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Vayne Build Guide by AyumiSama

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyumiSama

Patch 4.21 Vayne Guide FOR BEGINNERS! (Blade of the Ruined K

AyumiSama Last updated on December 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kalista As hi im gosu has said versing a Kalista is a lane that Vayne can easily win. Kalista's kit is limited as if she Auto attack moves into a wall you have the opportunity to kill her for that mistake.
Sivir ???? Honestly do not play against her at all but i guess she can spell shield your condemn ???? Dodge Sivir's Q to avoid her damage as she can only rely on poking you out then jump on you.
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Hello guide viewers, I am "Zabimaru" and i play on the Oceanic servers. I am currently in Gold Elo and i found Vayne as an interesting champion due to her outplay potential in lane, out of lane and also in team fights. Note: As i only have 42 games on Vayne i have knowledge on how to play her and have played her over 200+ times in normals.

Vayne is a champion that can go two ways. The first way is carrying your team and the second way is feeding horribly and getting flamed at by teammates for playing Vayne against *Insert Champion name*.

Hopefully this guide will help you CARRY your team or just help you improve as a Vayne player. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


  • Fun Champion
  • Late Game carry potential (LATE GAME MONSTER)
  • Strong 1v1 Duelist
  • Shreds Tanks with Silver Bolts
  • Vayne early game is extremely bad
  • Condemn if missed (did not connect to terrain) can lose you a 1v1 or let the enemy champion survive.
  • High Skill Cap

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These runes are similar to what most famous Vayne players use. Example; hi im gosu, Doublelift.
Only things in runes i have changed is the 5 health seals and 4 armour seals as i believe Vayne is very squish early game and getting full armour will help vs poke champions.

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These masteries are also what most high elo ADC's use.

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berserker Greaves self explanatory as Vayne needs attack speed to proc Silver Bolts as much as possible for maximum damage output.

Blade of the Ruined King is the most essential item on Vayne. The item helps Vayne with her burst damage on Silver Bolts, outplay potential vs high HP tanks such as Maokai and lastly it gives attack speed which is helpful to proc Silver Bolts
One of Vayne's essential items as well as more attack speed will let you proc more Silver Bolts on the enemy. Also extra crit chance will increase Vayne's damage output.
This item is a must for mid game and late game. YOU WOULD BE AN IDIOT IF YOU DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. Last Whisper will allow you as any AD champion to shred through enemy champion's armour allow for more damage.
The Bloodthrister Choosing between Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster is up to the person playing Vayne. Bloodthirster will allow you survive late game 1v1's against high burst champions or just tanks with Thornmail which allow you to heal back more HP then losing because of Thornmail's passive ability.
Infinity Edge will allow you to burst champions as your Tumble can also crit. Infinity Edge should be bought if you believe that you need more damage to burst enemy champions as they are squishy and also if you are confident in your mechanics as Vayne
Guardian Angel will let you allow you to survive high burst Assassin damage such as Zed as he will have to burst you twice before officially killing you. The item is almost like a 'second chance' as burst champions as they will also have cooldowns to worry about after your Guardian Angel is procced, if they have high cooldowns they will have the risk of getting outplayed by you Vayne.
A item that should be bought versing a high CC team or just long duration stun/snare/slow example: Morgana's Dark Binding. The item will rid you of most CC's.
Banshees is also a recommended item versing champions that rely on one ability to help them hit their combo and burst you such as Veigar's Event Horizon can stop you from escaping Veigar's high burst but with Banshee's Veil it will let you run through the Event Horizon thus you can escape.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The reason of maxing Silver Bolts is self explanatory as it is one of Vayne's damage output, as maxing Tumble first could give you more mobility i recommended you max Silver Bolts opposed to Tumble as more burst damage early will lead to more fights in the bottom lane won. Also if you do not put points into Final Hour you lose A LOT of outplay potential and damage output as at rank 3 Final Hour gives 70 AD.

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Flash is the best spell in the game and used by mostly


in League of Legends. This spell will allow you to make plays, escape and also secure kills.
Heal is also one of the most used summoner spells for the bottom lane as a early game heal can decide a bottom lane fight or just a 1v1 fight suprising your enemies by healing from their damage and simply outplaying them.
I have added Exhaust here for the simple purpose that you can get your support to take heal and rely on them to heal when you are in danger in a fight. Exhaust can be taken to survive 1v1 battles if you are split pushing as it reduces the opponents damage by 50% example: 1v1ing a Zed you exhaust and tire out all of his Death Mark and Razor Shuriken damage, leaving you with the potential to kill Zed in a 1v1. (Note: Zed is also a extremely good 1v1 champion that can burst AD Carries from 100-0 even without proccing his Death Mark

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Using Spells and tricks with Vayne.

As you all know Vayne's source of damage is her Silver Bolts proccing these will allow for more damage.

  • For the maximum use of Vayne's Silver Bolts you should try combo with a AA>>AAthus proccing this can be used at level 2 to bully out enemy champions out of lane.
  • I also see A LOT of people do AA>> in lane as 'poke damage' this should be avoided unless it can be guaranteed that the Condemn will kill or make the enemy laner stunned on terrain leading to a kill. Using Condemn as poke damage is not worth it as it is a long cooldown ability and will cost you if the enemy laner decides to engage. Condemn SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF YOU ARE CondemnING THEM INTO A WALL OR USED FOR DISENGAGE.
  • I also recommend not using to farm in lane unless necessary (Cannon Minion). Tumble early game can decide whether you win trades or not. If you use tumble on a minion then the enemy engages on you level 2 you will not be able to dodge crucial skill shots that can result in your death.


    Here Araneae explains how to do the 'Condemn Flash'. This little trick will allow you to outplay or set up a play which can prove very useful whether it be from a early kill so your team can acquire dragon to catching out champions late game or just simply outplaying an Assassin champion such as LeBlanc
  • > This little combo can be used to juke or dodge enemies abilities as it can be proven to be crucial for certain occasions such as juking 3 enemy champions by entering a brush or making them run in the other direction.

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In teamfights Vayne can carry the fight by bursting out tanks that try to dive in and kill her to killing squishies in the backline of teamfights.

Vayne Has to position herself so that her front line can properly peel and help protect Vayne from being bursted or zoned out of these teamfights.

By positioning yourself in a good spot in a teamfight you can either kill the front line tanks with your Silver Bolts or if you are confident in your Vayne MECHANICS you can easily dive the back line if the enemy team's front line is focused on the other carry or your front line engaging on them.

If you have positioned yourself wrong or are getting dived because your front line have failed to CC the enemies Assassin's from making a move on you and trying to kill you, you will have to kite back until your team can help support you by chasing down your pursuers and peeling them low enough so you can killing them with Silver Bolts procs.

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Well friends if you have made it this far, I THANK YOU!
This is my first guide and is directed for people learning or just getting into Vayne in any elo. As this is my first guide i would like some insight on my 'strategies' on how to play Vayne so criticism is welcome!