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Rengar Build Guide by Phame

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phame

~Phame Guide: Whiskas - Rengar the Pridestalker

Phame Last updated on August 29, 2012
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Glass cannon/Tanky/AD Burster

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1 Rengar

Champion Spotlight

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2 Introduction

Hello you little gamers looking for an awesome guide for the Pedostalker Rengar.
Thats my first guide.
Also I want a feedback.. to see what i can make better.

okay.. Lots of people said Rengar is an underpowerd and weak champion.. this isnt even true
He can be very strong. Also he is a very good chaser and a fast jungler (if u know how to play him)

You have to use his passive correctly (just like Lee Sin) and all is gonna be glad

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3 Lore

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4 Summoner Spells


Every jungler must take smite. It's very important for your team. Smiting dragon or baron will safe it and the enemy cant steal it. Also it will improve youre jungle speed.
100% important


Ghost is perfect for Rengar. You can use it to chase with youre Ultimate or simply run away. It's youre choice.. Ghost or Flash.. but I think Ghost is much smarter on him.

Guide Top

5 Pros / Cons

-very high sustain
-good burst damage with savagary
-strong chaser
-good engage
-high mobility
-with Sheen totally Overpowerd
-good ganks with Unseen Predator
- Bonetooth Necklace makes killing enemy champions that much more rewarding

-not the fastest one
-u think that u are Jesus
-can be countered by Oracle

Guide Top

6 Skills

Unseen Predator (Passive) - While in brush or stealth, Rengar will leap at the target when using his basic attack. Rengar builds 1 Ferocity with each ability he uses on enemies. When reaching 5 Ferocity, Rengar's next ability becomes empowered, granting it a bonus effect.
Range: 600 or 750 with 9 trophies on Bonetooth Necklace

Unseen Predator has no cooldown and the leap can be used repetitively. For example, when chasing through brush, Rengar can continually leap onto his target. The buff will also last for ~.5 second after leaving brush or stealth. Upon reaching 5 Ferocity all of Rengar's empowered abilities become available for use. Note that his cooldowns are not reset. After Rengar consumes his Ferocity, all of his abilities resume what remains of their cooldowns.

Savagery - Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus damage and grants him increased attack speed for 3 seconds.
Cost: None
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Physical Damage: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+1.0 per attack damage)
Attack Speed Bonus: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 %

Empowered Savagery - Savagery deals bonus damage equal to 150% of Rengar's attack damage, and the Attack Speed bonus is doubled.
Cost: 5 Ferocity
Cooldown: None
Physical Damage: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+2.5 per attack damage)
Attack Speed Bonus: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 %

Savagery is your main damage ability and Empowered Savagery ends up doing a tons of burst damage and a lot of sustained damage through the attack speed boost. Its gonna a be stronk attack with a Sheen. It will make 300% of youre ad. It wont really but the bonus damage of youre Q will on it. So: Q+Crit+Sheen+Ferocity Bonus = Ultimate damage

Here is a test on a Minion:

Battle Roar - Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and gaining bonus armor and magic resist for a short duration.
Cost: None
Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds
Magic Damage: 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+1.0 per ability power)
Bonus Armor & Magic Resist: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60

Empowered Battle Roar - Battle Roar also heals Rengar for 15% of his maximum health.
Cost: 5 Ferocity
Cooldown: None
Magic Damage: 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+1.0 per ability power)
Bonus Armor & Magic Resist: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60

This is gonna heal you a lot. So its really important that you get fast 5 Stacks to heal you. Also its gonna help you to stay in fight without any hard tank items.

Bola Strike - Rengar throws a bola at his target, slowing them for 2.5 seconds. The slow decays over the duration.
Cost: None
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds
Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage)
Slow: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %

Empowered Bola Strike - Bola Strike initially roots his target for 1 second. The slow is applied in full after the 1 second, and decays over the remaining 1.5 seconds. Crowd control reduction will reduce each duration separately.
Cost: 5 Ferocity
Cooldown: None
Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage)
Slow: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %

This the only good CC you have. The snare is very important for chasing and ganking. Use it like a boss.

Thrill of the Hunt (Ultimate) - Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing and revealing all enemy Champions in a large radius around him. He gains movement speed and generates 1 Ferocity per 0.75s while stealthed. Lasts 7 seconds or until he uses an ability.
Cost: None
Vision Radius: 2000 / 3000 / 4000
Cooldown: 120 / 85 / 50 seconds
Movement Speed Bonus: 10 / 15 / 20 %

Level 6:

Level 11:

Level 16

If u are lvl 6, gank so often you can with this ultimate. Its gonna make you one the of the best ganker in the game.

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7 Runes

Greater Mark of Desolation x9 - It will increases youre damage and you can simply take tanks down. Very awesome with his Q.

Greater Seal of Resilience x9 - Standard for jungling due to them lowering the damage taken from most monsters which allows for more ganking.

Greater Glyph of Focus - Lower CD = more attacks = more stacks = more heal

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - It will increases youre damage and you can simply take tanks down. Very awesome with his Q.

