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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PKS Poach

PKS Poach's Guide to Lux

PKS Poach Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 10

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 7

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 13

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Welcome to my Lux guide. This guide is designed to teach you how to play Lux in situational ways. The Runes, Mastery's,and Items are not set in stone but they are suggestions for the general build and will be discussed in their respective sections. Please vote, comment, don't troll, and most importantly enjoy the knowledge I am passing along.

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Mastery's And Summoner Spells.


The goal to this mastery set up is to have everything work with each other. First I will go over two mastery items that are easily interchangeable based on your preference and play style. Then I will explain the whole tree. Note, all of these combinations will work.

Option one.

Exhaust and Ignite: This variation will make the mastery tree 10,7,13. Place both one point in Exhaust and Ignite. This is personally my favorite set up. When using this set up it is great for 1v1 at low levels and helps a bit at higher levels as well, Lux has a particularly hard time getting early kills off of enemy summoners at full health. To play with this set up you initiate with Exhaust then immediately followed by Ignite. Due to their near instant cast and recovery from them you then follow with the proper skill sequence (this will be explained later.) The Exhaust and Ignite combo first allows for a strong debuff on the enemy's Magic resistance and the Ignite deals steady damage. The Ignite cooldown gives you a bonus 10 AP. Early game, 10 AP is a lot.

Option Two

Exhaust and Ghost. This variation is particularly useful for guaranteed kills mid-late game. The set up will be 9,7,14. only changing the point in death reduction to Haste . Exhaust is useful to help lock down the enemy when your are trying to get off your skill sequence. A lack of mobility on the enemy makes easy skill shot kills. Ghost is particularly useful to help get your character into a correct position for your skill sequence. Ghost is always useful for those last ditch efforts to get away from combat.

Of coarse, if you are very partial to a certain summoner spell, or if you need to carry it for the use of your team, then by all means do so. I am not going to talk about the pros and cons of all the other abilities, as you should be familiar with them. I strongly recommend holding onto Exhaust tho the benefit is great early, and only gets better as you get further in game.

Now, Onto the rest of the Mastery Tree.

The base set up is 10,7,13
Offense, 10
Three points in Archmage's Savvy and one in exhaust, will set you up to dump four more points into sorcery and then finally into archaic knowledge. That tenth point is precisely placed into ignite.
Defense, 7
Lux is very mana intensive and this not only helps with that but can also help scale in some item builds and other mastery's.This helps keep Lux alive and well early game. Three points in resistance and one in hardiness will let you dump 3 into strength of spirit.
Utility, 13
This is what helps lux stay in lane, for a long time. Three points in Perseverance and one point in Good Hands, lets you dump 4 points into Expanded Mind. Three points in Meditation and one or two points in Utility Master, One is preferred as the extra point in Quickness add to some nice extra mobility.

Number Crunch of just Mastery's
Ability Power. .6 x Lvl.(18)= 10.8
Ability Cooldown. 3%
Magic Penetration. 15%
Magic Resistance. 6
HP Regen per 5. 1% of Max manna.
Total Hp Regen + 4%
Total Mana Regen +4%
Death Reduction 3.33 %
Increase Max mana by 5% of max mana
Increase mana regeneration by 3 per 5 seconds
Monster buff +15%
Movement speed 1%.

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The Idea behind this rune set up is max magic pen and a nice chunk of mana tacked on by lvl 18. 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration, and 3 Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration round out 19.35 points of Magic Penetration. The 9 Greater Seal of Knowledge give you an extra 189.54 points of mana.

Number Crunch Of Mastery's and Runes
Ability Power. .6 x Lvl.(18)= 10.8
Ability Cooldown. 3%
Magic Penetration. 34.35%
Magic Resistance. 6
HP Regen per 5. 1% of Max manna.
Total Hp Regen + 4%
Total Mana Regen +4%
Death Reduction 3.33 %
Increase Max mana by 5% of max mana
Increase mana regeneration by 3 per 5 seconds
Increased Max Mana @lvl 18: 189.54
Monster buff +15%
Movement speed 3%

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Here is where Lux is to be fine tuned for massive damage output. The item build that is posted above, is for reference of items that I prefer to put on Lux, not the order of purchase. Taking advantage of everything discussed so far is the goal.

