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Ezreal General Guide by Drezumi

Platnium AD Ezreal Guide

By Drezumi | Updated on January 20, 2013
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1. Introduction

"Scanning for real threats... none detected."

My name is Drezumi, my peak ELO is 1871 with a 60.5% win rate as Ezreal and he is my favorite champion. He is right now the best AD carry in the game with his mobility and consistent damage. Ezreal can pull a tank towards him and kite him to no end with his mobility and utility. He fits into any team comp and is a super safe pick early into draft mode.

Champion Spotlight
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2. The video that got me hooked on Ezreal.

Remember when Chauster was the ONLY Ezreal player? This video inspired me to play him and after a few days of grinding IP and when I unlocked and played Ezreal, it didn't take long for me to realize he was my favorite champion.
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3. My Ezreal Stats

As of 1/19/13
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4. Spells, Leveling Prioritization, and Summoners.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
( Passive ) Rising Spell Force - Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his own attack speed by 10%. This effect lasts for 6 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. (You can get stacks on passive quickly with your abilities. It's what allows you to hold off on Zeal for a while.)

( Q ) Mystic Shot - Ezreal fires a bolt of energy in a line that will deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first enemy it hits. If it strikes an enemy unit, all of Ezreal's cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second. (Spammable long range nuke that procs almost everything in the game. Use in between auto attacks for maximum damage output. If you are put into a position to where you can't use autos to last hit, Mystic Shot is the perfect tool to secure creep kills.)

( W ) Essence Flux - Ezreal fires a wave of energy in a line. Any enemy champions it passes through are dealt magic damage, while any allied champions it travels through have their attack speed increased for 5 seconds. (Max this last and only use it to stack passive or increase your team's attack speed when taking an objective.)

( E ) Arcane Shift - Ezreal instantly teleports to a nearby target location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage to it. (Seriously this is the ability that makes Ezreal so good. A spammable flash that can go over any wall on 5v5. You can also use this to repositon in team fights and in lane.)

( R ) Trueshot Barrage - Ezreal charges for 1 second to fire a powerful broad energy missile that will travel in a line by the whole map and will deal magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. It will deal 8% less damage for each subsequent target hit, down to a minimum of 30% damage dealt. (Ult can be used to snipe low health enemies, steal objectives and clear creep waves. Use at the beginning of fights to gain quick stacks on your passive.)
Cleanse - Removes all disables (excluding Suppression) and summoner spells debuffs affecting your champion and grants 65% crowd control reduction for 3 seconds. (Cleanse exhausts, ignites, stuns, etc.)

Flash - Teleports your Champion to target nearby location. (Pair this with your Arcane Shift to reposition.)

Ignite - Really good summoner spell to pick up kills on people out of position.

Barrier - I actually really like this summoner because it's a huge shield that's perfect for baiting the enemy to engage.
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5. Runes

The runes I run are standard for AD carries, some people prefer to run MR/Level blues but like the immediate magic resist because I think level 1-6 are the most important levels for bot lane especially for Ezreal since his early game is just so good.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
15 AD with quints, really big damage boost with Long Sword start.

Greater Seal of Armor x9
Keeps you durable while trading against the other ADC.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9
Supports do equal or sometimes even more damage than the AD with their magic damage, bring these to be able to soak up their damage.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3
15 AD with marks.
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6. Masteries

21/9/0. Spec mostly into offense because as AD you want to be doing as much damage as possible and as fast as possible.
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7. Items

Early Game
- 10 AD and you will build it into Vampiric Scepter on first back.
- Buy two of these for sustain.
- Movement Speed, makes kiting easier.
- Sustain and your first major item will be Bloodthirster.
- HP made up for not buying Doran's Blade and you will be building Trinity Force later on.

Mid Game
- Ezreal is a kiting monster, allowing you to lifesteal with ease.
- Ezreal's attack speed increases as the fight goes with his passive and the Zeal adds movement speed and attack speed to compliment his kiting.
- Mystic Shot procs the Phage's slow along with his auto attacks.
- Ezreal's best item. He makes use of every component with his Mystic Shot and it ups his movement speed.
- This is my personal preference, Berserker's Greaves is a good choice on Ezreal too but the CDR on hit from Mystic Shot synergizes with CDR boots makes it so your Arcane Shift is on an even lower CD.