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8 Items

Core Items

CDR Boots

-As i said: Lower CD = more attacks = more stacks = more heal


-huge Burst
-crit chance and movement speed
-Sheen triggers on Savagery also it can crit

Bonetooth Necklace

-Do I have to say something?

Infinity Edge

-Awesome Burst and Q crit
-Do you think he cant crit?

Guide Top

9 Your Task

Early game

You're the jungler, so help and gank on all lanes. With Boots of Speed u can easily gank at lvl 3. With a red Buff you have an early powerfull gank possibility. Try to focus the bot and midlane, why this lanes?
The midlaner is a powerfull position from both sides. Your allie needs the advantage of farm, kills, assist, etc. If you poke the enemy he has to go back and your laner gets free farm. Also you have to give him the blue buff (if he needs it) or just let him do the wraiths for some extra gold.

The bottom lane has got the important champion, the carry. If he gets enough farm or some kills he will win the game for you. Gank so often as you can and focus the enemy carry. He has to go back and your carry gets free farm, too.

Only try to help top if he has hard problems.

Items that you have to farm for a good game: Ionia Boots of Ludicity , Bonetooth Necklace , Phage

Mid game

Now u can give both buffs to your carry and mid laner. Also try to get Dragon with youre team, this gold advantage is gonna makes u strong for the teamfights. Also u have to ward, if no one else do it. Grab a Trinity Force and the teamfight can begin.

Either you have a champ who can engage or you do it with Thrill of the Hunt on the enemy carry or AP carry. If no one can engage, sneak from behind and kill the squishies.

Items you have to farm for a good game: Trinity Force , Warmogs Armor

Late game

Now the teamfights starts. After a team fight do baron or push a tower. U can push a tower really fast with Empowered Savagery and immediately Savagery .

Items you have to farm for a good game: The Bloodthirster , Infinity Edge

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10 Creeping / Jungling


As I said.. u just have to use your ferocity in the right way. Force all stacks to your W and heal yourself. Also u have to spam all your abilities to get more ferocity.
So CDR is really epic on him.

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11 Trophy System

Rengar has got a huge advantage with his personal item Bonetooth Necklace.
For 800G u can buy it and u get 10 AD + youre level * 2.
That means u get 46 AD for 800G with level 18.
Bonetooth Necklace gives 1 more AD than a B. F. Sword at level 18 and more AD than a Pickaxe at level 8. In general, Bonetooth Necklace will always be a good item to keep in your inventory until end game when you're full and can sell it to outright buy a more powerful item.

But this isnt even all.
The best is the unique passiv of this wonderfull item. For every kill or assist u get a Trophy and if you die, u will lose one.

3 Trophies: 10 Armor Penetration + 5% Cooldown Reduction
6 Trophies: 25% Movement Speed
9 Trophies: Unseen Predator get 150 bonus range

without the stacks:

with stacks:

14 Trophies: Thrill of the Hunt's duration is increased by 3 seconds. Additionally, Rengar's next ability used after activating Thrill of the Hunt generates 1 bonus Ferocity.

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12 Teamwork

Your best friends for a good gank are Orianna , Shen and Zilean. Why those guys?
I will explain it for every champion.


U can use your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt to go invisible. While U are in stealth Shen can cast his stay united on you. The enemy wont see u and i can promise that this kill is secured.


U can use your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt to go invisible. While U are in stealth Orianna can cast her shield and her ultimate to catch the enemy. They wont see you, the ball or her ultimate. They just fly into it and die.


U can use your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt to go invisible. While U are in stealth Zilean can give u Time Bomb and his Time Warp. The enemy wont see it and the Time Bomb will buff your burst extremly.

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13 Ganks

Here is a video I made about ganking with him.
Have fun.

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14 Tips & Tricks

-Jump with Hunters Thrill on the enemy carry
-Gank from the side bushes of the lane
-Use youre ferocity stacks smart
-Try to escape with youre ultimate.. u have to

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15 Counter Jungling

Rengar got very strong basic damage. After doing Wraiths and Red Buff you can go in the enemy jungle and kill the enemy jungler at his red buff. Easy going and you get a huge advantage.

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16 Builds

There are 3 Builds i tested.

Lets begin with Glass cannon.
You are very powerfull. Your damage is amazing, but you are very squishy, and thats the problem. You cant engage a teamfight or stay a long time in. If you have youre The Bloodthirster you attacks deals a huge amount of danage. You can easily burst an Ashe, Caitlin, etc.
Pick it if you got a good tank initiator Rammus, Amumu, Nautilus

Tanky DPS
This is the tanky version of the first build.
You are strong and tanky as hell. Atma's Impaler and Maw of Malmortius give you a nice mix damage and tankyness. Your damage is not so great like its in the first build. But initiates are great.
If you got no tank, play him on this way.

AD Burster
This is my favorite build. You are tank and deals tons of damage. BUT its very expensive and hard to get. I'm very fed after a couple of ganks and can grap my Trinity Force early in the game. If you are very god with him, take this build, because than you will rape them all.

Guide Top

Last Words

Thx for reading this guide and try Rengar this way ^_^