First Item: You have two options here. Doran's Ring is a great starting item. 100Hp, mana regen, and 15 ap, is nice. This is my preferred item for successful early game especially if I am solo lane. The 100 hp helps prevent getting bullied out of lane to fast.
option two: the second option is an Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion. The Health Potion is there to keep you in lane, unfortunately you are now very squishy, getting hit for 400 damage quickly at a low lvl is a very achievable thing. You will be target quickly for your low hp. Be very careful. You will hit very hard with the additional AP gain from the book, It also builds into a few items. This is for the patient players only with great map awarenes. This item early is going to set u up for a Mejai's Soulstealer or an Archangel's Staffan item you are going to want to get anyways.

Second Item:

This is where the item build will change the most, If you are forced back into base and out of your lane early, ~ $350 income, I recommend getting your basic Boots of Speed.
Based back at ~ $1000 There are a few options. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are a safe option, Or a completed Mejai's Soulstealer if you bought Amplify Tome at start. There is even the option to grab an Health Potion or Mana Potion, save the money and lane some more. This is very situational. If you are getting bullied I don't recommend saving your money, And if your just almost getting kills on the enemy summoner, get an offensive item. If you did not get the Amplifying Tome in the beginning and purchased the Doran's Ring, grab a Blasting Wand it upgrades nicely. If you managed to stay in lane for a long duration, and possibly a first blood or a summoner kill or two, and have roughly a ~$2,000 inflow, Grab a Needlessly Large Rod. This is ideal. If you are clearly out laneing your opponent and have no fear of dying anytime soon your goal is to get the greatest amount of AP asap.

Now I understand that is a lot of different options. From here on out, Your goals are simple. To max out your damage potential.

VS. Heavy Magic Resistance.
If the team correctly caters to you by adding magic resistance Stack Magic Pen, You already have a nice base, because of your runes and mastery's. Sorcerer's Shoes gives 20 magic pen, and a Void Staff gives a whopping 40, with 70 AP. Get both if you are up against very magic resistant enemies.

There a few items that will be very important to you and you should build accordingly and as you can afford.
Rabadon's Deathcap. 155AP, and 30% increase. This is a great item that will give you the MAX AP bonus in a single Item.
Lich Bane. This is probably the most important item that you can get on Lux. Unfortunitely you need to build yourself up before this item is of great use.
Archangel's Staff. This item does not directly give you AP but its Unique turns your Max mana into AP. This item will yield rougly 100 AP at 3000 Mana. Another Huge increase in AP
Rod of Ages 100 ap after effects and close to 1000 extra points of mana, with a fat bonus to HP. This after Lich Bane is probably the best overall item you can get.

If you happen to get past those items, you should have won by now, or be winning so much that no one can touch your team. The last item is up to you. If you want you can get yourself a nice defensive item like Guardian Angel, or Banshee's Veil. Or if you would like grab yourself another beastly AP increasing item. The choice is up to you.

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This is the most important part when it comes to playing with Lux.

Lux's passive ability Illumination is the greatest thing that makes Lux different from any other spell spamming, AP heavy, casters.
Lux's first ability Q is Light Binding
Lux's second ability W is Prismatic Barrier
Lux's third ability E is Lucent Singularity
and Lux's forth and ultimate ability R is Finales Funkeln

I did not post the order in which i choose each spell, I would rather spend the time to explain it.

Your first point should be placed in Light Binding. The next point should be placed in Lucent Singularity. The Goal is to build these two skills relatively evenly. Until you can learn Finales Funkeln. If you notice that you are getting slapped around, learn Prismatic Barrier sooner than later. Continue upgrading Light Binding and Lucent Singularity evenly, and obviously upgrade Finales Funkeln as soon as you are able to. Upgrade Prismatic Barrier when you have to.

Some players do not agree with holding off on the learning of Prismatic Barrier. This is a relatively situational build and defense is not the goal of this build. So please dont hold that against me.

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Farming, 1v1, and Team battles.

