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Graves Build Guide by SmithTheKnight

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SmithTheKnight

Penta Kill Graves

SmithTheKnight Last updated on April 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is to focus on Grave's passive to give him more time in a fight and deal more damage to his enemy's. Remember when using this build is to get behind your support if you are caught out of position and be-able to get back to your support.

Chapters Below

Team Work-What alleys should be to help allot.

Lane-Ganks When to attack enemy

Team Fights- your position ideas to get out of the front line and who to attack.

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Team Work

The way Graves works with his team really is based on the player and how they can move in battle.Here are a few ideas to help you or your team allot. If the support is healing you or has shield you greatly increases your chance to kill the enemy. Remember this is based on his passive so shields greatly help Grave thrive in battle. Great champions to have on your team -Shen,Morgana,Kyle,Jarvan,Janna,Karma,Lee Sin,Lulu,Lux,Orianna,Thresh. These champions can seriously cause a nightmare to your enemy is you play Graves with this build.

Perfect team
Lee sin

The reason of this is because they all have shields they can shield other friendly's or graves

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Always remember not to push to far with Graves only hit the enemy if your support has shield you or you have ward in there grass making sure of ganks and there carry/support plus you can walk into your grass shoot them once and make them back up.


If you are getting ganked

Quickdraw into Smokescreen with buckshot can cause the enemy to back off a little giveing
your support time to also react. (note you can also Quickdraw flash smokescreen then buckshot for a even farther getaway.

Attacking the tower and you are ganked
If you have pushed the tower and you see the enemy team being 2 champions coming from river and two form the tower use smokescreen in front or in the grass leading to the river then quickdraw into lane grass buckshot behind you and proceed to run to your tower. Now lets say the enemy that has ganked from the river have gotten over your smokescreen and you have to fight/move back here is a good strategy in the situation.
Smoke is on cool down so Collateral Damage into the river enemy then exhaust any enemy you know that could flash or slow you Flash as far as you can keeping alert on the map screen and support the whole time.

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Team Fight

front line
Hopefully your friendly's notice this and shield you or use a ult to make the enemy's scatter. If the enemy is not moved by your teams force then take it upon yourself to get behind your team asap. Smokescreen-Quickshot-Buckshot should give you distance if you are being targeted still then Flash ult exhaust is they flashed to use and you should be ok.

Time to Shine.(behind friendly's)

Smokescreen-Buckshot-Quickdraw to get near the support into ult will help you out allot and your team fight. Remember to focus champion you know have no armor/health and are running out of mana or have spammed there abilities. to look at your enemy's item Hold Tab key right next to your Q and remember to focus Low Mana(or other things besides mana Champions like Katarina and akali and lee sin are some of the champions to watch out for)
Remember that a tank is the last Option to attack in a team fight.

Example of positions to focus ( Remember to look at there items)

Carry - Allot of Damage output (using there abilities allot chance there on cooldown)
Support-Remember the support is trying to create disruption so the players eye is jumping to there health and allies health and also the battle.
Mid- The Mid is mostly Crowd Control ( if im correct) This can be deadly without
Dr.Mundo and a few other champions
Top - Are focused going to focus you so remember to gtfo is you are being hit.
Jungle/top Jungler Life Steal/Movement mite have potions and low on items. They will attack your support and you most likely.