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Riven Build Guide by AnusOfGod

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnusOfGod

Pentakill? Is that good?

AnusOfGod Last updated on May 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Riven is a tricky character. In the right hands she can dominate an entire team scoring the penta-ace and ending the game. In the wrong hands you can see her flip around like a ****** and feed her *** off. Not only is Riven good early game, but she is amazing late game. Whether it's 1v1 or 1v5 Riven can still dominate and get kills.

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Pros and Cons

Strong early game
Strong late game
Spammable Stun
Great at chasing and fleeing
Ridiculous Damage
Great Farmer

Stun Magnet
Focused late game

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Summon Spells

Best Choices

IMO these are the best spells for Riven. Ghost allows you to chase AND escape. Nothing is worse than getting an enemy 1-hit away from death just to have them get away from you. With Ghost you can chase that coward down and finish the job. A fed Riven is a happy Riven. Riven can also push tower like a BOSS and we all know how teams like to 5v1 the guy that's backdooring. With Ghost you can push a turret and then get the hell out of there, not only did you push a turret but you also distracted their whole team.

Then we have Exhaust. This spell also has two different uses. The primary use of course is slowing someone down so you can finish the job, the other is to give you an edge in a 1v1 (pfft like Riven needs an edge). Also in team fights this is good to throw on the carry, most carries will target your squishies or ranged champs, this will slow them down.

Other Choices
Nice for getting around.

Good for chasing and fleeing.

When that extra bit of damage is needed.

Great for when you are getting focused.

Bad Spells

There is no need for these spells on Riven...period.

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I focus Riven AD all the way. More damage you have = more kills. Tossing 21 into offense give is some extra damage and cool down. With the remaining 9 I toss it into Defense, just for that extra little survivability.

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Skills are extremely important for Riven. These are what separate her from every other AD character. Instead of running in and auto attacking, you will actually be spamming your skills.

Your passive skill can be easily overlooked. Auto-attacking in between skills can be devastating to the enemy. Especially when you get late game and your passive adds over 150+ damage to your basic attacks.

I love this skill, it's like 3 skills in 1! It hits multiple targets and adds stacks to your passive. This skill not only wrecks enemies, but it is good for chasing, fleeing, and on the third hit it can knock enemies back just a bit. Mix this with your W skill and you can take out minion waves in no time. I max this skill first mainly for the cooldown on it. Lower cool down = more damage, better chasing, and more passive stacks.

What's the one thing that can make Riven better? A stun your say? You got it! This skill is extremely useful, not only does it stun anyone around you, but it also does a ton of damage! The cooldown on this skill is just unfair, spamming this in team fights is a must. Use this skill when you catch that backdoorer with his pants down, Riven is fast enough to catch up to pretty much anyone and using the stun will allow for teammates to catch up, or just give you that extra hit to kill him. I also find this skill great for plowing through minion waves.

A shield and a dash?!? Holy mother of god...This skill along with all of Riven's skills has multiply uses. This can be good to move around the map, chase, dive into teamfights, turret dive, oh yeah, it can also protect you from dying. Pairing this with your Q will allow for some great chasing and map coverage.

This skill is what allows you to get penta kills. Whether it is 5v5 or 1v5 popping this skill will guarantee a kill or two. This skill increases your attack damage by 20% and with us building pure AD, that is a significant difference. Did I mention that this increases your range and gives you an extra skill? Using this in team fights will destroy anyone that is grouped up, after you hop in and spam your Q and W, there will most likely be an enemy fleeing, use Wind Slash and they will die. Oh! This move also has a low cool down, so feel free to use it during team fights or to quickly dispose of a single champ. Fun Fact! Taunts and Jokes change for Riven while Blade of the Exile is active.

(Awwww, no picture Moba??)
Wind Slash, your extra skill, but that's to be expected from Riven right? This skill does some good damage and can hit multiple targets. Using this before you dive into a team fight or using it to pick up the kill on fleeing enemies, either way it is useful. Just make sure you use this skill before your ult runs out, even if you just hit some minions or like the way it looks.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
I focus armor penetration and defense. Why? Well with our build we are focusing straight up damage, the more fed you are, the more likely the enemy is to buy armor. Since there is no Last Whisper in our build, every little bit helps. As far as defense goes, this is mainly for early game, so you can harass and dive. As with the armor penetration, there is no defense in our build, which makes you uber squishy, so once again every little bit helps.

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Stacking damage and lifesteal will allow you to take down entire teams and regain some health while doing so.

Some people don't like starting off with Doran's. Well I do, it gives a bit of damage, a tad bit of lifesteal, and most importantly some health for extra survivability. Alternatively if you don't want to start off with it I suggest taking boots and some health potions (I do this if I have to solo top 2v1 or solo mid....yes that happens).

I love this item, I rush it as soon as I can. The extra damage is great, as well as some armor penetration, but mainly I get this for the cooldowns. I grab this over boots for a few reasons. First off this adds damage, second it gives cooldowns. With Riven's Q and E combo, she can make up for the lack of speed.

By now the enemy should at the very least have these boots, if not they will have tier 2 boots. Grabbing these now will help you keep up with everybody and everyone likes to move a little faster.

What's an AD champs Best Friend? That's right, the B.F. Sword. Throwing one of these on Riven will make a huge difference in her damage output. You hit harder, your spells do more damage, and it give your ult more to work with.

So we have some damage covered, now we need to run even faster and spam our skills more. These boots are pretty cheap and are perfect for Riven. Now you can run faster, spam more skills, and get more kills, everyone is happy.

Now it's time for Riven's favorite weapon. The Bloodthirster. This baby is amazing, tons of damage, lifesteal, oh yeah and it gets stronger. End game if you have 3 of these babies on you, that's an extra 120 damage and 30% lifesteal. Riven farms like a *ahem* champ, so getting stacks is easy on this thing. If you die no big deal, there's plenty of minions, more minions = more stacks = more gold = more Bloodthirsters = more kills.

We're getting 3 Bloodthirsters so why get an Infinity Edge instead of a 4th Bloodthirster? Well a few reasons here for ya. First it gives awesome damage, second we get crits, and third we get better crits. Now Riven isn't exactly a crit auto-attacking champ, but she does get some attacks off in between spell spamming. Hitting with an extremely high attack + Riven's passive + 250% of that damage = one dead champ (also helps with the lifesteal).

Last we have the Ghostblade. This little guy is a pretty damn good weapon for Riven. We get more damage (which is always good), cooldowns, crit chance, armor penetration, and an awesome active effect. I mainly use the active if I am chasing someone or smacking away at a turret. With stacked up damage and a higher attack speed, you will be surprised at how fast a turret dies.

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Closing Comments

After trying many different tanky/crit style builds, I never really found any I liked. I decided to stack damage, mainly just for fun and the effect I got was great. Even if this build isn't "balanced" enough for you, it's still fun to try out.

This is my first guide so any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Much Love,
Anus Of God :D!