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Nidalee Build Guide by terrorearl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author terrorearl

Paunce around the jungle! (Nidalee jungle guide) with jungle

terrorearl Last updated on August 2, 2015
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Amumu Easy to kite him, juke his Q and he cant do anything. Counterjungle him, he has no dmg in early game
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Hello guys, i am terrorearl, right now SFES Terror, diamond player from EUNE server. My main is jungle and this is guide for my favorite champion, Nidalee. I just wanna inform you that i am not a pro, but i like this build and i have about 70% winrate on nidalee with it and about 200 ranked games in this season.

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Why to play Nidalee in jungle?

Basicaly Nidalee is very strong due to her mobility, giant poke, safe jungling and great counterjungle possibilities. Lets take it one by one.
Mobility: most of nidalee's mobility comes from her W (pounce) in cougar form. Its pretty cool skill, that gives you decent jump (which can btw be used to jump walls) on low cooldown. And when you mark a target this jump becomes GIANT! The smaller part of your mobility comes from your passive, which gives you movement speed buff when you move in bush. Thats mostly used to run from enemies or to move faster in the jungle, but its pretty decent passive.
Poke thats simple. Javelin toss is stronger when it hits people that are further away from you. And its range is really big. Its hitbox isn't that big though, so thats one of the hardest thing to learn about Nidalee.
jungling as almost all junglers you start with machete and 2 pots. Nidalee profits from her human E, the heal. It does heal you and it also grants you nice attack speed buff which helps with your clear time. Starting with your Q (remember to use cougar when monster is marked, cougar Q resets autoattack), then taking E and you are pretty healthy all way through the jungle (care your mana, even with blue buff). But the lovely thing is that with your mark and double abbilities (human+cougar) you are preety dangerous in your sudden showing. What i like to do is to start frog, then take blue and go to enemy secong big buff, wait in the bush closer to enemy base and when he comes, starts the buff and is low enough i throw spear and run toward him. Usually it is firstblool or atleast you gain his flash and his red (or blue, depends). Careful, when you do this you have to keep an eye on enemy lanes, because if they come you are in lot of troubles. Dont counterjungle early game strong champions like lee sin, good lee will destroy you.

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So, as you already know, nidalee has her cougar abilities empowered when enemy eats human ability (that means you hit him with a spear or he steps on a trap) its very hard to gank lane when your target is not marked. But there is a thing lot of people does bad. When you land the spear you dont have to instantly run to your enemy, and do a crazy jump. Remember that you are jungler, so you fight usually 2v1. Best way to start a gank is to run there(usually from river, in your oponents back) and when its top/bot instantly place a trap into the bush that is closest to enemy turret. (Believe me this one works, they almost every time try to run that way) So, when you place that one you are supposed to hit your spear (or you can hit it from the fog of war from river if enemy is close enough). If your enemy is a jumping (gap closing) champion wait till he uses it or try to predict his use of it. When you land a spear the gank will be almost everytime succesful. Start autoattacking your target and when he is out of escapes use pounce (cougar w) to get onto it then e and finally Q. When you do so and enemy is still alive instantly swap back to human and try to hit another spear and keep autoattacking target. Whether or not you land the spear swap back to cougar asap and finish your target. Tip: when you gank a lane where your enemy is looking to fight and kill your ally before he dies you have to keep an eye on your heal and use it onto wounded ally. Dont use it too quickly otherwise your enemy can decide to run away and you may be unable to finish him.
Tip2: when you gank someone like riven, who is super strong in 1v2 scenarios, dont jump in when you are not 100% sure its a kill. Its much better to stay away and use your basic attacks and spears to deal damage.
Tip3: dont forget you are able to jump over walls so gank from behind the baron/dragon pit is possible even without long jurneys in enemy jungle.
Tip4: gank lanes with cc more often then those that have none. (Its easier to gank malzahar then teemo etc)

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As i play a lot of nidalee i found out, that the best thing to do is to countergank. Once enemy team is forcing something to happen on your laner they dont usually take care of their back. Nidalee is very mobile so you are able to join the party soon enough to change the end of the fight. While counterganking always be careful, if you come when your laner is already dead you are in danger of being slained. You are supposed to basicaly hit spear on the target with higher pressure on your laner, jump him, E Q, instantly swap to human and E your laner, so he is not in danger of falling, then follow the pressure on enemy team.

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Understanding the combo, teamfight presence

Your ideal combo looks like human Q, transform, W, E, Q. You should use your cougar Q as a last spell because it deals more damage the lower enemy health is. During teamfigths your prĂ­mary role is to assasinate one of enemy carries, thats only possible if you hit them with a spear or when you are close enough to regular W jump them (that doesnt usually happen). But as nidalee you are not brainlessly suiciding by jumping in as some champions do (riven, shyvana etc). You have to find right moment to jump in and you cant be the first one doing so! Also, due to your heal you have to always keep an eye on your allies and when they are in danger od being slained you have to keep them alive. Usually you heal your adc or one of your autoattackers because of the attack speed that is provided by your heal. Remember that your pounce is a spell with really low cooldown so in long chases or escapes you should run in cougar and jump walls mostly. Never forget about your passive, bush movement speed is a nice buff and it gave me a kill in lot of situation.
The hardest thing about fighting with nidalee is the fact, that you have to land poke before the fight. That means that if enemy has khazix in jungle and both teams just run at each other, khazix will be stronger. You have to throw spears at your enemies and for that you need wards. Co-operate with your support, and provide vision to your team, use both type of wards same as your traps. Thats thing that every jungler should do but as nidalee you need those wards even more. And remember, you dont want enemy to engage at you, because your strengh is in your poke and after landing it, then engaging.

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Laning phase jungle control

When you dont wanna counterjungle start at your bottom side. Bot can give you a better pull and its easier to gank solo lane, then duo lane. Because nidalee has strong ganking due to her giant jump i like to rush lvl 3, that means gromp/stones, red/blue, red/blue. Now you are lvl 3 and you can decide. Gank top if enemy is pushing or lane is in the middle. If you are not healthy enough you can take river scout (crab), it gives you some health and also gives you time so you can heal yourself. Midlane is also gankable, but take care, enemy turret is much closer here and its easier to run away.
Tip: you should place a ward to your toplaner tribush or to your midlaner from one side, also place there a trap, it can spot even invisible foes (good vs evelynn)
Tip2: always try to take care of river crabs, it gives your team really good vision.
Tip3: when you know you are not in danger of getting caught (you see enemy jungler somewhere else) always try to steal some of his buffs, place wards in his jungle and try to gank your lanes from behind.

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Pros / Cons


    Good sustain
    Great mobility
    Big burst
    Vision by traps
    Lot of ways to play
    No crowd control
    Squishy a bit
    Hard to play in tramfights
    Mana dependant

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At the end

Thank you for reading my guide, i hope it helped you at least a bit. I will keep reworking it, its writen on ipad, so i am sorry for mistakes. Also i will be posting few videos in a week, dont miss those