Early game Farming is simple, last shot everything. This is the most basic aspect of laneing and farming. Keep moving your character around to prevent unwanted auto attacks. There are a few benefits other than supresion of unwanted auto attacks, that is being harder to hit with skill shots. If you stand still, you are much more likely to get hit. You do not want to draw any agro of minions and you do not want to get hit over and over by skill shots from lets say a Karthus. Mid to late game your Lucent Singularity skill is going to be your farming tool. The key is to let the enemy minion's auto attack your creep wave. Place your Lucent Singularity orb in between the three melee creeps and three caster creeps. Allow your creep line to start weekening the first half of the wave and then explode your orb, last shot the first closest last remaining creeps, then work the surviving caster creeps. As you progress into late game your ability will be capable of wiping the whole wave. I simply cannot express how important it is to last shot creeps tho.

1v1 Unless you are stupid fed or your enemy is as smart as one Teemo's Mushrooms. Do NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT fight multiple enemies by yourself. You will die. You are squishy. You have minimal survivability.

The way to fight with Lux is not like any other character, you dont simply push your skills out watch your enemies die (cough cough Veigar cough). There is a lot of thought behind when and where to cast each spell. I will go over an ideal set up, the damage output wont be noted but timing, and placement will. This set up will be using both Ignite and Exhaust.

There are two variations to idealy fight 1v1 with lux: lvl 5 and under, lvl 6 and over. I will cover both.

Lvl 5 and under.

Here is where your summoner skills really shine. To get the most our of your abilities you have to spam both Ignite and Exhaust as your opening spells, as long as you have a clear lane to the enemy summoner you are in good standing. After your summoner spells are sent out, you must immediately follow with Q Light Binding. You now have a new 2 second window where the enemy will not move. Most beginers or someone who does not understand Lux's passive ability will imiedietly send out E Lucent Singularity and detonate it immiedietely. Do not do this. After Q has landed move closer just a little, and normal attack once, this will cause your passive to ignite. As soon as your auto attack is out you should send out E Lucent Singularity behind the summoner and detonate it as soon as you are within a range of a few auto attacks, follow with an auto attack or two and your opponent should be down for the count. This will all take place in roughly 4 or 5 seconds, 3.5 seconds of this your enemy will have -10 magic defense and the whole time you will have a bonus 10 AP. Some people prefer to wait on the Exhaust and Ignite for the second half of the battle but I prefer not to let it even get that far. Shut them down as fast as possible.

Level 6 and above, This is where Finales Funkeln comes into play. Adds a nice and fat amount of damage. Runners beware. The only difference of play with this ability now in your arsenal is that you do not detonate the Illumination tick after you detonate the Lucent Singularity orb. Finales Funkeln will detonate that tick and reapply it. Most will not live after your skill and auto attack sequence plus your ultimate.

Team Battles.
You are a damage dealer, that is what you should do. At lvl 18 your cooldown on Finales Funkeln will be under 30 seconds. Most team battles round out at that time. Your goal is to do the most damage you can, to everyone. Initiate with Finales Funkeln or use it as soon as possible. Obviously your placement of this spell is very important, the more enemies you can hit with it the better. If you can get close enough you can send out your Lucent Singularity and slow the group of summoners that are in the area. They will be more vulnerable to your ultimate. Place a nice Light Binding on the enemy that is being focused to lock him down hard. Your goal is to slow, stun, support, and hammer out damage, OVER AND OVER again. Run in, drop skill, run out. Rinse and repeat.

Your Prismatic Barrier will be protecting for up to 800 with the ability to refresh twice. ~400 each application. This is important to slap on your team, especially the person who is going to be focused first. 800 hp extra is not a huge shield but in the reality of things it is more than 0. At lvl 18, you are now not only a huge damage dealer, but you can be a nice alternate support character. The huge amount of AP that you have amassed as an AP carry, allows for a large role in the survivability of your team.

Note: when using Finales Funkeln make sure you are out of range from the enemy because there is a cast time that can be interrupted.

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Final Notes and Thanks

Some key things to note: Lich Bane stacks on top of your Illumination tick to add a very nice extra stack of damage. Magic Pen, Cooldown reductions, and Ability Power is your goal. Base 35% magic pen allows you to hit hard already. Ignite on cooldown is useful, use it frequently. Exhaust cuts 10 points of magic resistance, and that is useful early game, especially if another source of magic damage is focusing on your target. This guide is to make Lux a great damage dealer that can adapt to a few different play styles and situations.

Thank you for reading my build and I hope that you enjoy it. This is the way I prefer to play Lux, I have had great success with this build and strategy. I hope that all of you can as well. Please vote and comment; as always, enjoy the knowledge.