a temporarily attack speed bonus. With Mega-Gnar you just use it mid transformation, or in form for a gap close. Extra tip, when mid transformation you can bounce with E and use either Q, W or R to do a surprise combo.

- R is also straightfordward. Just use it for the combo as Mega-Gnar and be happy that it makes the W proc give you more movement speed.

And that's all, obviously play it in Toplane, but if not you can even play it Midlane. Hope you try the build and have as much fun as me making and testing it. Good luck and have fun!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kettro
Kettro Gnar Guide
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[Patch 11.18] Geometrically Given Gnar: A surprisingly stron

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