Late Game
- People will start building armor, and Last Whisper rips through it.
- Adds crit chance on top of your Trinity Force, this item really makes Ezreal a tank shredder.
- Free revive and gives you tanky stats.

- I like this item a lot, it adds a lot of burst to your Mystic Shots. I would probably not get this however if the game were to be drawn out to maybe 40+ minutes because I think it's lackluster late game.
- Warmog's? dafuq. Sometimes I will build a Warmog's if my main defensive need is health or if there is heavy threat from AD casters. (Talon, Kha Zix, Jayce, etc.)
- I feel like this item doesn't give the damage that Ezreal needs but it's useful for kiting dive-y bruisers.
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8. Iceborn Gauntlet vs Trinity Force

Honestly both items are viable on Ezreal. I just prefer to build Trinity Force because I am more successful with it. Sometimes I will deviate from my Trinity Force build and replace it with a Gauntlet if an enemy bruiser (Singed, Irelia, Olaf, etc.) will be a pain to shut down.

Here are some pros and cons of both items.

+ Makes use of Sheen and Phage
+ Gives attack speed, health, and movement speed

- Expensive as f*ck
- Slow is not as reliable

+ 100% chance to AOE slow
+ Tanky stats
+ Better for drawn out fights due to Ezreal being able to long range kite
+ Easier to keep bruisers under control

- Doesn't give as much damage as Trinity Force would
- No essential ADC stats such as movement speed and attack speed
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9. Stages of the Game

Early Game
Last hit and poke enemy AD. Work with your support and secure kills. You can buy at least 2 wards throughout laning phase to help your support out a bit. Try to take turret at around level 10 then group. Secure dragons when there is low risk, usually when there are 2 down or enemy jungler down. By 20 minutes you should have about 160~ cs.

Mid Game
This is when you should start team fighting and taking towers. Use Trueshot Barrage when the fight starts hitting as many enemies as you can for a burst of damage and quick stacks on your passive. Remember to use Arcane Shift if you're caught in a bad situation to repositon.

Late Game
By now you should have the majority of your items and be a force to be reckoned with. Ezreal is good for taking Baron because he has two ways to lifesteal. Late Game with full items Ezreal can shred and kite a tank down to nothing.
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Let your support support you.
During team fights, you want to try to stay next to your support for the whole fight. Your support is going to be your main protector, the one that is going to peel enemies off you with shields, heals, and cc.

How you should be using your abilities
Whenever the team fight starts, always open with Trueshot Barrage hitting as many enemies as you can to stack Rising Spellforce and for damage. Use Mystic Shot and Essence Flux between auto attacks to keep damage and passive stacks up. Remember you have two blinks with flash and Arcane Shift enabling you to reposition with ease in fights.

Who do I focus?
In team fights, you always want to be targeting the closest threat to you. As an AD carry, your role is to damage, that's it. If you can hit the person in front of you safely, do it. Something to take in mind is to prioritize your targets. For example, if you are in a fight and the enemy carry is not the closest to you but you will be able to hit him for free, you need to take that opportunity every time.
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11. My Favorite Supports with Ezreal

Honestly every support is viable with Ezreal, but of course there are some that I prefer more than others. In bot lane, I like to play aggressive and these are the supports that I think best synergize with my play style.

Sona's Q gives an aura with bonus damage and can poke with Ezreal. Can sustain him through laning phase. Her ult is also a good initiation tool and locks the enemy down and sets Ezreal up for an easy Trueshot Barrage.

Spammable targeted stun to set Ezreal up, armor shred, armor aura, a heal, and burst damage. Taric can get pretty tanky late game as well. Also Ezreal and Taric are in a relationship.

Root and knock up to catch enemies out of position for easy skillshots, consistent magic damage, free wards, and turns into a mini AP carry late game.

Need I say more?

Leona has 3 freakin' stuns, gets tanky with her Eclipse, can mark enemies with Sunlight and when popped do insane damage. Leona is definitely my first choice with Ezreal.
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12. Summary

Ezreal is a champion with a high skill cap with most of his abilities being skillshots. Remember that no one will be able to play him 100% at first.

I hope this guide gave you an idea on how to be successful with Ezreal and that you all improve! Thanks for reading, and good luck guys! - Drezumi

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